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Rules Made to Be Broken

fashion rules to breakI love rules. LOVE THEM. I am a double Capricorn with Taurus rising and my world would fall apart if I didn’t stitch it together with lovely, concrete, sense-making rules. I have long considered “Goody Two-Shoes” to be my personal theme song. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t speed (well, not more than 5 miles over the limit), I never cut a single class until my final year of college, and have never stolen a single thing. You think I’m kidding? Not kidding. Rules rule me. READ MORE

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Reader Request: Bra Pads and Cutlets


Reader Penelope sent this question via Facebook:

Have you ever written a post on removable breast pads? My girls tend to need some extra help in the cleavage area! I would love to see a piece on foam vs. gel pads and how they can help for swimsuits, mastectomies or lopsidedness of breasts. I believe they are also called cutlets.

I think I’ve still got my set of cutlets that I bought for my wedding day. I wore them and they totally helped fill out my dress, but I haven’t worn them since. Because – as I’ve discovered through some very educational bra fittings – I take a C cup instead of the A I wore for decades and a properly fitting bra does great things for my bustline. Having found bra styles that work with my breast shape and body shape, I don’t generally feel like I need the extra boost. READ MORE

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How Capris Work

how to wear capris

So. It’s a cropped-pant world we’re living in, friends, and there are many different styles going under many different aliases. I defer to Angie on nomenclature – see her posts on clamdiggers, capris, and walkshorts,  as well as her guide to pant length – but we definitely agree on this: Capris are pants that hit below the knee and above the ankle. In my opinion a true capri is shorter than an “ankle pant” which, unsurprisingly, hits close to the actual ankle bone. The two shown above are good examples of capris, hitting solidly mid-calf. READ MORE

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