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Lovely Links: 4/9/10

The Budget Babe shares some fabulous tips for building your style from the ground up.

Florals. They’re everywhere this season. But do they project an unintended message of demure femininity?

Are you a sellout designer? Consumer? Blogger? I don’t necessarily agree with everything this post asserts, but it certainly asks some thought-provoking questions.

The ever-brilliant Deja Pseu wrote, “I’m the first person to say that not enough people here in the US are eating healthfully or being optimally active, but a healthy diet of real food in moderate portions and daily activity do not always result in a culturally sanctioned physique.” Amen to THAT. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 4/2/10

It is estimated that every two minutes, someone here in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. In a very brave post, a guest poster at Yes and Yes shares the story of how her ex attempted to rape her. She also recommends some resources for anyone who has been assaulted, and has set up an e-mail account to take reader questions. Please read this if you have any concerns about yourself or others. Please. Sometimes it takes reading someone else’s story to jar the truth loose inside you. READ MORE

Lovely Links: 3/26/10

One of my bestest friends-I’ve-not-yet-met, the hilarious Imelda Matt, launched an Aussie streetstyle blog a few months back, and I somehow missed it. Please do check out The Style Tyrant. It’ll blow your mind.

An eye-opening roundup of top notch body image-boosting posts.

OK, I occasionally concoct a post-worthy DIY project, but I can’t say I see myself as a true user-maker. Do you?

Kasmira talks a little about how blogging has made her less judgmental of others’ style choices. And braver about her own. READ MORE