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Reader Request: Altering a Wardrobe for New Curves

dressing to hide a belly

Reader A had this request:

My body composition has changed over the years and I’ve suddenly got a belly—and a wardrobe of clothes I used to wear with pride but now need shapewear in order to have a nice silhouette. I’ve invested in a couple of dresses that suit my “new” figure, but I really don’t want to have to get rid of all my clothes that I love. Any ideas/tips for altering or transitioning wardrobes to accommodate changing bodies could be helpful. My clothes all fit (I’m the same size in the same brands as before); they just don’t fit right.


Reader Request: Reclaiming Your Style

reclaim your style

Reader A emailed me this question:

Have you done a post on reclaiming one’s style after major life changes? I’ve had a LOAD of life changes recently and I feel lost.

Living on my own with 2 teenagers
Coming out
Career exhaustion
Weight gain because of all the aforementioned items

I’ve lost my way and have developed a uniform — likely just because it’s easier and there’s no risks involved. It’s almost as if I didn’t want to have to think about the clothing I wear because it was just “one more thing…” A friend and I went shopping yesterday and I just felt “off” in everything I tried on. I felt ridiculous though I walked away with 2 pieces that I needed in my closet so, not a total loss. But they were pretty safe pieces. So my question is – how does one start to reclaim style when there’s so many things that have just beaten me up?


Reader Request: Styling Sequins for Holiday

sequins holiday party

Reader Magnolia had this question:

Now that the holiday season is around the corner, this year I am feeling very attracted to glitter and sequins and all things shiny. I am loving this Adrianna Papell dress in lead color. [Shown in image above, plus size version here]

But, this is the first time I am thinking of wearing something SO shiny. I am wondering how to style this? If nude pumps will be fine or I need to wear high metallic heels. I feel like going all glitzy but totally unsure how to go about it. May be you would like to take this up for one of your posts? How to wear sequins and glam for the holiday season?