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Lovely Links: 8/7/15

Weekly Kitty:


Imperious Sunbathing Simon, at your service.

Jeniese spices up a classic look with a little pop of red.

JCPenney Employee Sent Home for Wearing Too Short Shorts from Penney’s Career Section. OY.

Cristen Conger from Stuff Mom Never Told You introduces me to the bellybutton challenge, and offers her two cents about how all forms of media impact body image and the importance of self love.

If male musicians were described the same way as female musicians

I loved this anecdote about the power of simple actions and how clothing does not make, define, or indicate gender.

Hilariously tongue-in-cheek: 12 Self-Care Tips to Transform Your Life! Includes, “Find the beauty in the world! If you can’t find any, grab some makeup and head over to that big rock you always see, the one that looks like a human face, and give it a Smoky Eye.”

A simple white blazer and chambray pants make the perfect backdrop for super bright shoes and accessories.

Thakoon’s designs for Kohl’s DesigNation line look chic and versatile.

Fascinating musings on the efficacy of trigger warnings

LISSA the shop – a great resource for stylish sustainably produced and natural fiber clothes – has some GREAT pieces in the sale section. And you can use code SALE25 for an additional 25% off the sale prices!

Angie shares 12 ways to dress stylishly in stifling summer heat. And bless her for doing so. [Wipes brow.]

“It’s very easy to be tempted by all these fabulous deals and buy things that are not really you. That is why it is important to understand your style and have a YES and NO list handy to remind yourself when you get tempted in the sales.”

Never doubt that size discrimination is real.

On, I talked about shopping for eyeglasses online, fashion classics that can be thrifted, and what to look for in stylish sneakers.

Annette shows off an eye-catching asymmetric skirt and two-tone peeptoes, and also shares her summertime office dress code guidelines. She points out that she’s thinking of a typical German office environment. Do her suggestions apply where you work?

Another amazing black-and-white ensemble: Kiah’s spectacular tulle-lined dress and polka dot pumps.

The Beauty Department offers tips for keeping your undereye concealer from creasing.

Former Reddit CEO Ellen Pao believes the trolls are winning the battle for the Internet, and I’m sadly inclined to agree. (Related: Sociology of the Reddit Revolt)

Sharon proves that cropped pants can be worn in winter … at least, in Brisbane! Love everything about this outfit from layers to colors to proportions.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered some tips for making the “white out” look work.

Pretty is a digital postcard from women around the world to women around the world as told through a weekly documentary series. It explores just how nuanced beauty can be by not only taking a look at how beauty standards vary from country to country but also how they might vary within a city.” (Via Fly)

Une Femme shares her thoughts on the misuse of the word “effortless” in fashion. (My thoughts on the topic here.)

The phrase “gran bod” was purportedly coined with body-positive intent, but has been twisted.

I finally dug into my Fall/Winter lookbook last weekend and was surprised and delighted by what I found. I’ve pinned my favorites here.

Turns out over-air-conditioned offices are a sexist plot. Maybe.

All of my vest-wearing dreams are realized in Ace’s two amazing outfits. (Her tumblr here.)

“There is no need to love your body with trepidation …”
(Contains swears)

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Lovely Links: 7/31/15

Weekly Kitty:



Instagram decided to ban, block, delete the hashtag #curvy … and then realized that was an absurd thing to do.

“You shouldn’t feel pressured to colour your greying hair if you don’t want to. Just like you shouldn’t feel pressured to stop dyeing your hair if you prefer sporting a colour other than your own. Personal style is exactly that: Personal. And thanks to modern fashion, grey and colour are now both equally viable options.”

AP contributor Cassie is offering 20% off everything in her Etsy store for two weeks! Use code 300WOO to get the discount.

Color analysis has evolved beyond the seasonal designations of the 80s … but why? And how?

Related (and possibly contrary): Does Outfit Colour Advice from the 80s Hold Up?

On, I offered simple tips to shop stylishly and locally and what to buy in the late summer sales.

My new style crush: Stephanie from FAIIINT.

I’ve found that grays are tough to mix and match due to varied undertones, but metallics – pewters and silvers – are great subs. With that in mind, I finally bought these subtly metallic VanEli booties after stalking them for nearly a year.

What is heteronormativity? It’s a whole lotta things, including things many people think of as normal and innocuous.

Anti-flatulence jeans. Discuss.

In my Star Tribune column, I talked about wristwatch styles, dress layering, and tips for women who are hard on their clothes.

The incomparable Lindy West explores a lot in her piece on being an unabashedly fat, unspeakably happy bride: “There’s an awkward three-way tension between wedding culture and feminism and fat acceptance – because of what ‘acceptance’ demands of women in our culture, a lot of fat activism takes the form of fat women trying to ‘prove’ that they can wear the trappings of male fantasy and traditional gender roles just as well as thin women. Fat women can be pretty. Fat women can get married. Fat women can ‘get’ conventionally attractive husbands. But how is that constructive?”

The new Gudrun Sjödén fall line is up on the website now, and it is GORGEOUS.

I think it’s possible that Freddie is the happiest style blogger on the planet. What a smile!

