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Lovely Links: 10/30/15

Weekly Kitty:


Simon enjoys time in the basket, too. (First seen on Instagram)

Locals: St. Kate’s and the Tilsner Artists’ Co-op are partnering to showcase student fashion designs inspired by African fabrics and offer attendees the chance to purchase local and African art. Tickets available here.

This roundup of covetable fall pieces features sustainable designers – a few I hadn’t heard of!

Speaking of, LISSA the Shop has a 20% off sale on Neon Buddha and Pure Handknit right now – just use code PURE20 for the discount. I’ve got this Neon Buddha car coat in heavy rotation – outfit post to come soon!

On, I talked about ways to determine an annual clothing budget and offered tips for buying secondhand shoes.

A reminder about cultural appropriation and sensitivity around Halloween

Ela highlights Ernsting’s Family Special, a line that creates the same garments in regular and plus sizes, and shows how she and her Office Wife style a few of the pieces.

Making peace with my belly is still a work in progress (as self-compassion is anyways, it’s not somewhere we succeed and get to never to struggle again…it’s ebb and flow) but by inviting myself into the frame and sending myself love…sideways…the change is happening.”

Kileen shows off a super chic matched set and trendy knotted belt.

I interviewed super talented jewelry designer Karin Jacobson over on North Nabe, where she talked about the local jewelry “scene,” trends she loves, and being a one-woman business.

Sweater care and storage tips from an expert

Perhaps that’s why the nudity is so empowering to me. It’s reclaiming my own autonomy. Being powerful and vulnerable at once. You can’t take shots at me that I won’t receive. You can’t take power from me even if I’m standing before you vulnerable and raw. I carry my power everywhere I go.”

Patti offers tips for transitioning to silver if you have longer hair.

Love this sophisticated palette of dusty jewel tones.

Sarah is thrilled by Rick Owens’ recent comments about plus size fashion. So much yes to Rick Owens designs above size 14!

Online shop Moorea Seal offers accessories made in the U.S.A., and even has a section highlighting jewelry for sensitive skin.

“But it turns out no matter how insanely accomplished or famous you become, you will still be subjected to the innocuous-sounding but ever-so-pernicious ‘why don’t you smile?‘ interjection from those who feel entitled to make demands of women. [Tennis pro Serena] Williams’ retort was her attempt at dismantling that sense of entitlement”

If you’re hoping to make your shopping decisions more sustainable but not sure where to start, think fibers, says Grechen.

How female coders are shaping the future of fashion (Via Geek Feminism)

E rounds up her favorite pregnancy outfits, and every single one of them is creative, contemporary, and stylish.

What happens when you get your period in space?

“What I realize every single day in connecting with women from all over the world, is that we all strive to make connections with other people, but we miss the most important one: connecting with ourselves. If we can recognize beauty in others, why is it so hard to see beauty in ourselves?” (Disordered eating discussed)

This twist braid updo is effortlessly elegant.

On Mad Mimi, I wrote about why email marketing is far from dead.

There is more than one way to have an athlete’s body, and no “right” way to have an athlete’s body. ESPN’s body issue is a great reminder. (Includes nude photos)

Imogen explains why she loves being an over-40 style blogger, and how writing about her insights and experiences has changed her life for the better.

Karen Kane continues to churn out gorgeous prints this season, including this geometric-watercolor hybrid.

“Let’s get something out of the way: I do happen to think strong is sexy. Super sexy. I just don’t think it’s the new sexy. Or that you are required to be strong in order to be sexy. Or that sexy is the point of strong.”

A lighthearted nudge for anyone who has ever been curious about wearing wigs from a veteran wig-wearer. And whether you wear wigs to mix up your look or for health/hair loss reasons, I’ve also heard great things about Sunny’s.

Diesel certainly has come a long way in their ad campaigns. Latest laudable move: Gender neutrality.

Over at Wardrobe Oxygen, Alison tries and reviews Le Tote, a clothing and accessory rental service.

