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Lovely Links: January 22

Gotta start this week with a quick PSM: Do you have $10 to spare? $5? Anything at all? PLEASE consider donating to the American Red Cross, Yele Haiti, Doctors without Borders, UNICEF, International Medical Corps, or any of the other groups helping the victims of last week’s earthquake.

* * * * *

Vanessa’s Love 365 Project is inspiring and uplifting. Talk about an ode to self-love!

Fluevog has a new person posting a pair a day in Everyday Fleuvogs. If you think these shoes are too unusual for everyday wear, this feature is really eye-opening.


Lovely Links: January 15

Why do you sit, glued to the computer, searching for endless hours for that perfect mustard yellow pump? Because you’re seeking. (Via Sister Wolf.)

Dara’s got five great tips for KEEPING your body image resolutions.

Hear ye, hear ye ladies of large foot! A roundup of online shoe stores just for you.

Ever wondered if that vintage dress is REALLY Dior? Here are some helpful hints for spotting switched labels.

MadamOwl muses on what it means to dress modestly. (Via Oranges and Apples, whose comments on the topic are also well worth reading.)


Lovely Links: January 8

The Brits believe Kate Winslet has the sexiest figure. Which makes me happy.

Have you heard about H&M’s Trashgate? Fashion Herald has the scoop, and some other insider information on the destruction of clothing for economic purposes. Yoiks.

Through the wonders of Twitter, I heard about fab, fab, superfab body image blog Medicinal Marzipan this week. Thanks to the Demoiselles for the tip and yes, let’s all get married.

A DIY on making some kick-ass shredded boots. I need another pair of boots like I need a hole in the head … but I’m still gonna try this.