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Lovely Links: 5/22/15

Weekly Kitty:


The love affair with Black Mouse continues. (First seen on Instagram)

Capsule wardrobes are all the rage, so it was especially interesting to read this post discussing six reasons a capsule wardrobe might not work for you. (Via YLF)

Loved this interview with Dorrie of Senior Style Bible – she’s an incredibly stylish 80-year-old woman who started her blog to address ageism. Totally added her to my reader.

How to accept compliments and handle praise

On the Goodwill blog, I talked about prints and patterns that you can always thrift.

Laura looks so elegant in her boldly printed maxi dress.

If you’re in NYC this weekend, swing by the Soho Gudrun Sjödén shop on Saturday, 5/23, to meet the designer in person! I’d love to know if she’s as earthy and fun as she seems in print, so do report back if you go.

What would happen if we treated male politicians like we treat female politicians?

Rebel Wilson will be designing a holiday capsule collection for Torrid!

And in other celebrity style news, Reese Witherspoon has launched Draper James, a company that offers clothes, jewelry, gifts, and products for the home, many with a Southern twist.

Husband Mike is currently reading my friend Traci’s book, Secrets From the Eating Lab, and keeps relaying mind-blowing bits of data. Can’t wait to dig in myself.

“I’ve found myself at an interesting place while watching the backlash to diets like the Whole 30 unfold. I’m not following the diet, but I have before. I’m not adhering to the principles, but I haven’t completely abandoned them as useless. I feel like I’m in a middle ground between two very set warring camps, ducking down in a foxhole while hand-crafted, gluten-free pizza crusts made of cauliflower and bottles of Roundup get lobbed over my head.”

Also of interest, The Fat Nutritionist’s thoughts on The Whole 30, referenced in Michelle’s post.

On Mad Mimi, I wrote about verbal pitfalls – like slang, acronyms, and jargon – in email newsletters.

Joi looks positively radiant in her turquoise pussybow blouse and flirty floral skirt.

This comic brings up some important points about the criticisms women may face if they have breast reduction surgery.

Sylvia read Diane Von Furstenberg’s memoir and saw her speak recently, and shares her thoughts on the designer’s amazing life and career path.

I love your selfies because I love seeing you feel good about yourself. I love how your face glows when you look like a million bucks and you know it. I love when you celebrate yourself. You deserve to be celebrated.”

I love the idea of applying the five love languages – generally used in romantic relationships – to your relationship with your own body.

Lar talks about how her experience dealing with endometriosis led her to … the gym.

Related: Four ways to make sure you’re exercising out of self-love, not self-hate

If you think skirt suits are dull, you haven’t seen Mattie’s.

On, I wrote about mall brands that stars love to wear and tips for shopping while you travel.

I am perpetually on the hunt for necklaces that fit perfectly into V-shaped necklines. This smallish silver bib looks perfect.

Queer photographer Meg Allen didn’t see the images of masculine women she wanted and needed around her, so she took it upon herself to produce them. And her photo series BUTCH is varied and striking and inspirational.

Queen Michelle is an icon of creative badassery, and has been doing some spectacular flat lays recently.

Ten body-positive tips for plus-sized brides-to-be

This outfit shows how bright primaries work beautifully together when done up in classic shapes.

15 of the Queen’s best tiaras. Because tiaras.

If you check out this week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment on trends from the 80s and 90s that are hot again now, you’ll get to see me attempt a fauxhawk. And wear one giant earring, Madonna-Lucky-Star-style.

In a post about the counterproductive nature of style and body comparisons, Imogen says, “As I always tell my clients, dress your portrait first, as so many women when they dress are more concerned about their butt/hips/thighs/stomach/arms/boobs/etc. than their communication centre, their face. Yet when I communicate with you, I’m not spending my time speaking to your thighs, I’m looking in your eyes, and if you dress that area first, adding some detail to keep my attention there, I’m not even going to notice what you perceive as a flaw.”

This pie chart breaks down the contents of most women’s magazines pretty accurately, I’d say.

Citron, cobalt, and blazing white make this tennis-inspired outfit bold and perfectly summery. Also love white and baby blue on Tanasha and white and blush on Nashelly.

Next stop on the H&M collab train: Balmain.

This satellite gyroscope necklace is downright magnificent.

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This Week I Love …


… Grechen’s series titled The Minimal Closet.