“This isn’t the time for a lecture about why expressions like ‘confined to a wheelchair’ and ‘wheelchair-bound’ are outdated, insulting, and generally just plain inaccurate. But I will say this: using a wheelchair has never made me feel restricted. The barriers and obstacles of the able-bodied world have often made me feel restricted, but to me, the wheelchair itself represents freedom.”

Amazon is now carrying Prairie Underground!

A heartbreaking poem about beauty and self-image

Sarah is open and honest about her experience participating in and witnessing Lane Bryant’s #plusisequal campaign.

And from the Department of Random: As amused as I was by the Onion’s “Sick Man Slowly Becoming Enthroned In Used Tissues,” I DID IT FIRST.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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Lovely Links: 10/23/15

Weekly Kitty:

post workout harriet

I make Harriet chase her favorite toy until she’s wiped out. This is her post-workout pose.

Locals! Join LOTT, the Riveter, and Clockwork Active Media for an evening of discussion about women in tech, centered around the new book Lean Out. Buy tickets here, where you can also order the book at 40% off for pickup at the event.

Also! Sisterhood Boutique – a secondhand shop developed by young east African women who live in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood who use the experience to learn about running a business – is hosting a fashion show on October 28. Totally worth checking out!

On, I wrote about brands that we might think are made in the U.S. but aren’t, and talked about how to create a clothing budget that works for you.

Tips for shoppers who can’t quite get excited about thrifting

Anna Scholz continues to create some of the most sophisticated-yet-trendy plus size designs on the market, including this houndstooth blouse. So perfect with the faux leather midi.

Trinity pointed me to this post listing ethical shoe companies, many of which I need to add to my own list!

Lots of goodness in this roundup of body positive mantras.

On a recent organizational kick, I bought these clear acrylic mini drawers for my makeup. Super helpful in my storage-scarce bathroom.

On the importance of letting other people define their bodies on their own terms

“In short, I don’t want to be ageless on the outside. But I would love to feel ageless on the inside, to connect to a state of self-awareness and self-care that transcends ephemeral things like wrinkles and receding hairlines and sees only the beauty of the love we each (and all) carry within.”

Related: Alyson shines a spotlight on two of her gray-haired heroines.

Gray shoes can be tricky to style, but Angie shares some helpful advice. If, like me, you get hung up on gray undertones, try metallic pewter finishes which tend to be a little more versatile.

An interesting take on the painted women of NYC

Six ways comparison and jealousy are stealing your self-love

“I wrote an article on Smaggle many, many moons ago that I deleted quite recently. It was about how everyone thought I was a feminist and I wasn’t sure I agreed. I definitely supported the concept and ideals of feminism (obviously), I just didn’t really relate to the word ‘feminist’. You know what? I was dead bloody wrong. I am a feminist, I always have been and I always will be. Back then I just didn’t really understand the word or what it truly represented. I was wrong and I take it back. I am a feminist.”

SUCH helpful tips for finding a good tailor

This short documentary by Sally Tran touches on some of the many layers of the expression of identity through hair, in this case for a group of queer Asian Pacific Islander-identified people.

What really happens if you drink 96 ounces of water every day? (Via Smart, Pretty & Awkward)

Yogi Jessamyn Stanley talks about Instagram, yoga bodies, and self-acceptance as activism.

Erica’s asymmetric wrap skirt is to die for.

I discovered shoe brand Sbicca in my quest for shoes that are made in the U.S., and although some styles are imported, others like these fab fringed booties are domestically produced.

“At a crucial origin of the modern fashion industry, at the moment when individuals first became willing to travel long distances to have their clothing made by a designer with an international reputation, couture was neither exclusively nor even primarily a man’s game. It could be argued that fashion became an industry in large part because female designers decided it was time to take a leading role in the production of high-fashion garments. At that founding moment, couturières rather than couturiers dictated the rules of fashion.” (Via YLF)

An in-depth look at one woman’s decision to build and wear her fall capsule wardrobe

Well worth watching: I’m Fat, but I’m Not …

In my Star Tribune column I answered questions about vegan leather, Boho for older gals, and post-partum transitional style.

Annette wears her leather leggings and white button-front with a cozy knit poncho, and looks marvelously edgy.

