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Reader Request: Jeans for Apple-shaped Figures

jeans for apple shape

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Several readers have reached out to request recommendations for jeans that suit a figure with a fuller midsection, slim legs and a small butt. And I know exactly why these gals are frustrated and seeking help: Designers and manufacturers of women’s jeans are yet to fully acknowledge the “apple” figure. They’ve always offered styles that suit slim figures with minimal curves. They heard us when we complained about waistband gapping – something that happens when your hips and butt are fuller than your midsection – and created “curvy” styles that nip at the waist. But women with full midsections and slim legs are offered relatively few viable options. Jeans that fit in the waist billow around the legs, and jeans that fit in the legs are too tight in the waist. BOO.


How to Do Long Over Lean

I’ve begun updating some of my greatest hits posts so they’re more current. This is one of them!

long over lean

Even with my style shift, once the weather gets warm, I’m all about dresses. Typically dresses with knee-length or shorter hems, nipped waists, and full or A-line skirts. That silhouette feels perfect for spring and summer. Ya know, a little something like this:


But as soon as the weather starts to cool off, I switch to the “long over lean” formula and stick to it until the sun returns. You’re well familiar with this look by now, I’m sure:


Reader Request: What to Wear When Your Weight Is in Flux

clothes for weight loss

Reader Dona had this question:

I’m curious about how to shop/what to shop for when you are trying to lose weight. I know people, sometimes, say to wait until you get closer to your goal weight, but I’m not patient. I wonder what are some good garments that you can wear when your weight is fluctuating, whether up or down.

A great question, and relevant to many, I’m sure. No matter what your weight is doing, you’ve still gotta get dressed! If you’re gaining weight unexpectedly, you may want to wait to create stylish looks until that weight has come off … but sometimes it doesn’t come off, and dressing your new body stylishly may feel challenging but is important to maintaining a positive relationship with yourself. If you’re losing weight unexpectedly, you might try to make do with clothes that no longer fit your frame … but experimenting with new sizes and styles is a good way to make your new body feel more familiar. If you’re gaining or losing on purpose, it may be tempting to wait until you level out before shopping, and that’s not a bad plan. Unless the changes are gradual and you’re swimming in or squeezing into what’s currently in your closet.