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Lovely Links: 6/4/10

These amazing photos make me wish I could be in Helsinki tomorrow for the Cruising Club. And I think I’m in love with Lola.

For you crafty types, a step-by-step tutorial that will transform bootcut jeans into straightlegs.

Furthermore, this diagram explains why I don’t sew, and therefore won’t be transforming any jeans myself.

Corporette asks: Does long hair make you look younger and, therefore, unprofessional?

Thom’s post is mainly about the book One Hundred years of Menswear, which sounds like an absorbing read … but I also had to call out his non-menswear-specific thoughts on dressing: “I don’t think I would have written this blog for this long if I didn’t think that the way we dress means something, that it is a subject matter worthy of discussion and, yes, debate. More than that – the way we dress is a fundamental aspect of how we understand each other and, in turn, ourselves.” READ MORE

Lovely Links: 5/28/10

Sorry so late! We’ve been on the road all day …

Holy moly, people, have you seen COLOURlovers? The site is aimed at graphic and interior designers, but we creative dressers can utilize it for color inspiration, too. Go to search/palettes, and type in a keyword like dramatic, or bubbly, or zany. You’ll be astonished by the variety of suggested color combos. And, hopefully, inspired to craft some outfits around them. (Huge thanks to Brande for sending this site my way!) READ MORE

Lovely Links: 5/21/10

Wooweeee, big week for links! Good job, Internet.

Lovely Stephanie over at Radical Hateloss did a Q&A with me earlier this week … please stop by her fantastic blog and take a peek!

Are our brains hardwired to hate our bodies?

May is proving to be a particularly tantalizing one over on Everyday Fluevog. I want to meet, befriend, and raid the wardrobe of this gal!

Just like Jennifer Nicole, reading this Post Secret broke my heart. (Full Post Secret post here, in case you’re not familiar with the site/concept.) READ MORE