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Lovely Links: 7/22/16


If you’ve been thinking about hiring me as an editor, ghostwriter, or for blog support, now’s the time! Through August 15, I’m offering $100 off your service of $300 or more for first-time clients. Drop me an email for more details!

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet Kitty with painting of kitty by Tillie, age 5. (First seen on Instagram)

Petite blogger Crystalin Marie sings the praises of the tunic dress, while Alice shows us three different ways to style a button-through tunic.


Lovely Links: 7/15/16

Before I dig into this week’s links, I need to say something, even though I sincerely doubt that anything I say right now will change the world for the better. I am so steeped in shock and horror over how terrifyingly out-of-control things have become in my country, right here in my city, in my own neighborhood even, that I cannot imagine my words could possibly have an impact. But I have a platform, albeit a small one, and I have a heart. And although I do my best to keep my content relatively apolitical, I can’t do that right now.


Lovely Links: 6/3/16


LOTT will be hosting an open house in partnership with Urban Growler on June 12! Meet the fellows, chat with the board, and find out how to become a mentor or fellow next year. Tickets here.

Weekly Kitty:

simon door

Simon on the lookout for HM’s arrival.

108 simple self-care ideas for those times when you’re feeling drained and drawing a blank

Love Wendy’s lacy dress and badass moto – such a great juxtaposition! And Nadine’s black lace dress is the same juxtaposition captured in a single fabulous garment.