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Lovely Links: 6/23/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon Kitty, doing his best impression of a bean.

“Today, it is established consumers who are driving demand. This poses a problem for luxury megabrands because established consumers already own all the luxury icons they need — their wardrobes are full of them. Today established consumers expect novelty and innovation if they are to part with their money.”

Alison reviews her summer wide width shoe purchases, including some stellar sandals. READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 6/16/17

Weekly Kitty:

Back porch season has begun.

Paper bag waists are all the rage, and Chioma wears her chambray pair with an equally trendy yellow crop top.

6 Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands That Don’t Compromise On Style

I don’t want my body’s age or changes to stop me from embracing it every step of the way. No matter what I look like or can no longer do, I want to keep finding things to appreciate and celebrate. I can have goals, but they should not become idols I sacrifice too many of my thoughts or too much of my energy to.” READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 6/9/17

Weekly Kitty:

Box Inspector Harriet takes her duties seriously.

Actress Chloë Sevigny extolls the virtues of thrifting. (Yes!!!)

Related: Forest City Fashionista showcases some of her thrift-only outfits, and highlights other bloggers over 40 who adore secondhand shopping.

Dove decided it would be a good idea to release body wash bottles that echo “diverse” women’s body shapes.

“The long-term viability of a traditional linear economy is now widely questioned by sustainability experts and economists alike. But what would it take for fashion to adopt a closed loop system? READ MORE

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