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Lovely Links: 11/4/16

Weekly Kitty:


Slightly upside-down Harriet, maxin’ and relaxin’ in the basement.

“As the conversation evolves around feminism, one question continues to bubble up; can fashion truly help to empower women in India?

With cold weather on the horizon, I’m loading lots of pins into my Layering Inspiration board.

Crystalin busts the myth that petite women “can’t” wear over-the-knee boots.

Sequined silver pants for day? Yes please!


Lovely Links: 10/28/16

Weekly Kitty:


I got a new pillow. Harriet immediately claimed the old one.

A former in-store stylist outlines 10 reasons why freelance stylists are better advocates for their clients. Clearly she knows her stuff having seen both sides … but free, in-house stylists can still be helpful if you just can’t afford an independent one and need guidance!

Undoing Childhood Body Shame: On Loving Your Body Enough To Listen To It

Into Mind‘s minimalist guide, The Curated Closet, is out now!


Lovely Links: 10/21/16

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet is extra cute when she’s sleepy. (First seen on Instagram.)

Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe On Wearing His Mother’s Dress (via Accidental Icon)

Leah talks about her experience being objectified on Tinder as a fat woman. She’s also Muslim, and points out that she is more covered-up in her profile photos than many fellow Tinder users, but that didn’t stop people from being wildly inappropriate in their responses.