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Lovely Links: 1/23/15

Weekly Kitty:

The Wall Street Journal investigates the glut of sleeveless dresses in the dead of winter, and finds out why designers shy away from sleeved versions.

Joi’s colorful, fun look was thrifted for $15. Including everything.

The Budget Babe shares some chic and affordable storage solutions for your wardrobe and home.

“Like everyone else, lesbians grow up with impossible airbrushed/Photoshopped standards of beauty created by the media, and these images work themselves deep into our minds long before we know we shouldn’t buy into them.”

Two simple steps to prevent wardrobe orphans? Yes, please!

Shainna explains why she believes plus-sized women should shop the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line, even if the pieces are only available online. And it sounds like they’re moving toward more inclusive sizing in stores wit the Ava & Viv line.

Five reasons why gendered products are a problem.

A great reminder that it’s more valuable to comment on the things people do as opposed to the things people are. Along with this great advice: “… when you find yourself thinking something negative about your body, just say to yourself, ‘I’m thinking a negative thought about my body.’ After your 14th time of doing that in one day, it begins to get boring, and you realize that you’re just harping on a theme.”

I love the look of moto detailing, especially on comfy pieces like these Sun & Shadow moto leggings. And I finally found the replacements for my dying glitter leggings: These subtly sparkly leggings, also by Hue.

Melanie’s thrifted-and-drawn-upon items always amaze me, and these white platform boots embellished with her amazing drawings are no exception.

What could be more fun than finding a new garment that reminds you of a beloved one from childhood?

Over on, I offered some tips for avoiding buyer’s remorse.

Leopard print, burgundy, and lime green look smashing together, as Megan proves.

Such a fantastic, in-depth post on the tension between wanting to accept your body as it is and feeling a desire to change it. Melanie also highlights some ad campaigns that offer antagonistic, cooperative, and agonistic approaches to body image, including the amazing Sport England campaign This Girl Can.

I adore the phrase Old Lady Revolution. Count me in.

Blazer cape. Pretty cool hybrid, if you ask me.

“We get it. Long, dark, thick lashes look fab. But we gotta talk about the reasons so many women feel so compelled to spend their money and time on those potions and procedures. And why zero men do. And why ads like this target us at every turn. And how much money these companies are making off of our desire to look like these unreal images. (Hint: it’s in the billions.)”

How often should you REALLY wash your bra? Not as often as you might think.

Chivalry: A subtle form of “benevolent sexism.”

Although this post focuses on wearing black if you have low or medium contrast, Imogen has also tackled wearing black if you have light coloring and adding color to black.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I wrote about the importance of tone in newsletter communications.

Proof that neutrals needn’t be boring: This fabulous outfit of black and white prints and varied textures.

Here’s what happens when a male Buzzfeed writer wears makeup for a week.

Stylebook, an app that lets you easily catalog and view everything in your closet, sounds pretty brilliant. Not Cher’s closet in “Clueless” brilliant, but close.

“We’re told that selfies are narcissistic, frivolous cries for help. But it doesn’t feel frivolous to bear witness to my body on a particular day of a transitory existence. It feels good!”

I got these Dolce Vita ankle boots on deep discount but um … these Trouvé ones look almost identical and are going for far, far less.

Apparently, there’s a fast fashion/teen retailer cage match going on.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I talked about the obi belt resurgence and tricks for styling them.

Since they mystify me, I’m delighted that the Politesse tackled dress code definitions.

Cassandra is taking part in the Unconditional Body Beautiful project, along with 20 other bloggers. Her first post about her body image history is honest and inspiring.

Clothing is only the book jacket to your life novel. Choosing clothing that fits and flatters not just your figure but your lifestyle and personality help better represent your novel and may attract more interested readers, but they don’t affect the plot or the outcome.”

And from the Department of Random: 10 Words You Might Not Know Are Portmanteaux

Also: Parents Talk to Their Kids About the Birds and the Bees for the First Time. Vangina, vagina, how do you say it? (Via Making Mighteor. Prolly don’t want to watch this one at work, either.)

