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Lovely Links: 9/12/14

Weekly Kitten


Slightly blurred due to constant movement, even inside a bag.
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“The retail industry’s own statistics suggest a shift in consumer-spending habits is starting to take root. While Americans are spending more each year on clothes than ever before, the quantity has leveled off since the 2005 peak, according to statistics from the American Apparel & Footwear Association.” (Cheers, Pamela)

Thanks to all of you for your support and insight and general fabulousness in response to this week’s posts about personal style shifts. If you’re interested in seeing another blogger on a similar journey – albeit one that is more focused on moving toward minimalism – do head over to Grechen’s Closet. She’s been a huge inspiration to me. And! She was quoted in the WSJ article linked to directly above!

Queen Michelle might be the only person alive who can make a Snoopy-print dress look badass.

Another favorite representational print this week: The one found on Valerie’s kiss-print matched set.

“Women can do masculinity, then, to reap some of the rewards offered to those who embody it, but there’s a catch: women must maintain their ‘femininity,’ too. Women face gender rules that require that they wear makeup in order to be seen as beautiful and competent. Not doing so brings costs.”

Color lovers: Check out this chart showcasing dozens upon dozens of fun and unexpected color pairings.

Related: This post offers some fun and unusual palettes based on various shades of gray and suggests finding more at Colour Lovers.

Don’t you dare make me feel ashamed of my body. (Thanks, Garrett)

Loved this roundup of plus size bloggers over 40. And Grown & Curvy Woman is asking for more suggestions in her comments, so do swing by and chime in.

“Although the concept of the video game may be strange, it’s stranger that our society has accepted and normalized guns and violence through video games, yet we still find tampons and menstruation unspeakable.”

Rocquelle takes borrowing clothes to a whole new level when she styles up her nephew’s plaid shirt. And such a smashing outfit she made with it, too!

My friend and colleague Ellen Lawson has just launched The Flyover, a Midwest-focused fashion and lifestyle website.

Shoes that I will wear indoors until I’m sure I can actually style them: These Rachel Roy studded oxfords. Gorgeous, but challenging. (For me anyway.)

Moms, what are your thoughts about these suggestions for post-partum attire for professionals? They seem mostly sound, but not sure about the shapewear plug …

If your waterfall cardigans aren’t getting much love, check out this quick video which shows a cute and easy way to style a drape-front cardi that also takes some of the volume out of the piece.

Self-care is about taking the time to focus on your own well-being so that you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically energized around your personal and work life.”

On the Fox 9 Buzz this week I shared some tips for wearing leather clothing, including but going beyond traditional leather jackets.

Kellie is most definitely one of my current style icons, and is an absolute master of pairing tough elements with floaty, feminine ones.

What “winter is coming” means to those of us who don’t live in Westeros.

Since we talked about being smooth and firm this week, I think Stasia’s post talking about being a thin person with cellulite is worth reading.

Over on Facebook, I shared a tip for keeping your blazers and jackets from getting stinky. An unusual tip. (Accompanying image may not be safe for work.)

Here’s a fabulous and important response to the “I don’t want my tax dollars going toward fat people’s healthcare costs” argument.

From an interview titled Misty Copeland On Broadening ‘Beauty’ And Being Black In Ballet: “They hear those words from critics — I’m ‘too bulky,’ I’m ‘too busty’ — and then they meet me in person and they say, ‘You look like a ballerina, I don’t understand.’ And I think it’s just something maybe I will never escape from: those people who are narrow-minded. But my mission, my voice, my story, my message is not for them. I think it’s more important to think of the people I am influencing and helping to see a broader picture of what beauty is.” (Thanks, Maureen)

Six fun ideas for styling a plaid shirt.

Valuable suggestions for transforming unhealthy self-talk into a constructive and supportive inner monologue.

I totally agree with these four shortcuts to a more current-looking style.

Gretchen decided to wear nothing but neutrals for an entire year. Here, she expresses her frustration and how much she misses wearing color.

Tips and product recommendations for bringing second day curls back to life.

Peter’s tips for downsizing your fabric stash could apply to a closet purge as well. That first tip is incredibly important: “Forgive yourself for accumulating the stuff in the first place.”

