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Lovely Links: 8/18/17

Weekly Kitty:


Jo’s wardrobe remix series is a wealth of inspiration if you’re looking for creative ways to wear the same garments.

Here’s the second post in Eco Warrior Princess’s series on sustainable plus-sized fashion.

Kim shows us how a petite gal can rock a jumpsuit!

“As technology continues to evolve it’s my hope that retail websites will become more inclusive from a disability standpoint. For example, many of us who are blind or visually impaired use special tools to assist us in navigating the internet however if a site is poorly designed, inaccessible or there is only minimal description these things make the buying experience less than ideal. A dream product of mine is a ‘Mirror Mirror’ like in Snow White. Once programmed with data needed to produce a verbal output it could help blind and visually impaired women with the ability to become as adept at makeup application as they so choose.” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 8/11/17

Weekly Kitty:

Harriet tries out HM’s new guitar case.

Sarah Anne is retro gorgeous in her lemon-print frock.

Target launches a new gender-neutral kids clothing collection

“In speaking with a friend yesterday about her emerging brand, she lamented about never being able to get ‘there.’ What I realized is that right now in the world of fashion we really do not know what ‘there’ is. It has yet to be defined, it is emerging (just like her). As old structures go away, like department stores and retail, new structures are rising up to take their place and whether or not they will be successful is still an experiment.” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 8/4/17

Weekly Kitty:

She’s a burrower. Wiggled her way into this warm sheet and wouldn’t get out.

A bralette and dark lip make this cutoff overalls outfit chic and sexy.

This post outlines how to create an affordable capsule wardrobe … by thrifting!

I love how Annette switched up the expected formula by doing a column of black with a white blazer (instead of the reverse). The printed scarf is the perfect finishing touch.

“It’s so easy to assume that if a woman wants to cover up, she is doing it because of patriarchy. But even if she does, there is the expectation that going naked will magically cure all self-esteem issues, and that women will start feeling more comfortable with themselves. That they will instantly go from people who hate their bodies to people who love their bodies. But that’s not really how it works. Most women have been told that they shouldn’t be showing too much skin (or too little skin, it’s very confusing) for so long, that it would take a while to unlearn all the mixed messages we’ve juggled our entire lives.” READ MORE

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