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Lovely Links: 12/2/16

If you’ve been waiting for me to say something about the U.S. election, here it is: I don’t know what to say. I also don’t know what to do. In a time when unity and acceptance are more important than ever, I see angry people yelling at each other about doing ally-ship wrong. In a time when many are struggling to listen and help and be supportive, I am reading frustrated backlash over misguided, useless, or hollow actions. In a time when any gesture of solidarity should be welcomed, I’ve seen more vehement privilege call-outs than ever before. And as a deeply privileged person – white, cis, able-bodied, more – I feel completely frozen. Useless. Fully aware that those call-outs have merit and register important views, but also aware that my desire to do what’s most right and most helpful means that I cannot find any statement to make or action to take that someone somewhere hasn’t already deemed inadequate, insulting, or downright counterproductive. Maybe I’m reading the wrong websites or listening to the wrong radio stations, but I feel like much of the current post-election rhetoric is corrective instead of collaborative.


Lovely Links: 11/18/16

Weekly Kitty:


We’re getting the bedroom painted, so a bunch of stuff that’s normally in there is scattered around the house. This wadded up sheet on the coffee table has become THE SPOT for sitting. Simon and Harriet trade off napping on top of it.

8 Ways to Embrace Sustainable Fashion Without Going Broke

“Eventually I stopped wanting to be thin. All I wanted was to access healthcare without more strange men telling me what to do with my body.”


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Lovely Links: 11/11/16

Weekly Kitty:


You all know Simon is polydactyl, right? Here’s proof. SO MANY TOES.

Don’t think a pleated silver skirt can look badass? Sihem’s outfit will change your mind.

Love this: “After having some inspiring conversations with a number of femmes, I decided to launch Hi Femme!, a partner project to dapperQ that will celebrate femme fashion in all of its forms.”

The Dangerous Policing Of Female Athletes’ Diets

The Barking Dog Shoes team is wild about Dansko’s new mini-wedge ankle boot. Great for women with sensitive feet!