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Lovely Links: 7/21/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon’s got a new favorite nap spot.

The Accidental Icon writes about identity, the passage of time, and how her hair is a statement about self and society.

My loss, your gain: I’m selling these spectacular studded and distressed Fryes on eBay!

The team at Beyond Classically Beautiful photographed and spoke to six beautiful black women about how they’ve come to love their bodies over the years. You can view part of this series titled, Body Noire 2: A Celebration of Black Female Bodies, on their site and it is phenomenal. (Not safe for work viewing.) READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 7/14/17

Weekly Kitty:

Holdin’ hands.

Bianca ranks her five favorite products designed to prevent “chub rub.”

“Encouraged by the volume of fashion-related online search queries and the rising popularity of fashion exhibitions, Google’s Cultural Institute has partnered with over 180 cultural institutions — including The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Kyoto Costume Institute — ‘to bring 3,000 years of fashion to the Google Arts & Culture platform.'” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 7/7/17

Weekly Kitty:

My boys.

LIFE-CHANGER FOR CURLY GIRLS: This giant green hand-looking diffuser. My stylist kept telling me to buy one. I finally did. It is literally the only diffuser that has ever worked for my curls.

Ragini is radiant in an indigo print mix.

“The move to silver locks appears to be a natural evolution from the pastel hair trend. Much like in the 1970s when punks were experimenting with bold unnatural hair colors like bubblegum pink and fiery red, young people have been taking their hair color to extremes. But, with so many options to choose from, women rocking grey hair is an especially defiant act.” READ MORE

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