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Lovely Links: December 25

Learn about the rise of the Flapper. (Via Yum and Yuk.)

Has anyone taken a peek at the discussion about Jessica’s Code of Comments over at What I Wore? I’m curious to hear what you all think of some of her reader assertions.

One of these models is “plus sized.” Or so they tell me. (Interesting commentary on this editorial here.)

Spot-on fashion travel tips for anyone planning a visit to a warm clime.

If, like me, you’re waiting eagerly for the post-Christmas sales, might I suggest you sign up for Shop It To Me? Still convinced it’s the best service of its kind.


Lovely Links: December 18

Tricia’s question to fashionable mothers-of-daughters: Did your little girl take an early interest in clothes and fashion?

Some fantastically punky eye-candy. (Note to anyone with bales of spare money: My birthday is coming up in January and I’d happily take one of everything in this post.)

Many and varied thoughts on women in film, women filmmakers, and women as moviegoers.

Whoa. Invisible shoes. I’d wear those while piloting my invisible airplane.


Lovely Links: December 11

WOW, people. Big week for great content here on the Interwebs …

Sonja has a fantastic new beauty blog. And she’s already giving away some lovely cosmetics from Korres.

Which do I love more: Super Kawaii Mama or Super Kawaii Mama’s Christmas list? Don’t make me choose!

I’m just tickled that Emily at Some Girls Wander by Mistake is posting regularly again. (Thanks to my girl Alison for recommending this gorgeous blog about 6 trillion years ago.)