Bookmarking this EVERYWHERE: Harper’s has created a guide to correct pronunciation of designer brand names. Part 1 and part 2.

Now that is a swoon-worthy vintage reproduction dress right there.

From a moving essay about anorexia and recovery: “Self-acceptance, I think, should not be deemed ‘radical.’ When you think about it, it’s the least that you can do. Today, I am filled to the brim with passions and imperfections—both of which I choose to embrace.”

Sweaters languishing? Check out this roundup of 10 fun sweater refashioning projects.

As someone who very consciously does not comment on the looks or clothing of little girls, I loved this list: 30 Compliments I’m Going To Give My Daughter (That Will Have Nothing To Do With How She Looks)

And from the Department of Random (though not really): Reader Cheri and I had a quick email exchange about badassery this week, and she sent me a link to this post which sums up the running career of one Cliff Young, who was rightfully featured on a site called Badass of the Week. For some reason, I had seen a video about Cliff recently, but absolutely loved reading this piece, which is full of hilarious profanity and irreverence, but also gobs of respect for Cliffy (as Cheri affectionately called him).

Additionally: My friend Levi wrote a wonderful post about The Battle Against Cynicism. “… modern cynicism is much more about avoiding disappointment and sadness than finding happiness. Cynicism, as it stands now, is about creating a separation or distance from ideas, events, and even people in order to not feel so many feelings.”

And finally:

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Lovely Links: 9/5/14

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Tub time.

Author Emily Spivak has interviewed artists and Holocaust survivors, writers and renegades, hip-hop legends and public radio personalities about their “wearable personal histories” in her book Worn Stories. (Cheers, Garrett!)

If you love the look of distressed denim but can’t imagine paying a bunch of money for raggedy jeans, thrift up a pair and consult this distressed denim DIY.

Two gorgeous and decidedly different maxi looks that caught my eye this week: Katha in her lush blue maxi dress and Maria in her silk button-front and flowy skirt.

“Let’s be clear: In the big picture of ultimate reality, what you wear neither defines who you are as a person nor determines your value as a human being,” says Darlene Price, author of ‘Well Said! Presentations and Conversations That Get Results.’ “However, in the temporal realm of mere mortals, fair or not, people judge us by the way we look and that includes the way we dress.”

Here is a post that I could’ve written myself addressing the celebrities who swear off feminism while simultaneously proving they have no idea what feminism actually is.

Like Gracey, I’m starting to lose patience with my summery clothes. She offers a chic and classic late-summer outfit despite her stated weariness.

It’s still true: Why BMI is a Big Fat Scam. (Via Curvy Yoga)

I’ve seen loads of matched sets over the summer, and love how Nashelly styled hers. Simple and elegant.

I love my Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, but was delighted to find that the MUCH cheaper Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters are just as moisturizing and gorgeous.

This post offers some tips for knowing when it makes sense to buy multiples of the same clothing item. I agree with the first two, but waver on the third. You?

“If you love to wear flats, then stop arguing against them, and wear them! If you love hot pink, wear it! If you can live in sweats, and you’re happy with that, then go with it! This isn’t about being someone else, or that woman who owns all of ‘The Ten Things Every Woman Must Own’ (even though she doesn’t wear half of them) – this is about making your life better by having fewer, better, more meaningful things.”

Speaking of, I’ve culled out many, many pairs of heels over the summer, but these Clarks Wessex Wyverns made the cut.  Honestly the comfiest heels I own.

Tanesha has declared citron to be her power color. And she certainly looks smashing in it.

Practical, helpful tips on choosing glasses frames that work with your face shape and coloring.

Trends can be daunting, but they become more manageable when you take them less literally. Patti shares some tweaks she’ll make to currently trendy looks to make them more wearable.

Here’s an interesting way to force yourself to wear underutilized closet items, and then evaluate them for keeping/donation. (Via Recovering Shopaholic)

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered some tips for making your black pants outfits look a bit more cohesive.

“I think that the reason some women can look great in clothing that’s not conventionally flattering isn’t because they’re a size 0 or were born with some recessive Style Gene. I think it’s because they choose items that are an organic expression of themselves.”

And from the Department of Random: Contagious yawning. It happens to wolves, too.

