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Reader Request: Best Necklines for Going Braless

necklines to wear without a bra

Reader Lindsay emailed me this question:

I came across your ‘bra politics‘ post when I was searching for advice on how a larger busted gal could go braless. Specifically, what types of necklines would be flattering. I feel like going without structure on top alters the way the rest of my body looks. I haven’t been able to find any article on the subject, but I thought if anyone could write it, it would be you!

So. As a woman who literally sleeps in a soft bra, this is a challenging one for me. But I know for sure that some of you would go bra-free every second of the day if you could, so I’m hoping my ideas can get the ball rolling and yours can roll it even further!


Reader Request: Style Advice for the Lost

how to change your style

Juliet wrote in with this plea:

When I think of clothes I want to wear I think of how they feel against my skin and how warm I want to be, not anything about how they look like (except that I like certain colours). The only celebrities whose style I can even call to mind are men. I don’t have a non-celebrity whose dress style I would like to emulate either. I find these kinds of questions really bizarre (by which I mean it would never ever have occurred to me to think about that).


Reader Request: Styling Difficult Colors

tricky colors

Reader Ruth submitted this question in a comment:

What do you wear with ‘difficult coloured’ or in this case ‘difficult plus white’ coloured clothes? I recently bought a skirt from Boden which is bright orange and white. The model is wearing it with a light blue shirt but that looks rather random to me. Her shoes are orange too, but you know that in reality they would be a different orange. So what do you wear with something two-coloured without it looking random – especially if it is a shouty colour that doesn’t go with its near neighbours (unlike say greys or blues which often go well together). I was really dull and settled for a white t-shirt and black sandals on first wearing. But I think it is a general problem with clothes where there is no way to pick up the main colour. It’s always somehow difficult as well to incorporate clothes which aren’t your ‘core palette’. You might feel adventurous, but they just don’t go with anything.