We’re living in a polarized world, friends. Congress is the most visible example, but it seems like people are glomming on to extremes everywhere and in relation to issues both big and small. It’s been utterly fascinating to see polarization creep into the fashion blogging world: In terms of readership and definitely in the Instagram world, excess is celebrated. People love to see the pretty, the glamorous, the Louboutins on a white table next to some peonies and macarons. But in terms of discussion, minimalism is the buzzy topic. From Un-fancy to Into Mind, we’re all fascinated by downsizing and capsules.

But my absolute favorite minimalism-related read is The Minimal Closet series over on Grechen’s Closet. While other sources are urging you to discard absolutely everything that doesn’t “spark joy” or pare down until you have exactly 15 gorgeous items that will hang, perfectly spaced, on a single closet bar, Grechen is exploring the contradictions and challenges involved in moving toward minimalism. Buy what you love? But what if you only buy things you love and still end up with too much stuff? Is it really possible to populate your wardrobe with “perfect” items? She is a stylish woman who loves fashion and shopping and makes her living writing about those topics. She is also someone who came to the realization that she just owned way too much stuff and needed to make a change. She is not moving toward minimalism because it’s trendy, she’s doing it because she craves simplicity. But she’s refreshingly honest about her journey, and talks openly about how hard she has to work to make this change possible.

And perhaps more importantly, she doesn’t put parameters around minimalism – hers or anyone else’s. She doesn’t proclaim that she now has three pairs of jeans and will not buy jeans again until those three pairs are threadbare to the point of indecency. She still shops, and talks about shopping as being both risky and a natural part of her process. She has tinkered with capsules, but doesn’t limit herself to a set number of items. She says, and truly believes, that there’s no one right way to do minimalism.

Which is so refreshing for someone like me who ALSO loves fashion and shopping and makes her living writing about those topics. And who ALSO felt like she was drowning in choices but feared the systems and maxims handed down by self-proclaimed minimalists. Grechen has great insights, helpful tips, and a completely judgment-free tone. If you’re interested in an earthy, honest take on moving away from the collector mentality and toward simplicity, take a peek at The Minimal Closet.

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Lovely Links: 5/15/15

Weekly Kitty:


Fresh from the kitty aisle at Byerly’s.

Fabulous advice: What to do when you love a certain garment or style, but it just doesn’t love you back

“As tragic as I find it that a healthy woman wearing a bikini in public can still make the news globally I can’t help but applaud her for her words. Being a plus-sized woman in the public eye shouldn’t be an act of bravery, even though I know for a lot of us it is.”

Over on I point out a few wardrobe staples you can buy on the cheap and offer tips on where to shop for blouses.

Darlene experiments with multiple outfits using a darling polka dot sheath dress to see which combinations play up or play down her bust.

It’s been incredibly inspiring to see so many ad campaigns featuring older women … but it’d be even better to see a few including older women of color.

Reminders for the days when you need extra self-care

Oh, how I wish I could take in “Fully Fashioned,” an exhibit at the National Museum of Scotland celebrating 200 years of Pringle of Scotland.

“As I got older, not liking makeup put me in a category. So did not wearing heels or carrying a purse. And in the cases where I did wear a dress or take time with my hair, somehow that meant that I had to defend the fact that I still loved science. At some point it became that I could either be someone who wore field boots or someone who wore dresses. When you find yourself having to defend your position on one side of a divide – boots or dresses – it becomes harder to maintain loyalty to both.”

On the Garage blog, I offered some simple tips to help small businesses build their Pinterest followings.

Caryn Franklin offers some eloquent advice on honing your style and being truly thoughtful about your fashion choices. (Via The Fashion Law)

Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing About Their Bodies

My obsession with Lucky Brand jewelry continues: Currently ogling these mixed-metal studs.

Oh, also, received these amazing chandelier earrings as a gift from my lovely friend Megan and they are the most musical piece of … wearable anything that I own. Clinkity clink clink …

De-cluttering expert Marie Kondo takes a shopping trip to Anthropologie. (Via YLF)

I’ve been a fan of Dana LeBlanc‘s designs for years, and am loving her new designs. This spiky statement necklace is beautifully badass. And! You can use code ALREADYPRETTY to get 10% off!

Here’s a very honest guide to selecting and purchasing new glasses.

“It took me years to understand that the cycle of falling in and out of love with things—with a version of yourself, even—can be a lovely thing, and crucial in helping you figure out who you really are.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered tips for styling long pendant necklaces.

This graphic will teach you the difference between candy and awning stripes, among others.

And from The Department of Random: Every Question In Every Q&A Session Ever

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