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Lovely Links: December 11

WOW, people. Big week for great content here on the Interwebs …

Sonja has a fantastic new beauty blog. And she’s already giving away some lovely cosmetics from Korres.

Which do I love more: Super Kawaii Mama or Super Kawaii Mama’s Christmas list? Don’t make me choose!

I’m just tickled that Emily at Some Girls Wander by Mistake is posting regularly again. (Thanks to my girl Alison for recommending this gorgeous blog about 6 trillion years ago.)


Lovely Links: December 4

Gertie has prompted some fantastically passionate discussion on model sizing. PATTERN model sizing, that is.

Kate the Great muses on getting stuck in a fashion rut … and the phenomenon of feeling like the current era has no distinctive stylistic markers. Fascinating stuff! Be sure to read part two.

If you long to wear Chanel but also enjoy eating and paying your rent, check out this spot-on recreation of a FW09 runway look. $113 for the whole deal, including accessories!


Lovely Links: November 27

Not sure how I missed this, but Annie Leibovitz did a gorgeous spread on Betty and Don Draper (AKA January Jones and Jon Hamm) for September’s issue of Vanity Fair. SWOON.

Lincoln University is requiring students with high BMI ratings to take a class titled “Fitness for Life,” which meets three hours a week. HOW LAME IS THAT? (Via You’d Be So Pretty If …)

Fashion Herald shares some hard-learned lessons in maternity style.