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Lovely Links: 6/26/15

Weekly Kitty:


Cuddling. (First seen on Instagram)

“And so what if someone who you’re not attracted to is showing off his or her body? Do your eyes burn at the sight of cellulite? Does a muffin top offend you? When someone has overcome her insecurities enough to wear something that shows her love handles, or body acne, or scars, or big thighs, then who are you to tell her to put it away?

What are impossible colors?

Belle weighs in on pairing necklaces and necklines, pointing out that necklace length and volume can serve as a balancing factor.

Eloquii’s cross front maxi tee creates a cool, new silhouette. (Tip of hat to Kellie for the find.)

A great big yes to the white, gray, chartreuse triad. Also loving teal, olive, and dusty orange.

“So far, the side-effects of trusting my gut’s wardrobe knowledge has been a newfound joy in clothing, more acceptance that my tastes/body/life change, new ways to wear old things, and more colours in my wardrobe, which makes me happier.”

Women scientists show how #distractinglysexy they are in response to Sir Tim Hunt’s sexist comments.

Tattoorary has the most amazing temporary tattoos I’ve ever seen. Period.

My skull-print obsession continues, now focused on bags. This Frye tote is tempting, but I’m leaning toward this screen-printed canvas tote.

This method for simplifying your closet sounds intriguing.

Layering a crop top over a summer dress is a great way to mix up your looks. I’ve done this a few times myself this season! You can also pair cropped tops with maxi skirts and jackets for a slightly less covered-up look.

A helpful roundup of stylish and modern organic cotton clothing

On the Fox 9 Buzz, we chatted about how to find your personal perfect pair of sandals. Two pairs I mention that are currently for sale are the Clarks Ranae Estelle and Mephisto Barbara.

“I really would like to make it clear, I am not interested in slowly replacing all of my clothes and items and attempting to live as a woman full time, bit by bit. All I would really like to do is to understand that I need to allow myself to be me. And the ‘real’ me exists somewhere outside of the gender binary; somewhere in that space that makes up the spectrum between both the poles of male and female.”

A counterpoint to the recent glorification of decluttering 

In this post, activist Christina Verzijl delves into the roots of her own body insecurities, and describes how they inspired her to create Body Project 4 High Schools (BP4HS).

If you’re gonna let your bra show through, picking an eye-catching design is key. Luciana’s is a stunner.

So do-able: A quick DIY for converting regular ballet flats into lace-ups

Getting groped by strangers is scary, infuriating, and awful in every way. And another example of how women’s bodies are seen and treated as public property by many.

If you’ve got a beloved scarf that’s just too voluminous, it can be thinned. Kelly uses Fray Check, a product I’d never heard of that sounds positively miraculous.

Deborah is fast becoming my layering idol. She does such a fantastic job of creating organic mixes of asymmetric pieces.

Two great posts on going gray: Cindy offers practical tips for making the switch and caring for gray hair, and Susan recaps her year of growing her gray hair out and shares some emotional revelations. (both via Inside Out Style)

These simple guidelines for selecting a job interview outfit make sense, especially the tip about trying your outfit on the night before. A must!

Dorrie layers on the black and white pieces, adding stellar accents with her striped clutch and sculptural heels.

Lane Bryant continues to step up its game, this time by collaborating with Christian Siriano.

More proof that bra fittings are important … but inconsistent: A reporter got fitted for bras at six different stores, and chronicled the results.

Vests are fantastic pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, since they add interest without making you overheat. Love how Ashley has styled hers, with a wide-brim hat and ankle boots.

How does Colette Patterns find truly diverse models for it’s shoots? Seamwork editor Sarai explains. (Cheers, Sewing Faille!)

On I suggested some times when it makes more sense to shop at department stores than individual stores, and offered tips for buying sandals that are both comfy and flattering.

And from the Department of Random: This post perfectly describes my relationship with cherries.

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Lovely Links: 6/19/15

Weekly Kitty:


13-year-old Simon has only just figured out how to get to the top of our second carpeted cat turret. However, 1-year-old Harriet is reigning queen, as you can see.

“Body positivity is being accepted, to an extent, but before we get too big for our boots, we are reminded that our body acceptance is monitored. Whether the privileged male admits it or not, society is standardising fatness … two ‘categories’ of fatness have materialised in the media, appropriated (once more) with male ideology in mind: the good fatty and the bad fatty.”

Polka dots and windowpane make such a pleasing print mix.

Sewists, I feel you will love Pattern Behavior Cartoons. They certainly cracked me up. More here.

Hourglassy’s Busty and the Beach series will explore swim options for women with large breasts, including detailed reviews.

Love how Chioma used a chunky chain necklace to enhance her halter-neck midi dress.

Angie offers some great, concrete suggestions for the third or “completer” outfit piece.

Like me, you will probably want to kiss Geraldine full on the mouth (or at least take her out for a cheeseburger) after reading Things in Women’s Magazines That Make Me Stabby. Geraldine, when you hit Minneapolis, call me. Cheeseburgers. My treat. We’ll see about the kissing.

Emerald green and blush pink make a fresh, unexpected combination.

Pia issues a rallying cry for truly inclusive, collaborative, radical body-positive activism. (With swears and some nude photos. Both of which I love.)

Not sure I agree completely with the findings, but this graphic showing which brands tend to run big or small in sizing is certainly interesting. Thoughts on their results?

On the Fox 9 Buzz, gave some tips for summer layering and keeping warm in blasting A/C.

