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Lovely Links: 9/17/10

If you’re a SoCal resident, you’re in luck! The truly fabulous ladies at Reality in Style are having a trunk sale in Laguna Niguel. The sale runs today until 8 p.m., and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you’re interested in going, drop a line to Denise for details.

A brilliant new way to wear a large, square scarf!

Rabbit Write has declared next week No Makeup Week. I’ll be participating, though I’m not sure how just yet … check the Facebook page for the No Makeup Week event for details. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 9/10/10

I’ll be speaking at the Minnesota Blogger Conference this Saturday, so do let me know if you’ll be attending! Here’s a guest post I did for the conference about why I blog. (Oh, and if you can’t make the event but are in the Twin Cities, stop by the pre-conference networking event tonight at 7.)

Christine Baze – founder of The Yellow Umbrella, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women about HPV prevention – writes candidly about her experience with HPV, cervical cancer, and the link between the two. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 8/20/10

Geena Davis is one of the few women in Hollywood speaking up about how women are represented in the media.

Superawesome cosmetics guru Beauty Bets interviewed me about my favorite beauty products!

And for more cosmetics wisdom, check out Yes and Yes’s first podcast, makeup made fun. Beauty Bets is her guest there, too.

Ever feel like your body is a mystery?

Here’s a stylish reminder that monochromatic looks needn’t be head-to-toe, so long as you make sure all your non-neutrals are the same shade. READ MORE