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Self-consciousness, Focus, and Projection

Self-consciousness is a funny beast, don’t you think?

We human beings seem to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about how we look, how we look compared to others, how we’re being perceived, whether we’re cool enough, and what others might be thinking about us. And all of these concerns are natural extensions of life in an active society, and especially of life in an active society that puts great stock in physical beauty. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Color and the Well-edited Wardrobe

well edited wardrobe

Reader A sent me this question via e-mail:

I was shopping with my sister, and she was telling me that her wardrobe is composed entirely of neutrals, plus green, purple and…yellow, I think. This, she said, is why she can spend as much on clothes as she does – everything she buys can go with everything else. I have to admit that the concept in theory appeals to me. I love clothes, but I’m more likely to wear favorites over and over again, and I’m always tempted to pare down my wardrobe to the essentials. I was taken enough with the idea that I even mentally picked my triad of colors and have been browsing my favorite shopping sites with an eye out for teal, purple and orange. READ MORE

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Thoughts From a Style Blogger Approaching 40

Thoughts from a style blogger approaching 40.

In mid-January, I will turn 40. I can’t quite believe it, mostly because I still feel like I’m far too inexperienced and naive to be that age … but I’m pleased to report that I’m not feeling panicked or upset or sad. It’s disbelief, really. I just can’t believe I’ve been alive that long.

40 is definitely a turning point, and I have a massive party planned and some occasion-marking activities in the coming months to celebrate. But I’ve also taken note of a few attitudes and behaviors specific to style and self-care that have already begun to shift as I enter my fifth decade. READ MORE