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Lovely Links: October 23

Queen Michelle shows how she layers black pieces, artfully and gracefully.

Mary’s weight-loss journey is truly amazing. She is healthy and happy now, and changed her body for all the right reasons.

Twin Cities residents, take note! The Goldstein will be hosting a fashion film per month from now until April.

Should manipulated photos have warning labels? The debate continues on a NYT blog. (Via JunebugB)

Audi has some inspiring commentary on defensive dressing.


Lovely Links: October 16

I’ve always loved Mutual of Omaha’s “Aha Moment” campaign. Now I love it more. (More about Skye here.)

Baby Phat is making plus-sized clothes … and whadoyaknow, they’re actually the same as their juniors offerings, just tailored to a plus figure. Other retailers, take a hint!

I am surprised by how lukewarm I feel about the new fall/winter Fluevogs … however, I AM harboring an inappropriate crush on these olive green lace-up boots.


Lovely Links: October 9

Imogen has devised a very simple way to determine if your best colors are warm or cool.

Angie offers ten casual outfit formulas, tailored to moms on the go.

A German magazine has decided not to use models at all. Thought-provoking!

MIA for several long months, gorgeous blogger dreamecho is making a comeback. (Though she might be inclined to say, “Don’t call it a comeback.”)

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