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Lovely Links: 10/8/10

Certain brands have personalities that can actually change the way some people feel about themselves, according to a study in the Journal of Consumer Research. (Found this while searching for a photo of a professor who works at my university – she co-authored this study!)

Kasmira, my original over-dyeing inspiration, gives her own tips and advice for dyeing clothing in the washing machine.

Get a load of local designer Joynoelle’s GORGEOUS Spring 2011 lookbook. I swoon! READ MORE

Lovely Links: 10/1/10


I am totally entering the Loved Bodies, Big Ideas contest. And you should, too.

I feel like I’m struggling with fall transitional this year. Luckily, Angie has cooked up a list of 20 ways to transition your style into autumn.

Do we, as a culture, get intimidated by “unusual” body types entering our celebrity field?

Kimberly’s Outfit Inspiration Calendars are always amazing … and fantastic reminders that there are style bloggers of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, ethnicities and tastes contributing to this big beautiful place we call the Blogosphere. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 9/24/10 UPDATED

In case you missed the announcement, I’m giving away a $150 gift card to MetroStyle and/or Chadwicks! Click through for a 30% off single item coupon code, too!

Check out all the amazing women who participated in No Makeup Week.I’ve discovered some amazing new-to-me blogs through this project, including the stunning Zoetica Ebb.

Have you seen Lady Gaga’s video about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? It was shot by Terry Richardson, a photographer accused of molesting his models.The hell? READ MORE