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Lovely Links: 6/9/17

Weekly Kitty:

Box Inspector Harriet takes her duties seriously.

Actress Chloë Sevigny extolls the virtues of thrifting. (Yes!!!)

Related: Forest City Fashionista showcases some of her thrift-only outfits, and highlights other bloggers over 40 who adore secondhand shopping.

Dove decided it would be a good idea to release body wash bottles that echo “diverse” women’s body shapes.

“The long-term viability of a traditional linear economy is now widely questioned by sustainability experts and economists alike. But what would it take for fashion to adopt a closed loop system? READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 6/2/17

Weekly Kitty:

As you might’ve guessed. the cuddle photos are my faves.

Ragini reflects on her decade of fat positivity, including explaining the differences she sees between the fat positivity movement and the body positivity movement.

Cool has a signature style that is inseparable from that person’s experience. The icon of cool creates the conditions for a new generation’s self-creation.”

Torrid has launched an utterly fantastic limited edition plus size Wonder Woman collection. YES! (I’m unspeakably excited about the movie release in early June.) Also Society6 has the best WW phone cases. READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 5/26/17

Weekly Kitty:


A Punk and Political History of Tartan

Women of size grossly lack representation in our media, and especially in fitness media and advertising. Looking back on my own experiences, I realized that this lack of representation was the reason I felt so much fear and anxiety around joining my run program. I couldn’t see a likeness of my body successfully engaging in fitness, anywhere, and this left me with an element of unknown to overcome.” READ MORE

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