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Lovely Links: 10/17/14

Weekly Kitten:


Sleepy felines in the breakfast nook. When they’re not being used to transport groceries, those are Harriet’s boxes.

This closet detox cheat sheet is just plain brilliant.

Currently lusting after the Seacliff Coat from Curator. Such a cool shape, and made from organic cotton.

A fascinating read on the gender politics of pockets. (Via YLF)

Ever the rebel, Melanie asks, “Do you ever think your outfit or photo is too settled, too nicey nice, too model-wannabe, so you just want to wreck it up? Of course it’s hard to get away from when the goal of an outfit post is to show people what you’re wearing, but still, the desire to bust out is always just under the surface.”

This roundup includes some seriously chic wide-calf AND narrow-calf tall boot options.

Cambridge University classicist Mary Beard is urging women to reclaim the word “old.”

This examination of how the fast fashion cycle relates to licensing and patent laws is utterly fascinating. And looks at both mall stores stealing from high fashion designers, and high fashion designers stealing from visual artists.

Beauticurve styles a stunning asymmetric hem LBD three different ways, all of them gorgeous and glam.

“Realistically speaking, though, I know I’m never going to be able to un-know what it’s like to feel separate from my body. I am slowly learning to come to terms with my it. I have to—my body is my constant companion. It’s not an ‘other.’ It’s me.”

Huh. I’ve got a when-to-wear-nylons post coming up, but came across this one that insists nylons or tights must be worn in professional settings if the temperature is less than 70 degrees. Thoughts?

Related: Allie gives her two cents on nylons, sheers, and opaque tights.

Anna has created a five-minute guided body gratitude meditation that you can download for free.

So Madewell, right? Bought its name and logo from a family-run company founded in 1937, but did so in 2004. And still hints at a multi-decade brand legacy that doesn’t really exist.

Kileen of Cute & Little has posted some fabulously fashionable maternity outfits over the past few months.

I’ll be contributing posts over at Mad Mimi once a month, and wrote about making your newsletter subscribers feel special this month.

This interview with a magazine photo retoucher is in-depth and kinda horrifying. For instance, he’s been asked to remove “distracting” collarbones. OY.

Now that’s some ninja-level layering right there.

“Embracing self-acceptance doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy dressing or applying make-up. Self-acceptance and style do not have to be mutually exclusive.”

My fringe bag kinda DIY might be hard to recreate, but this one shows you how do make a fringed clutch from scratch.

Another reason to learn to sew: Virtually no sleeved dresses in the stores, but you can create a stunning long-sleeved sheath for yourself. Doesn’t Erica look smokin’ hot in hers?

There’s a Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam. ‘Nuff said.

My angled-zip brown ankle booties are long sold out, but Clarks has a new pair this season that are almost identical!

Maria muses on the confining nature of fashion rules, and then offers some that she applies to herself, including, “Be nice to your feet. The more insecure you feel, the “safer” the outfit should be (though choose one badass element, for balance). Wear a slip underneath clingy skirts. Pockets are good, as is getting older. Perfume, though only a little.”

What’s hanging in your fantasy closet?

Only vaguely on-topic, but heartwarming nonetheless: 13-Year-Old Girl in Training to Be the First Person on Mars, NASA Thinks She Could Succeed

What a fabulous way to style an on-trend dark floral dress.

I know I link to Grechen every week, but she is killing it with her Minimal Closet posts: “There’s no doubt we feel better about ourselves and sometimes life in general when we wear “nicer” things, or things we love, but your dog can still die while you’re wearing your favorite cashmere sweater, and you can still get fired wearing your best suit. Nothing can protect you from life.”

Pondering a change? Here are three apps that let you “try on” hair colors without committing.

I’ll probably pass on the cape trend myself, but goodness Annette looks elegant in hers.

High Plains Thrifter highlights nine wardrobe essentials she’ll be thrifting for fall.

Becoming a mom sort of threw me into a style evolution that made for some awkward times, sartorially speaking. For a while, I tried to wear the same kinds of clothes I would wear before pregnancy, but they just never felt right. Not completely because of my new body, but also because I was a new person.”