This stunning ankle-length asymmetric top/dress is killing me.

I finally watched The True Cost last week, and it was sobering and life-changing … but unsatisfying in some way. This article about the myth of ethical consumption gets at some of my underlying worries. And Grechen wrote about curbing the urge to get rid of things you already own from fast fashion companies in the name of sustainability.

25 ways to dress like a tech employee

Every human has scars, whether there are emotional and physical – they are part of our story and we should be proud of them.”

Kelly demonstrates how to use a hole punch like this one to add new holes to a leather belt.

Hollister now joins the ranks of brands that fabricated backstories to make their products more appealing.

I have a couple of BeckSondergaard scarves, and ADORE them. Bluefly has a few at 60% off or more.

An argument for posting “bad” selfies as an act of self-love and acceptance

“’Sneaker collecting, done by many men, is [described] in the tradition of other male collecting, like baseball cards and fine wines. It’s about having every single one in every single model. Female buying is “emotional”; male buying is posited as rational.'”

Kellie rounds up some Taylor Swift-inspired looks for plus-sized women.

Anyone else obsessing over waxed canvas? Most excited about the waxed canvas bags from 48North, a local company!

Rowan artfully layers asymmetric pieces in this summery outfit.

Kareem Abdul-Jabar on body-shaming black women athletes: “Some of the body shaming of athletic black women is definitely a racist rejection of black women’s bodies that don’t conform to the traditional body shapes of white athletes and dancers. No one questions the beauty of black actresses such as Kerry Washington (Scandal) or Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave) because they fit the lithe image perpetuated by women’s fashion magazines. The body shaming of Williams and Copeland is partly because they don’t fit the Western ideal of femininity. But another cause is our disrespectful ideal of the feminine body in general.”

And from the Department of Random: The Subtle Genius of Minionese

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Lovely Links: 7/24/15

Weekly Kitty:


So stylish.

Over on I explained how private online sales (Gilt, Ideel) really work, talked about brands that cater to older women that younger gals should check out, and highlighted some stylish companies that take sustainability seriously.

Bored with your wardrobe options? Estelle shows how creating names/personas for your outfits can add a little zest. Hers include “Björk’s sad assistant” and “rabbit-filled sack.”

How your makeup bag changes with age

Just looking at these towering carved skull heels from Safa Sahin makes my feet ache … but … but SKULLS!

Kendra shows us how to do quick, easy, and super pretty Goddess twists.

“What if we shifted our thinking and stopped suggesting that wanting to understand our visual identity isn’t an attempt to bathe oneself in egomaniacal glory and instead viewed it as a tool for which we can better understand our existence as humans? What if we stopped believing that wanting to see oneself wasn’t born out of narcissism but instead out of a deep need to connect to our being? And what if we challenged ourselves to view the very act of taking selfies as a step towards self love and acceptance?”

I interviewed Joy McBrien, founder of Fair Anita, for The Riveter. Her story is fascinating, but please be aware that sexual violence is discussed.

Saddlebag-style handbags are big this season, and this minimalist one from LeDonne looks just about perfect to me.

An interesting argument against “compassionate capitalism”

A new take on fashion as art: Australian designer Tiff Manuell uses strips of painted canvas to construct handbags and necklaces.

Sleek faux leather leggings and a sharp blazer balance out a ruffled blouse in Beth’s stellar outfit.

Three great but difficult reads from The Toast: Retail Therapy, Weight (disordered eating discussed), and How I Learned to Love My Skin Colour

In “Body As the Sky,” Lydia Havens ruminates eloquently on the pains of being asked if you’ve always been “like this.” Meaning fat.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I recommended shifting your editorial calendar for the summer.

A woman runner explains to a man runner why being “complimented” by strangers while she’s out on a run makes her terrified and furious.

Related: If catcalls were cheeseburgers (Not safe for work viewing)

Sandra’s custom skirt features a bold, colorful print and she styled it with simple black accents. Stellar.

And this is why we love Allie: How to shop for jumpsuits that fit, flatter, and let you pee

In a quest for classy-looking shiny gold earrings I found this elegant pair from T Tahari.

Love this reminder that all women should feel free to go sleeveless in summer … AND that opting for sleeves is completely fine, too, and not a signal of low self-esteem.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I demonstrated some easy ways to repurpose your jewelry.

In Cuba, a performance artist named Susana Delahante is organizing beauty pageants for black and mixed race black women with natural hair to promote a collective sense of pride in Cuba’s African heritage. (Via Rookie)

Wendy Brandes’ new Punk Platinum collection is as gorgeous as it is fun.

Celebrity facialist Kate Somerville shaves her face at least once per week. So do I. This article provides a handful of perspectives on this practice, though all of them are decidedly pro and some women definitely feel that removing body hair is a wholly unnecessary practice.

Chambray, magenta, and olive make a marvelous trio.

I’ve got high-top sneakers on the brain, and am loving this Khrio pair and this classic Adidas pair.

10 DIY bag tutorials that go beyond basic totes

And for more DIY fun, here’s a list of eight refashioning ideas including a few no-sew ones.

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