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Lovely Links: 2/12/10

Couture Allure has a few choice words about the proliferation of unrealistic digitally enhanced images in advertising.

In related news, Angie has some ideas about why the concept of age-appropriate dressing is so insulting to many women.

I’m a dedicated heels girl, but Kyla has some good points about why flats are fabulous.

Is fashion oppressive, or a source of fun and self-expression? Actually, it’s both.

Forever 21 is not universally adored, as it turns out. Your thoughts?


Lovely Links: February 5

Tiia, whose personal style is fantastically inspiring, wrote a very thought-provoking post about the politics of clothing. Is it just to ban burqas? Can the government regulate style? Could a burqa be a signature piece? All FANTASTIC questions.

Annie has done it again: Make your own thumbtack-studded wedges with her tutorial.

Somehow I missed that Mary of Fit This Girl started an outfit log blog over at Clothed in Kindness. LOVE it!

Is showing eight naked supermodels really going to expand the definition of beauty? Since they’re all tall, slender, and hourglassy? (Thanks, Jamie.)


Lovely Links: January 29

Yoiks. Jessica at What I Wore opened up ANOTHER can of commenting worms by bringing jealousy into the mix. Here’s her initial comment policy post, in case you missed it, although it now appears that she has closed comments and removed all comments from both of these posts. I have been working on a piece about commenting and this whole controversy and will post it Monday morning.

Andrea is a bona-fide goddess of thrift shopping, and she’s sharing her strategies! Check out: part I, part II, part III (which is especially awesome, as it contains tips on spotting true vintage garments), part IV.