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Reader Request: Seasons vs. Weather

transitional season dressing

Jori dropped me an e-mail with this question:

What to do when the fashion season and the weather can’t seem to agree? Now that it’s April, we’re all excited to wear some of our springy clothes – but here in New England, the weather this time of year can be warm and springy one day but cold and wintry the next. It feels wrong to go back to wearing winter clothes on those cold days, even if it’s probably the sensible thing to do for comfort. So how to make spring clothes work on non-springy days? Of course, this issue isn’t just about spring either. How can winter fashions be deployed in warm-weather climates? Or summer fashions in places like San Francisco where mid-July days can be foggy and downright chilly? READ MORE

Originally posted 2011-04-20 06:14:23.

Reader Request: Professional Style for Figures With Larger Hips

profession clothes pear shape

Reader Karin sent me this request via email:

I am a 43 year old woman returning to work after 10 years out raising children. I am looking to return to mid-level corporate management, so a fairly traditional atmosphere. I am a chubby pear. Bust size 12, waist size 14, hips size 16/18. The full skirts, tighter shirts combinations that are generally flattering on my figure look a little bit too “1950s Picnic,” for a corporate office. I just look dumpy in the sheath dresses and trouser/blouse combos that seem so of the moment. READ MORE

Originally posted 2015-04-09 06:22:10.

Reader Request: Durable Dressing

Style tips for when you need to wear durable clothes

Reader Andrea sent me this plea:

I and a friend own a dog training business, so we could wear anything we like. However the job itself puts limits on it. I can’t wear anything delicate, easily snagged or damaged or anything fussy. Drapey sleeves, dangling scarves or anything that hangs away from the body poses a serious problem with the mouthy pups we work with daily! We also can’t wear anything too dear as destruction via tooth or claw (or drool!) is an issue. Comfy, sensible shoes are a must. I find myself wearing boring old tshirts and jeans with a zip up hoodie most of the time. READ MORE

Originally posted 2010-04-15 05:37:00.