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Random Outfit Roundup: August, Part I

Asymmetric tee, Luphia Hot pink skirt, thrifted Gray platforms, Kenneth Cole Rocky Canyon Hammered silver cuff, some store in Madison, WI

Could this tee be my favorite thing ever? Yes, it surely could. Super comfy, super flattering, super sexy, and just slightly weird. Check out my big sleeve.

Yes, you can totally see my bra and half my ribcage through that bad boy. I kept my arm clamped to my side for most of the day. WORTH IT.

Graphic tee, Sarah Utter via years ago but you can still buy it! Khaki skirt, Gap years ago Dansko Marcelle, eBay Bangles, a gift from Cal Straw bag, thrifted

I hunted these Danskos for MONTHS until I found a reasonably priced red pair on eBay, which I snapped right up. Then I wore them once, and stashed them. How is it possible to be obsessed with something, get it, and then lose interest? Durr.


Random Outfit Roundup: July

Hot pink tee, American Apparel via Yque White skirt, Banana Republic Orange pumps, Perlina Celebrity via Endless Necklace, Patina years and years ago

I’ve been wanting to do hot pink and orange together since spring, but got hung up on the fact that I didn’t have a pink top that went with my orange bottoms, or vice versa. Then, PING! I realized I could just throw some white into the mix.

These orange pumps are new and they are astoundingly comfy. First day out, walked all over the damn place, didn’t feel a thing.

White Blazer, Ann Taylor Loft White tank, Esprit Denim pencil skirt, thrifted Gray platforms, Kenneth Cole Rocky Canyon Chalk turquoise necklace, a street vendor in SF

I wore this to HM’s gallery opening this month. I once described these shoes as “surprisingly comfortable” to Trinknitty. She scoffed. And after standing around a gallery for two hours in them I hear what she’s saying.


Random Outfit Roundup: June, Part II

Click to enlarge, as always!

Dress Margaret Mousley via Lizze Dansko Nylas Straw bag thrifted Sunnies, Miu Miu Chain bracelet, made by me

On location in scenic Hudson, Wisconsin, in a dress I’d bought the day before and couldn’t WAIT to wear. Apparently Lizze has been in business for three years, but I’d never even seen this tiny, St. Paul boutique before. This dress is handmade from Marimekko cloth and set me back a whopping $29. Such love!

Blazer, J.Crew Grey dress, thrifted Red belt, thrifted Chunky chain, thrifted at Abigail Page Antique Mall (the day the floral dress got worn, in fact!) Red shoes, a gift from K.Line

As promised, I finally worked these wonderful shoes that K.Line generously bestowed upon me LAST FALL into an outfit! They’re just as comfy as they are cute, and I was well pleased with how this outfit turned out. Even if the belt is a little matchy-matchy, how could I resist pairing two items that feature both red patent and silver hardware?