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Lovely Links: 4/14/17

Weekly Kitty:

The view from below. (Harriet loooooves to be up high.)

Since I adore both long jackets and graphic tees, this outfit is right up my alley. Joi is looking gorgeous in her graphic tee ensemble, too.

I love that ASOS worked with Danielle of She’s a Gent as a menswear advisor!

Diane talks about her personal relationship with thrifting and secondhand clothes, while also showing off a darling vintage skirt she swiped from her mom’s closet. READ MORE

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Lovely Links 4/7/17

Weekly Kitty:

The tub is his happy place.

When a reader asked DapperQ if masculine-of-center dressers still wore makeup, the editors responded, “Makeup is for feminine, masculine, and everything in between and outside of. Our motto is ‘Dress your authentic self,’ and that includes makeup and accessories.” Then shared some fantastic images of androgynous looks that feature makeup.

Joi continues to show of her mastery of color pairing, this time in peach and rust. LOVE. READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 3/31/17

Weekly Kitty:

All boxes need inspecting, including HM’s rackmount case.

Punk, Pretty, and Powerful: A History of Fashion Through the Color Pink

Speaking of pink, Chioma looks radiant in a blush pink turtleneck and gold pleated skirt.

Earlier this month, Nike launched a hijab collection for female Muslim athletes. Hoda responds by offering some Muslim-owned and sweatshop-free alternatives.

“Do you find yourself constantly searching and striving, and still feeling empty? Do you find yourself chasing a specific number on the scale, and you can’t really remember why? Do you find yourself powering through a cold, an illness? Do you find yourself feeling sapped and spent? Or feeling guilty for leading a slower life or for wanting to? And questioning whether it’s OK?” READ MORE

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