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Lovely Links: 10/6/17

Weekly Kitty:

She loves getting her armpits scratched.

A funky sweatshirt and printed pencil skirt look so fresh with sassy sneakers.

Feminist Freedom Warriors is a new digital video archive documenting cross-generational conversations about justice, politics, and hope with feminist scholar-activists. Expect cross-generational histories of feminist activism that addresses economic, anti-racist, social justice, and anti-capitalist issues across borders. (Via The Ladies Finger) READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 9/29/17

Weekly Kitty:

One of each.

“We’ve all done it — commenting on a friend’s weight whenever it changes. When they lose weight, we say they look amazing and to keep up the good work, and when they gain weight, we assume they’re going through a hard time or there’s something wrong. Why are we so fixated on the idea of weight gain or loss in others, and why are these assumptions so dangerous?

A visual history of that 90s standby – and current fashion fave – the slip dress. Monroe looks smashing in hers. READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 9/22/17

Weekly Kitty:

Soaking up sun on the porch.

Documentary photographer Yagazie Emezi finds that in Liberia, vibrant hair and makeup are a path to self-expression.

How to Be A Skeptical Shopper: A Primer on Identifying Greenwashing

Suggestions for how to wear and style button-front shirts. Some are more daring than others!

“As I write this, my mother is downstairs counting up her calories for the day, optimistic due to her four pound weight loss this week. She’s met societal standards for beauty and therefore has never felt more beautiful. She will recommend to me for the third time this week that I should join her current weight loss plan, because she truly believes that I would be happier if I lost 50 pounds. She doesn’t know that her idea of encouragement is my idea of discrimination, but I will say nothing. I will politely tell her again that I don’t feel like joining and continue to praise her on her own success. I know how to speak her language, I have been doing it since I was nine.” READ MORE

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