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Lovely Links: 1/16/15

Weekly Kitty:


With the subzero windchills, we’ve been busting out the big guns, coat-wise. Little kitty, big down coat.

Legendary costume designer Ruth Carter talks about the importance of clothes in displaying socioeconomic differences, rebellious spirit, and style in the movie “Selma.”

Sarah Rae shows us three stellar looks from Missguided, a UK company that stocks regular and plus sized on-trend clothes.

Yet more great shoe options for folks with plantar fasciitis from the Barking Dog Shoes team.

When I work with style consult clients, price paid can be a stumbling block for letting go of unworn or ill-fitting items. This post explains how paying once for something is enough, and there’s no need to keep on paying with time, attention, emotion, and more.

Yes, yes, YES to Alison’s winter style and layering tips.

Target’s next designer collaboration will be with Lily Pulitzer, and the 250-item capsule will include plus sizes. However, they’ll only be available online.

Selfridges Bright Old Things campaign celebrates the ‘retirement renaissance.’ Thirteen creatives aged between 40 and 82 (who have all experienced some kind of artistic epiphany), will each be taking over one of the store’s window displays.”

This gray denim moto jacket was an early birthday gift to myself, and it is SO well made and comfy.

Bold color blocking is a great way to battle the gloom of frigid temperatures and cloudy skies. Or just piling on bright colors and lively patterns.

Love these tips for understanding how and when to break style rules and guidelines, since they’re based on each person as an individual.

Related: This list of six fashion rules you should ignore to save money includes some pretty obvious ones, but they all serve as good reminders.

Gracie gives LOFT line Lou & Grey the thumbs up for tall gals, even though the line doesn’t actually sell tall sizes.

“The goal of this photo series, ‘Selfie Centered,’ is to demonstrate my own self empowerment, depict the female condition, and promote women artists from a plethora of art movements who have been oppressed by patriarchal standards.” (Contains nudity)

Yet more proof that retail sizing is totally arbitrary.

Husband Mike sent along this infographic explaining the difference between a slob outfit and a fancy outfit … for guys. Overall, he agrees with this assessment.

Grechen has launched a series in which she will provide ethically-produced, sustainable, eco-friendlier, made in the US, heritage, or otherwise interesting brands and alternatives to popular mass-produced products. Her first offering: Minimalist leather totes.

Natalie’s asymmetric black dress is chic beyond chic.

Think short hair can’t be versatile? Think again: Here are nine sassy ways to style a bob.

Moving musings on taking up space, acting small, and constant apologies.

Joan Didion responds to the celebratory uproar caused by her Céline ad campaign appearance.

AP reader and now author Fiona Price has written a new take on the Rapunzel story aimed at young adult readers. She says, “I describe the journey of a young woman striving to find her own path in between the radical 1970s feminism of the grandmother who raised and home-schooled her and the glamorous, image-obsessed fashion model mother who abandoned her as a baby. In a sense, it’s a feminist story packaged for a generation that’s rejected feminism, which is upfront about both the media stereotype of the humourless hairy man-hater and the perilous power of being an attractive young woman in a sexist society.” Learn more right here!

OK, Jessica, now I’m lusting after a collarless leather jacket with a peplum. So fun!

Five great lessons from travel wardrobes that can be applied to home wardrobes.

Over at I talked about avoiding buyer’s remorse, and suggested the best brands of high-rise jeans.

And from the Department of Random: Wolves seem to be a recurring theme in my life right now. I am reading Wolf in White Van by Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle. It is dark, sad, and fairly disturbing but very well done. Book available here:

Just saw the film of “Into the Woods” for the SECOND time yesterday, and will probably do a third with my girlfriends sometime soon. The wolf scene isn’t pivotal, but it’s certainly memorable. And I found the movie mesmerizing and marvelous from start to finish. Skillful singing, gorgeous special effects, and Sondheim’s thought-provoking lyrics.

