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Lovely Links: 9/1/17

Weekly Kitty:

Laundry day.

“That’s what makes the account @dietprada a delight for fashion nerds. It’s a collection of all those ‘I think I’ve seen this before …’ runway moments, pairing familiar-looking pieces with their alleged inspirations.”

So excited to learn about Cake Plus Size Resale!

Kim does long sleeves with a short skirt, a great combo for transitional dressing.

Some interesting and eye-opening points in this one: Why I Think Ethical Fashion is a Privileged White Girl Thing READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 8/25/17

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Lovely Links: 8/18/17

Weekly Kitty:


Jo’s wardrobe remix series is a wealth of inspiration if you’re looking for creative ways to wear the same garments.

Here’s the second post in Eco Warrior Princess’s series on sustainable plus-sized fashion.

Kim shows us how a petite gal can rock a jumpsuit!

“As technology continues to evolve it’s my hope that retail websites will become more inclusive from a disability standpoint. For example, many of us who are blind or visually impaired use special tools to assist us in navigating the internet however if a site is poorly designed, inaccessible or there is only minimal description these things make the buying experience less than ideal. A dream product of mine is a ‘Mirror Mirror’ like in Snow White. Once programmed with data needed to produce a verbal output it could help blind and visually impaired women with the ability to become as adept at makeup application as they so choose.” READ MORE

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