Lisa experiments with using camo print as a neutral. She came up with some great outfits.

A great reminder that wearing the same things again and again – even if they’re very memorable and worn at highly photographed occasions – is a wise practice. Don’t let fear of being seen multiple times in the same outfit deter you.

If you’d like to fall down a reading rabbithole, Sociological Images rounded up some Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame posts in honor of Love Your Body Day. A Fashion Advice Counterfactual is especially enjoyable.

I bought these slightly over-the-top moto/zipper detail jeans. And I adore them. And there are plenty of other past-season Jag jean bargains to be had.

Women Wearing Spectacular Hats In Art History (complete with hilarious captions)

“When I talked to my friends about our inept fumblings with crafting an image, one refrain kept coming up: ‘Nobody told me.’ We may wear or do things not because we get great reactions, but because we’ve never received feedback at all.”

And from the Department of Random: What does the moon smell like? (Via Yes and Yes)

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Lovely Links: 10/10/14

Weekly Kitten:


Do you see that little baby kitten tongue? DO YOU SEE IT??!?

Another great peek into a wardrobe transition: Kasmira moved from Cincinnati to Sacramento a while back and discusses the style and lifestyle changes she experienced while making the change to a very new climate.

Psyche looks so sharp in her black and white suit and printed scarf.

I was once obsessed with working towards an identity through clothes; now I’m obsessed with letting them go so I can build myself into something new. And so I am here, going through them, throwing years into trash bags to sell or barter off.”

All of my patterned shoe experiments have ended in failure, yet I’m still mesmerized by the colorful designs of Fanm Mom.

I’m not the only one feeling head-to-toe black these days: Callie is a cool girl extraordinaire in here moto and ankle boots.

Still chronicling her fascinating style journey, Grechen tackles the question “What is minimalism?” I loved how open-ended her conclusions were.

Wow. Chain-link braid. Wow.

Thanks to Amy at RedEye Remix for talking with me on the air last Saturday. Or really Sunday. It was 12:30 a.m. Hear the interview here. I was mostly coherent …

“… we have to consider the politics of feminism with the conscious knowledge of how capitalism intersects with race. When [Chanel] one of the largest luxury brands in the world chooses to co-opt feminist sloganeering without so much as alluding to the historical and contemporary contributions of women of color, they’re contributing to the erasure of those voices.”

Related: The Riveter celebrates a handful of other recent feminist-fashion collisions.

Darlene would like to see less talk about how awful/hilarious it is to be in possession of a large bust, and more talk about how to dress for and feel fabulous about being in possession of a large bust. Her blog is a great place to start.

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week we talked about wearing and balancing high-waisted pants.

 A tour of jewelry organization practices. Both do-able and hilarious options are showcased.

A relatable, enjoyable read: An Open Love Letter to My Hair.

Rejoice! The Nicolette Mason for ModCloth collection is here! 11 fun pieces in sizes XS – 4X.

Like me, Lisa has felt her style shifting and is dressing more for her actual self than her imaginary self. And she looks super classy.

Bleargh. DC Comics has licensed some t-shirt designs that are ridiculously insulting to women.

Lili is retro fabulous in her cropped cardigan and bouffant ‘do.

I’ll be teaching my community ed class on the basics of figure flattery on October 27 – would love to see you there!

More tips for styling your denim skirt in stylish, contemporary ways. (My thoughts on the topic here.)

Maren struts her minimalist stuff in an outfit of bold colors and arty shapes.

And from the Department of Random: “Watching Supernatural with My Sister.” (HM and I are fairly recent converts to this show, but we love it so much we’re re-watching a few seasons leading up to the new ones currently on Netflix.

Additionally: Pigeons Make Funny Hats

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Lovely Links: 10/3/14

Weekly Kitten:


Husband Mike‘s shirts have ALL the good smells.

