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Random Outfit Roundup: May

I’m experimenting with new settings and poses (FINALLY), so click on any image to enlarge for details. You know, in case you want to check for frizzies or dirt under my nails or anything …

Khaki blazer, thrifted Silvery gray dress, thrifted Cereza necklace via Etsy vendor Bellina Red Tsubo Acreas

Gee, seems like May was the month of the blazer. I blame the girls at Academic Chic, who CONSTANTLY sport blazer-based looks that are unbearably sleek and sophisticated. It’s because of them that I began to feel that my two black blazers and weird-shade-of-brown one were woefully inadequate, and because of them that I landed this figure-friendly little beaut at my local Savers. This outfit is all your fault, E., S., and A.!


Random Outfit Roundup: April

Dusty rose tank, Nine West via Marshalls Oyster-white pants, Express via Turn Style Grey Suede booties Nine West via Rose-fastener sweater via a little shop in Hobart, Tasmania

This sweater is, hands down, my most beloved and prized piece of clothing. I bought it at a shop called Ruby Messiah in Hobart, Tasmania, almost exactly four years ago and knew upon purchase it it would likely be the prettiest thing I’d ever be lucky enough to own. I love it with these oyster-colored pants, but the pants themselves are tricky: light colored, and pretty long which means they must be worn on warm AND dry days only. And the sweater is so delicate that I only trot it out a couple of times a year. But when I do, kittens, it’s a good, good day. Nothing makes me feel more princessy than my gorgeous Tas sweater.