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Lovely Links: 10/9/15

Weekly Kitty:


First seen on Instagram: We basically bought the basket for her anyway

I’m thrilled to be a part of the new Twin Cities-focused site North Nabe! You can read my first post here.

Since I’m concentrating on used clothes more than ever, I was excited to learn about eBay Bucks, which allows you to earn cash back on qualifying purchases. If you’re a frequent eBay user, it’s worth signing up!

Related: This post focuses somewhat on Rick Owens, but also offers some great tips for spotting counterfeit designer goods on eBay.

On I investigated shopping resources for workout clothes and compared online styling services like Stitch Fix to working with a stylist in person.

Love the laid-back look of these meticulously crafted fall transitional outfits.

And speaking of, this post breaks down five types of transitional season dressers. I’m probably closest to the Strictly by the Calendar dresser myself.

Last week I learned about IZ Collection, a designer line for wheelchair users. From the company website: “We believe wheelchair users should have access to the same styles and trends everyone else has, without ever having to compromise comfort. Our clothing has signature cuts and styles to fit a seated body shape, falling and draping naturally without interfering with wheelchair mechanics. We use top-quality fabrics that look beautiful and feel luxurious.”

Alice shows off the layered crop top trend in this stellar print-mixed outfit.

I had similar thoughts when I heard Carly Fiorina respond to the “Trump said you’re ugly” question at the second debate. Well played, Carly.

Two great takes on a green pleated midi skirt: Simple with a khaki shirt, and eclectic with sneaks and a printed duster.

MAC is working with luminous plus-sized model Luzmaria Vargas on a new campaign.

Spectacular bargain of the week: This 100% cashmere tunic dress, made in the U.S.A., on sale from $227 to $91.

Badassery: Nailed

“I need Viola Davis now. I need to see her talking, moving, embodying lives and existing within the frame because I also believe that it is crucial and important that a Black child sees themselves on screen. I’ll go as far as to say that it is criminal and irresponsible to ask a child to go the movies, this ordinary, culturally and socially important activity, without providing a substantial, complex reflection of herself.”

Kelly reviews Cobbler Concierge, an online shoe repair service.

Check out these photos from Verge, an entirely queer fashion show that took place toward the end of New York Fashion Week, showcasing the broad range of queer style, models and fashion.

I fell in love with Phryne Fisher’s amazing style while writing this post on “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” for TPT. This post shows how to create some Phryne-inspired looks in plus sizes.

On the Fox 9 Buzz I offered tips for making leather clothing a bit less edgy and more office-friendly.

Essential tips for choosing your traveling footwear

I’m tired of being mistaken for pregnant because I am overweight. More more importantly, I’m tired of the implication that my body is not normal. There are so many women like me. You just don’t see us on the television screen. I’m ready for that to change.”

Pairing her watercolor dress and drapey leather vest was an inspired choice on Beth’s part.

Show some respect for the brave.

“I tell my husband, I’m writing an essay about what it’s like to be a person who is older and plain married to a person who is younger and beautiful. About what it’s like to be married to someone who doesn’t find my body sexy. Part of me wants him to say, Don’t be ridiculous, you are beautiful and of course I think you’re sexy but instead he says, I love you. ”

Topping my Off-limits Lust List (not sustainably made) is this spectacular Catharine Malandrino keyhole dress. Seriously, so sexy. And with sleeves!

Hayley gives fashion “rules” a very eloquent verbal middle finger in this post.

“So, if you aren’t ready to check out completely, still considering yourself a consumer, but want to be a more conscious one, what can you do? There is no PERFECT. Literally every decision you make, and every product you buy will have some impact, no matter how small. Our only option is to try and mitigate that and make better buying decisions going forward.”

Love Lisa’s advice: When trying out a new silhouette or look, keep the rest of your outfit as minimal as possible.

This crystal gyroscope necklace is calling to me.

And from the Department of Random: Why the Curiosity Rover is Forbidden From Collecting Water on Mars

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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Lovely Links: 10/2/15

Weekly Kitty:


It’s pretty much her bed. We just borrow it each night.

Alice makes her print mix even more fun with bold, bright colors.

Things black women with natural hair are tired of being told

Angie shares three style attributes that transcend trends, helpful if you worry about looking dated.

Katha shows off a glamorous layered-look dress and beautiful bow-adorned pumps.

He loudly asks me why Indian girls are so hairy. I stare at him, shocked, wanting to disappear. He presses on, telling me all brown girls are unattractive and he’s only ever met one girl hairier than me. He tells me her name, as though I’d know her. I turn around and ignore him until he goes away. The whole class is quiet; no one sticks up for me. I learn what it’s like to hate your skin. Really, really hate it.”

On I offered tips for buying jewelry that looks expensive but doesn’t cost a fortune, and rounded up over-the-knee boots for all sizes and styles.

The Curvy Fashionista highlights some wide-calf over-the-knee boot styles. Also from TCF, 16 places to shop if you’re tall AND plus sized – an oldie but goodie.

15 ways to boost your well-being without focusing on weight

I would steal this outfit right off of Ranti if I could: Black leather peplum top and crow-print maxi skirt? Oh yes.

Wondering how to make the season’s trends wearable and workable? This list of the best trends for women over 40 is actually a great primer on the more accessible looks coming down from the runways that just about anyone might find useful.