Terms for larger sizes keep piling up. ‘When I started, they called them ‘mama sizes,’’ Boos said—an expression still used by some Chinese manufacturers. Then came ‘women’s’ sizes, followed by ‘full-figured,’ which was popularized by lingerie sellers. The more assertive ‘plus’ arrived in the past decade. Lately, it has been losing traction to ‘curvy,’ though some people think that favors an hourglass physique. An alternative movement has long pushed to reclaim the word ‘fat.’ ‘It’s a big controversy,’ [Full Figured Fashion Week creator Alexandra] Boos told me. ‘We haven’t landed on the word that pleases everybody, and, frankly, I don’t know if we ever will.'”

Here’s a simple tutorial for a twisted side bun. Looks quick and easy as well as elegant.

I don’t generally like rompers, but holy cats, Sandra looks amazing in hers.

Would never have thought of it myself, but love this palette of toffee, tomato, white, and burgundy.

Linda Fargo, senior vice president at Bergdorf Goodman, is a style icon for many. Probably because she’s absolutely radiant.

Huge thanks to my girl High Plains Thrifter for giving me a shout-out in her recent post about closet clean-outs!

Another great style juxtaposition: A floaty heart-print blouse and distressed boyfriend jeans.

40+ Style gives us a little teaser for the Advanced Style movie.

This post explores four common shopping fallacies – including social proof and sunk costs – and gives some tips on how to avoid them.

“Physical symptoms are typically the most urgent symptoms, and a healthy mind requires a healthy body — a body no longer abused by bingeing, purging, or starvation. Yet the time lapse between restoring weight and coming to peace with that restoration can be incredibly, achingly long.” (Discusses disordered eating)

Love the watercolor-y abstract print on Vale’s darling skater dress.

This week’s Fox 9 Buzz segment tackled oversized scarves. Thanks to Ross for being a great model!

In her role as UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Waston has launched the #HEFORSHE campaign, which asks all men to join the conversation about modern feminism, and help create real and lasting change.

Also see this counterpoint to the outpouring of support for Watson’s speech and #HEFORSHE.

Allie thoughtfully assembles a capsule wardrobe for a fluctuating figure.

“So if you’re feeling like crap about your body, then you’re feeling like crap about your body. That’s OK. It’s something to acknowledge, accept and feel — instead of beating yourself up for beating yourself up.”

Rochelle is a knockout in her body-con plaid top and skirt.

Another reminder to wear sunscreen. Every day. No exceptions. (I use this one daily.)

Whenever someone throws out the “items you’d save from a house fire” question, my Frye Vera Slouch boots end up in my top five. And it’s cool enough now that I’m living in them once more.

Here’s a series of steps for hand-washing sweaters that are labeled “dry clean only.” (My caveat? If it’s super delicate or embellished or you’d cry a river of tears if you ruined it? Consider dry cleaning. It is safest to follow care instructions.)

Gracey’s open-weave sweater and polka dot skirt look like each others’ negatives. Pretty darned cool.

“I don’t like the message of a school telling someone that the clothes they put on their own bodies made them a problem for the whole school they attend, so much so that they need to go home, or cover up. So much so that they need to feel shame. Shame disrupts learning more than skirts. I promise.”

A look at licensing, copying, supply chain, and quality issues in discount and outlet stores. Once upon a time you might’ve been getting off-season Gap clothes at the Gap outlet. No more.

Houndstooth, stripes, and Chuck Taylors. Yes to all.

Few people get excited about basics, but making sure your wardrobe basics are versatile but interesting is a great practice.

Cyn pairs her leather-panel sheath dress with shiny gold pumps. Gorgeous.

College-age readers: Thoughts on this list of tips for seeding a professional wardrobe while still at university?

A dear friend once told me that most of what happens on the high fashion runways is theater, spectacle, performance more than a showcase of recent work. Sounds like that is being taken to extremes in some cases: Why the last thing you may notice at a fashion show these days is the clothes. (via The Fashion Law)

Sounds like Caitlin Moran’s How to Build a Girl touches on identity, self-esteem, the importance of positive reinforcement, and many other universal themes.

Must recreate Sarah’s outfit of mixed plaids, ankle boots, and a sporty pullover.

Seasoned globetrotter that she is, I trust Une Femme to dish out helpful, practical advice on packing smart and traveling in style.

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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