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Lovely Links: March 5

On a quick personal note, Husband Mike won a celebrity lookalike contest. You really want to click through on that link. Also, holy crap, what am I going to WEAR?!?!?

Have you brushed your brain lately?

I loved reading about how exploring personal style has taught Chelsea to love and accept her beautiful bod. AND I loved her twirly skirt photos!

Harper’s Bazaar published a fascinating article on the sexification of fashion this month. (Cheers to reader Tessa for the reminder about this one.)


Lovely Links: February 26

Kudos to Mark Fast for using some plus-sized models in his runway show. Raspberries to Mark Fast for giving Crystal Renn an ill-fitting, unflattering dress that made her look like misery embodied.

I realize my birthday is … well, 11 months off, but I sure would like this outfit in its entirety.

Kelly dishes up advice on what to wear when you are large-of-boob. This post is chock-full of shopping resources, my dears!

A love letter to the Walgreens cosmetics section. Seriously, who doesn’t love a little trip to The Greens?


Lovely Links: February 19

The ladies at Academichic have assembled a fantastic scarf-tying bibliography.

Model Coco Rocha refuses to lose weight, even if it means losing work. Via a very thought-provoking post from No Signposts in the Sea.

These are making me rethink my personal ban on moccasins.

WendyB hosted a panel on ethics in style blogging, and wrote about her views on gifts and reviews in blogs, and how best to handle them.

How’s THIS for an alternative perspective on eating healthy? (Via YBSPI.)