And if the idea of age-appropriateness gets your hackles up, this one’s for you.

Deborah’s big gray knit wrap looks marvelously cozy, and perfect on a simple black backdrop.

In my Star Tribune column, I answered reader questions about capsule wardrobes, making jeans work, and crafting a grown-up closet.

“‘On Beauty‘ showcases the work of New York fashion photographer-turned-activist Rick Guidotti, who traded shooting Cindy Crawford for shooting people with a range of visible genetic conditions such as albinism, Marfan syndrome, Down syndrome and dwarfism.”

What makes curly hair curly?

Some of these clothing gadgets made me giggle – like the beverage mitten – but others are simple and brilliant.

A tweed blazer and button-front shirt are made casual and modern when paired with boyfriend jeans.

At TPT Rewire, I wrote about the utterly amazing accessories you’ll see on Phryne if you tune in to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

How to choose a power outfit

This post offers a fascinating exploration of Nike’s ads and the company’s relationship with feminism.

Tanasha shows us that the secret to keeping an orange and black outfit from looking too Halloween-y is to throw in a bit of gray.

Body hate on the Internet: How to cope

The influence that market has on the next runway designs is immense, if quiet. To think that a fashion editor considers only the art and beauty (and practicality, if you look at those “best of” articles) in selecting what they include in their aspirational print is short sighted.”

20 ways to reuse your old sweaters

Never enough black with gold accents. Never!

On the Fox 9 Buzz I talked about how to fit a blazer.

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Lovely Links: 9/25/15

Weekly Kitty:


She looooves that hammock.

Some events of note for locals:
Full Fashion Panic: Part of MN Fashion Week, and directed by the unspeakably talented Samantha Rei. The show will feature six emerging local designers, a DJ, and Emcee Mistress Jean Bardot. 2 p.m. Sunday, 9/27, at MCAD, $15
Nordstrom Beauty Bash at Ridgedale: The Nordstrom team sent me a box of goodies in advance of this preview event, and it promises to be fab. Learn about beauty trends, see demos, scoop up samples and a free gift. Friday, 10/2 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at Ridgedale Mall.

The shape of Mia’s simple blazer is ever so elegant.

On I explained how store layouts work and listed some of the factory stores and outlets you can shop online.

Marlen offers a little grunge-spiration for anyone hoping to re-live the 90s this fall. And if you wanna see someone nailing the look, please see Ace.

We run around in T-shirts that say ‘Real Women Do XYZ’ or ‘Real Women ARE XYZ.’ We post these memes and quotes and think they’re funny, but what are we really doing? We’re actively engaging in this game the media loves to play with us. The game of ‘I’ll hate you so I can hate me less.’ We play it, we teach our friends how to play it, and eventually we teach our daughters how to play it. It’s gross.”

Related: The latest from FCKH8 is a video titled “Feminists vs. Photoshop.” (Video depicts women in their undies and includes swears)

A leather moto offers the perfect counterbalance to a bright, bold floral print. It’s also a great match for stripes and yellow skinnies.

Wear colors that make you happy. Period.

A mother shares how she is navigating gender norms with her transgender daughter.

“the older I get the more my process is about creating this ‘no makeup makeup’ look. Not about trying to look younger or different, but just trying to not have people ask if I have the flu. I don’t have the flu, I’m just a normal 40 year old woman and no way did I wake up like this!”

Carelia is killin’ it in her one-shoulder blouse and rhinestone brooch.

Ever stop to think about the gray hair double-standard? Guys with grays are dapper and debonair, but most women are pressured to color and cover theirs.

Related: The Style Crone is growing her hair out to silver at 72, and shares her thoughts.

Steph pairs her red coatigan with a bright yellow top and leopard flats – such a fabulous combination.

Plus size line Universal Standard is minimalist and magnificent.

The inaugural post for Rookie’s new column Body Talk is flat-out fabulous, and contains the line, “Your body is fundamentally deserving of acceptance, autonomy, and respect regardless of its form.”

Fair Anita has a new collection of jewelry available online, made in Ethiopia by women artisans from spent bullet casings. Amazing stuff, and a very intense form of recycling.

“It’s okay to be afraid of gaining weight: You’ve been taught all of your life that this is a legitimate and important fear, and I hope you can acknowledge it and give yourself space to address that fear in a loving and compassionate way. But I also want you to know this: You may not gain weight when you ditch diet culture, but if you do, it’s okay.”

This dusty rose color makes me look like a zombie with the stomach flu, but dang it looks gorgeous on Jean.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I wrote about listening to your newsletter audience’s needs.

Leah reviews some picks from Sourpuss Clothing, which carries retro/rockabilly styles many of which are fabulous for big-busted women.

Greetje styles her printed wrap dress with primary colored layers – so fun!

If gender neutral clothes are only made for and marketed to the parents of little girls, it is less a sign of gender equality and more an indication of the misogyny that is so ambient in our culture. There is such a devaluing of anything traditionally feminine that we’d rather chuck it out triumphantly than ever demean our boys with it.”

And from the Department of Random: 15 Pets That Look So Much Like Food It Will Make You Uncomfortable

Additionally (Cheers, Allie):

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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