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Thoughts From a Style Blogger Approaching 40

Thoughts from a style blogger approaching 40.

In mid-January, I will turn 40. I can’t quite believe it, mostly because I still feel like I’m far too inexperienced and naive to be that age … but I’m pleased to report that I’m not feeling panicked or upset or sad. It’s disbelief, really. I just can’t believe I’ve been alive that long.

40 is definitely a turning point, and I have a massive party planned and some occasion-marking activities in the coming months to celebrate. But I’ve also taken note of a few attitudes and behaviors specific to style and self-care that have already begun to shift as I enter my fifth decade.


For Whom Are You Dressing?

for whom are you dressing

You flip through catalogs and magazines. You browse around clothing and accessory shops, both in person and online, and make choices about which pieces to incorporate into your own wardrobe. You peruse the style blogs and note tempting trends and bold pairings. And then you open your closet door to choose the day’s outfit.

Who is your audience? For whom are you dressing?

Obviously, the answer will change depending on the woman, the day, the activity. Also potentially at play: Age, mood, season, and other individualized factors too numerous to count. There is no single answer to this question, and there is no WRONG answer, either. When I asked this question of myself, I realized that, like so many theoretical stylistic queries, it leads me to goals rather than maxims.


Reader Request: Coping with Post-haircut Questions and Comments

pixie cut from back

Reader Sonia reached out with this request:

I have read your piece “If You Want To, You Should Totally Chop Off All Your Hair” (brilliant!) several times, and after two years of psyching myself up, I made an appointment to totally chop off all my hair. I am 100% committed. And excited! And terrified. My hair is currently one length, mostly straight, and ends several inches below the tops of my shoulders. I’m 45, and it’s been this way (or longer) for 26 years. And I’m SO TIRED OF IT. Hence, the chopping.