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Lovely Links: 8/13/10

Leetle bit quiet around the Interwebs this week …

Medicinal Marzipan shares her thoughts on being a “pretty fat girl” and discusses the idea of a hierarchy of fatness.

Opinions about the Safe Cosmetics Bill? (Via Beauty Bets.)

Very, very quietly, several high-end designer lines have started creating and selling plus-sized clothing. Wonder when they’ll start actually ADVERTISING to this new-to-them demographic …

GoTryItOn is a relatively new site where users give each other realtime feedback on outfits. Has anyone tried it? (Via College Fashion) READ MORE

Lovely Links: 8/6/10

Don’t forget to come visit me at Fabulosity tomorrow! I’ll be at the W Hotel in downtown Minneapolis from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

I got a supersweet shout-out from the folks at CRAVE this week, along with some other fab fashion-minded femmes.

The New York Times provides an overview of what they’ve dubbed The Plus-Size Wars. (Cheers, Nancy.)

Looking to spice up your officewear? Here are six ways to make classic dress pants more interesting and about a thousand ways to wear a gray pencil skirt. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 7/23/10

Timely in light of our discussion about modesty and revelation earlier this week, Gertie posts on the problems inherent to praising modesty. Peter gives his two cents as well, praising the marriage of confidence and restraint present in modest dressing.

Refashion a tank top into a carryall … without using a needle and thread!

I assume many of you have seen the NYT slideshow wrap-up of the Shopping Diet/Six Items or Less challenge, but just in case you haven’t … I linked to the SIOL site a while back, and admire those who joined the challenge. More about the project, and related ones, from the NYT here. READ MORE