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Lovely Links: 8/29/14

Weekly Kitten:


Open-minded cats don’t limit themselves to PAPER bags.

“The people who say that ‘it’s what’s on the inside that matters’ are wrong. It all matters. We can’t divide our insides from our outsides; we are all the complicated, amazing marriage of the physical and ephemeral. If there wasn’t this body, there wouldn’t be this specific me writing these specific words.”

The Curvy Fashionista suggests five fall plus size fashion trends to thrift. My own recommendations for thriftable fall trends are coming up soon!

Are you a feminist and a graphic designer? Feminist Apparel is seeking designs for new tees. And unlike some similar calls for design, you’ll get both paid AND credited.

A woman’s relation to her body is often hesitant because she simultaneously experiences it as a thing and a capacity, whereas men tend to comprehend their bodies as the originators of motion rather than subject to it.”

I do believe Psyche has found the coolest eyelet dress ever made. And she paired it with zebra sandals because she’s awesome like that.

Labor Day is coming. And there is no need to put away your white jeans. (Unless you want to.)

Another thing you definitely don’t have to do? Wear traditionally figure-flattering clothing every single day of your life.

” … we apply technology to the fashion industry as well — what else would you call rapid prototyping, the rise of online shopping, and Pinterest? But when people talk about bringing technology to fashion, what we often mean is making it so a pair of jeans now needs batteries, and I’m not sure that’s really either a pressing need or an appropriate goal.”

I’ve become a little obsessed with online thrift store Twice and nabbed slouchy leather pants and a super cute metallic sweater over the past few weeks. And they ship to Canada! Rejoice!

Some ideas for cutting fatphobic language out of your life.

Holy moly: DIY new-sew neoprene circle skirt. My mind is officially blown.

Well hello, sassy cherry print dress.

A fascinating exploration of perceived value and beauty bargains.

We live in a culture where it is normal, even expected to be insecure—and where it is normal, even expected to scrutinize other people’s bodies, too. Just walk past a row of tabloid magazines and you’ll see celebrities being called out for being too fat, for being too thin, for getting plastic surgery, for not getting plastic surgery, for being too slow to get their ‘post-baby bodies’ back. No wonder we’re so hard on ourselves.”

V-shaped bib necklaces are incredibly useful if you’re a fan of the V neckline (as I am). Love this one and this one.

Filing away this look as a great way to make full, flippy skirts look a bit more badass. This one, too. Clearly, denim is a factor.

Bestselling author (and all-around amazing human being) Deanna Raybourn talks about how she researches clothing for her historical novels, and the choices she makes about their clothing shapes, fabrics and colors.

Muted tones are calling to me these days, so I loved this palette of neutrals and dusty shades.

How gorgeous is Kileen in her butterfly-print maternity dress?

“I do think the representation of minimalism in fashion — it’s so thin and boring and tall and white. But minimalism can be colorful and fat and disabled and all these valuable other realms of experience too. Right? … We need more critical dismantling of the aesthetics we valorize.”

It can be challenging, but always a good practice to realize that certain garments and looks can be loved and appreciated from afar and don’t need to be owned or re-created in your own closet.

An important message: When it comes to fellow women, you can choose support and connection over competition and alienation.

Always a dynamite combination: Hot pink, vibrant orange, and leopard print.

Fabulous advice for creating a versatile color palette within your wardrobe, including a whopping 36 sample palettes.

Newly smitten with these Lee skinny jeans. The rise is high on me and the washes are classic. And the style comes in petite and plus sizes!

Here’s why virtually every meme you’ll see about “real women” is both wrong and hurtful.

Sarah looks ever so chic in black ankle pants and a printed tee.

Such an important reminder about love and self-love.

“Baldness has a certain power to it. It’s not just freedom from the tyranny of hair products, unexpected rain clouds, and basic men in the street, but a liberation from other people’s notions of ‘womanhood.’

An amazing roundup of non-toxic and/or cruelty-free mascaras.

Many Canadian designers explored androgynous looks for the fall season, and did so with tremendous creativity.

Wow. SO much more politics and angst surrounding the dressing choices of women cyclists than I ever expected.

“There is no wrong way to be a body, and there are no wrong bodies. Every body is true, and right.”

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