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Lovely Links: 6/18/10

The good folks at Twin Cities Spark did an interview with me! Please swing by and take a peek. Also, feel free to nominate any other local bloggers.

S. of Academichic asks, should a style blogger strive to create unique looks on a daily basis? Or is it more about documenting the everyday, albeit at times repetitive and perhaps even lackluster outfit creations of regular people?

This lady has vowed to live an entire month by the laws of Seventeen Magazine. Bold? Depressing? Bizarre? All of the above? Find out for yourself! (Cheers to Sara who accidentally-on-purpose sent me this link.) READ MORE

Lovely Links: 6/11/10

Some astute observations about why we buy. I can identify with more of her reasons than I’d care to admit … (Via NSITS.)

The Gloss asks: Do plus-sized women really need a separate social netwoking site? Opinions?

A cheatsheet for doing the denim-on-denim trend.

Reader Alice sent me a link to this VV article about Debralee Lorenzana, and both of us feel stymied. The Voice is completely sympathetic and portrays her as a savvy businesswoman, but a few other pubs and websites make light of her situation and imply that she’s fabricating her story. The idea that a woman must frump-ify herself or be fired – since her male coworkers cannot be expected to keep their urges in check – is alarming and disgusting. But if she made the whole thing up? Also upsetting. Anyone have insight, or links to other reputable coverage? READ MORE

Lovely Links: 6/4/10

These amazing photos make me wish I could be in Helsinki tomorrow for the Cruising Club. And I think I’m in love with Lola.

For you crafty types, a step-by-step tutorial that will transform bootcut jeans into straightlegs.

Furthermore, this diagram explains why I don’t sew, and therefore won’t be transforming any jeans myself.

Corporette asks: Does long hair make you look younger and, therefore, unprofessional?

Thom’s post is mainly about the book One Hundred years of Menswear, which sounds like an absorbing read … but I also had to call out his non-menswear-specific thoughts on dressing: “I don’t think I would have written this blog for this long if I didn’t think that the way we dress means something, that it is a subject matter worthy of discussion and, yes, debate. More than that – the way we dress is a fundamental aspect of how we understand each other and, in turn, ourselves.” READ MORE