“Joseph Matthews, Lecturer in Health at Worcester University, comments that ‘by classifying someone as underweight or obese, you’re not instigating lifestyle change, you’re attaching stigma and judgement. Change in health behaviours stem from empowerment. Unfortunately classifying an individual on the BMI scale can have the opposite effect.’” (Discusses disordered eating, includes photos of women in their undies.)

Cheryl is an absolute knockout in her blush pink matched set.

On Mad Mimi, I offered some guiding questions for folks who are considering hiring ghostwriters for their newsletters.

Four questions that might help clarify the concept of thin privilege

Marvelously mod lines on Greetje’s cool colorblocked sheath dress. (Plus her pup and gorgeous shots of Amsterdam)

Fascinating: Brown paper bags – think messengers and totes – that are tear-resistant and durable enough to be washed

Is the colorful suit making a comeback?

From a post titled Soldier or Slut? Body Shaming in the Military: “I see myself as a smart, professional, and strong woman, and I will not conform to other people’s perceptions of where my body belongs amongst my clothes. If a shirt fits well, I will not be slut shamed. If pants fit correctly, I will not be slut shamed. I am no longer standing for it. I will not bow down to the will of others. It is not my problem if a man or woman is uncomfortable with my body.”

Dolly Singh collaborated with engineers, astronauts, and rocket scientists to build a better high heel. (Via Capitol Hill Style)

Six plus-sized bloggers style the same darling cat-print blouse

Just reading the reviews of the film “The True Cost” has made me decide to never again shop at H&M. Anyone seen it yet?

Debbie is refreshingly honest in her post about turning to shopping as a respite from loneliness.

Looking for a bold and colorful outfit formula? Beth proves that hot pink, turquoise, and leopard print look fantastic together. And a slightly less bold but unexpected grouping from Lizzy includes black, yellow, and leopard.

Penny in Yo’ Pants is a little gizmo that allows cyclists to turn skirts into shorts in an instant. Super cool.

Woman Lifts Weights, Continues Being a Woman

On I highlighted 10 sexy sandals for summer, and rounded up mall brands that stars love.

A capsule wardrobe won’t fix your closet, and it surely won’t fix your life. But the process of paring down your wardrobe may bring up a lot of emotions and other issues in your life and help you realize and understand those issues.”

And from the Department of Random: Apparently a Great Pyrenees was elected mayor of Cormorant, MN. I don’t know what to feel.

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Lovely Links: 6/12/15

Weekly Kitty:



“The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our future children needed to see a mother modeling a certain amount of comfort in her body. A mother enjoying the moment with them rather than removing herself from it. A mother using the photos as a means of reminiscing together, joyfully, do you remember when …? instead of sighing and vocalizing a desire for thinner arms or less chunky cheeks.” (Eating disorders discussed)

The asymmetric lines of this skirt are so alluring.

There’s nothing like a white button-front to make a summery look feel crisp and fresh.

Anyone tried fiber lashes yet? I’m equal parts wary and intrigued …

I’m a Be Good Tanyas fan from days of old, and LOVED this song and video from founder Frazey Ford. Lyrics include, “And I’m sorry that you don’t like your life / I fought for my own victories and for the beauty in my life / My joy, my joy, my joy takes nothing from you.” (Via Balancing Jane)

Amarachi’s statement necklace will eat your statement necklace. What a jaw-droppingly amazing piece.

I’m loving the look of ear jackets, and have found some on Etsy that offer the jacket minus the stud so you can swap your own in. This pair is fabulous.

A transgender woman’s journey toward loving her body

This post offers some compelling reasons to wash practically everything in cold water: Saves energy, helps clothes last longer, costs you less …  (Via Capitol Hill Style)

More great picks for orthotic-friendly sandals from the Barking Dog Shoes team

New plus-size line Harper & Liv (not to be confused with Target’s Ava & Viv) has lots of options for the trend-hungry Boho gal.

Psyche shows us that drapey pants can be elegant and dressy.

On I highlighted some useful apps for stylish shoppers, and recommended brands and shops that stock summery sundresses.

Before you start purging and decluttering, Carol recommends that you think about how you accumulated the clutter to begin with.

All leopard is lovely in my book, but Gracey’s gray-on-black leopard print is a subtle, cool iteration of a classic.

I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of asymmetric earrings. Mildly obsessed with the pairs in Mia Montgomery’s shop.

“It’s taken me over a year, along with meeting and befriending other inspirational women in the industry, to realise that changing my style so that I can fit in is wrong. We joke about the stereotypical games industry look, but we need to be aware that it is the product of a lack of diversity, both in terms of gender and ethnicity – as such it can seem just as exclusionary as the tailored suit and tie of the professional world.” (Via Geek Feminism)

Absolutely loved Grechen’s musings on the trendiness of capsule wardrobes, and how she explored the pros and cons of this system.

Mia gets really uncomfortable when she gets super sweaty under her breasts in the summer heat. She’s trying out some breast sweat pads, and commenters on this post had some other suggestions, too.

Katha is sophisticated and sassy in her Gudrun Sjödén striped dress. (See me in the same one right here!)

From Summer Arlexis Ford: I Recreated Disney Princess Hairstyles With Senegalese Twists, Because Girls With Braids Can Have Some Fairytale Fun Too

Two great examples of how tailors can do so much more than hem your pants

What’s the difference between self-care and self-comfort?

Gave this charcoal mask a try this week to see if it would help with my blackheads. It felt great and helped a bit, but based on reviews I need to use several times to see real results. I will say, though, that it didn’t irritate my super-sensitive skin AT ALL. Anyone else tried similar products?

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