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Lovely Links: November 13

Need some justification for your shoe-buying habit? The New York Times delivers.

Dreamecho’s musings on closet organization, purging, and maintaining a well-tended wardrobe are fascinating and illuminating.

Oranges and Apples has a really fun take on assembling a capsule wardrobe.

The Fluvog site has an anonymous Fluevogger posting a photo of herself wearing a different pair every day this month. WOW. Shoe envy, over here.

We’ve already talked about how important it is to include a little weight lifting in your workout. Now, here’s a complete weight-based workout that’s simple and fun.


Lovely Links: November 6

Roni has been through a lot with her body, including ED and surgeries. Now she’s made her peace.

Want to see some truly stunning winter coats? Most of which neither you nor I can afford? And ALL of which are by Canadian designers? Daily Outfitting has put together a roundup that made me drool all over my keyboard. If those don’t do it for you, try these via IndieFixx.

Ya know those McQueen shoes that everyone went ga-ga over? Here’s how they compare to a normal pair of shoes. Additionally, that “style” of shoe has been available for years. Don’t believe me?


Lovely Links: October 30

Still have mixed feelings about the Campaign for Real Beauty, but dang, this Dove/Wal-Mart commercial is DARLING. And a simple, earnest reinforcement of self-acceptance. (Courtesy Lemon Love.)

Sarah Von has written a survival guide to days when you feel like you’ve been hit upside the head with an ugly stick.

Where do we draw the line between “diligence” and “obsession” when it comes to healthy living?

Eco-friendly styles really are getting more and more covetable. Jennine spotlights a Canadian line that is breathtakingly gorgeous and, sadly, breathtakingly expensive. But great eye-candy!