I parted with several striped tops in recent purges for fit or style reasons, selling them on consignment to new homes. Now I find myself with one left, and it’s cropped and linen. Will likely end up with this sustainable Everlane Heavyweight Tee in the near future.

Tips for making that trendy skinny scarf look chic

Still love, love, loving the long vest. Maren styles hers effortlessly.

I keep reading about these Peter Thomas Roth acne dots, but have yet to try them. The idea is that they cover the zit and help prevent spread of infection AND provide a more even surface for applying cover-up. Sounds ingenious.

Remember: My choices are not a commentary on yours

“Reese Fischer, a junior creative writing student at the school who helped organize the protest, said she doesn’t oppose the dress code. But, based on her experience, faculty members enforce the dress code more strictly against girls than boys, and against heavy-set girls than smaller girls, she said.”

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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Lovely Links: 10/16/15

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet in heaven, AKA Husband Mike’s dirty laundry bag

Marlen points out that a key to making minimalist looks work is focusing on accessories.

Hope is a new collection designed for stylish older women, and it looks absolutely stellar.

Waiting for this asymmetric tunic dress to arrive, and can hardly wait.

On I explained which repairs a cobbler can and can’t do, and explored the differences between online shopping services like Stitch Fix and in-person personal shoppers.

This Huffington Post piece shows 25 un-retouched photos of women’s thighs, and asks each woman to describe her thighs in a single word.

Steph shows us her sexy take on the visible bra. LOVE.

Having dealt with biting comments and outright insults to the women whose personal styles she features on her blog, Sylvia asks, “Why do women feel the need to trash someone else’s style? Why don’t they rejoice in how confident someone expresses herself through style and the art of dressing? Why are they not in awe of someone’s unique look?”

Women’s Running UK put a plus-sized woman on their magazine’s cover and published her story of being fat-shamed while running. The response was overwhelming.

Playing with proportions can lead to unexpectedly perfect combinations, like Deborah’s lantern dress and cropped leggings.

A woman documents her decision to let her body hair grow naturally in this comic.

“A group of Finnish organizations are banding together to transform old cotton garments, particularly those unsuitable for reuse, into new fibers for the textile industry.” (Via YLF)

The Curvy Fashionista recommends Ashley Stewart for plus-sized suiting. Anyone else tried the line?

“Gender has always played a role in the body positive conversation, considering body shaming is seemingly more directed at women. However, people identifying with genders that aren’t cis — like trans, non-binary, genderqueer, or intersex — are hugely underrepresented.”

A great neutral mix outfit that proves you needn’t put away your whites for fall. More inspiration for white-cream-ivory outfits here.

Does the “one in, one out” closet management policy really work?

I checked out the Athleta X Derek Lam collection with a client the other day, and we both loved the color-blocking and edgy designs.

9 Ways to Practice Self-Care When Dealing with Street Harassment

Straddling the line between interesting and over-thought, this piece asks body language experts to weigh in on what various bag-carrying styles say about people.

Gracey looks gorgeous (as always) in blush and plaid.

“I am not here to answer those questions. I am here to say again and again, until my very last breath ‘My appearance does not make me any more or less of a person. I am what I am. Take it or leave it.’ … I went for important functions and heard hurtful things being said about me. I survived the functions. I cried in bed for days after. But I was visible. There is a point to this pain and I am realistic about ‘leaving the table when love is no longer being served.'”

Exploring sexism in sneaker culture

On North Nabe, I wrote more about sustainability and style and managed to make a reference to the movie “Cloud Atlas.”

Peter is hesitant about the neoprene trend. I was too … until these pants came into my life.

The danger of beauty product samples is that they make you fall in love with the spendy stuff: I got a bottle of this Kiehl’s facial oil as a gift and it is the most glorious-smelling, luxuriously moisturizing stuff my face has been graced with in a good long time.

Beth’s print mix is bold and beautiful, just like Beth!

And from the Department of Random: Let’s play Jell-o tennis!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details. Sustainable options are either used, handmade, made in the U.S., artisan made in non-sweatshop conditions, or made using sustainable/fair trade practices.

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