I got a stray urge to hear “Peter and the Wolf” over the weekend. (Maybe it’s all those “Mozart in the Jungle” episodes?) As a kid, I played my “Peter and the Wolf” LP into the ground. I sampled a few versions, and am now LOVING this version, narrated by the ever-amazing David Bowie.

And finally: Not wolfy, but close.

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Lovely Links: 1/9/15

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Weekly kitty:


The inside of my laundry basket is SUCH a fun place to play.

New Year’s Eve may be long gone, but this easy up-do is still a great one to have on-hand for fancy fêtes.

The Lane Bryant/Lela Rose collaboration preview looks stellar. The draped skirt and watercolor blouse are my faves.

As Meadham Kirchhoff announces that they won’t be showing at London Fashion Week in February, Susie Bubble questions how a label that that has critical acclaim, feverish fandom and beautiful product, finds itself unable to carry on.

How fun is this print-mixed menswear-influenced outfit? For more inspiration check out Lola Androgynous – this skinny leather tie outfit blew my mind.

This DIY detachable shearling collar could be used applied to faux fur or any other thick, cozy material.

“[Naomi] Wolf’s argument is that as women have gained social, economic, and political power, societal pressure to adhere to strict beauty standards has increased as a powerful alternative to silencing women by keeping them distracted. ‘Women who love themselves are threatening,’ she writes, because our patriarchally developed, media-driven self-hate is our most controlling oppressor.'”

This marvelous poem is titled, “A love letter to my stretch marks.” (Drawings of nude female forms with this post, be aware.)

Reader Tina shared the Eureka! Pants System with me, and I wanted to pass along the info, especially to you sewists. It’s a fitting system that helps you customize your pants to your exact shape, including butt and crotch areas which are often overlooked for fitting issues.

This week on the Fox 9 Buzz, I shared some winter shoe care tips.

Holy moly, Stephanie’s sequined ASOS Curve Red Carpet sheath dress is amazing.

The documentary “Teenage” sounds like a fun one. “[It] includes never-before-seen archival footage that depicts real teens and their voices: from Swing Kids, Subdebs and Bobby-Soxers and other subcultures.”

Why is Ann Taylor offering you 50% off on Thursday, 80% off on Monday, and 10% off new arrivals on Tuesday? Dynamic pricing.

I still can’t quite break away from my everyday rings, but dang, these geometric silhouette rings by Objcts are tempting.

Jean offers some tips for styling an oversized poncho.

“As much as we don’t want the fashion choices of the world’s incredibly influential and important scientists to necessarily overshadow their scientific achievements … you’ve got to admit that wearing a dress decked out in sequined examples of the very neurons you helped to discover is ridiculously awesome.”

Imogen shares a totally brilliant trick for figuring out if you’ve got long, average, or short arms.

Can’t quite believe it, but I’m starting to mix some gold jewelry into my collection. This spike pendant was on super sale at Nordstrom when I nabbed it (sold out there now, sadly), and this geometric necklace is calling to me now.

The Riveter presents its picks for the 11 best long-form pieces of 2014, including this fascinating history of the Styles section of the New York Times.

Nashelly adds badass accents to a simple, chic outfit. Love the results.

“Although vision plays an important role in this (mostly) negative and damaging process, the looking occurs in everyday settings and the narrow messages are often verbal. Mass media images reinforce rather than initiate this punitive process. That is why interventions meant to encourage body confidence in girls and women should prioritize family and school settings. Dove ads are like band aids slapped on after the damage has been done.”

Huh. There are rumors that J.Crew gave Jenna Lyons a slap on the wrist for her self-promotion efforts.

The Curvy Fashionista shares her picks for the top 20 breakout plus size personal style bloggers of 2014. So many great reads on her list.

29 people explain why it’s important to love what you see in the mirror, right now, today, just as you are.

And from the Department of Random: If you touch a baby bird, will its mom really abandon it forever?

Also: Chicagoans, you should totally tune in to WGN at 11 p.m. on Saturdays to hear my smart, stylish, hilarious friend Amy‘s show, RedEye Remix. Everyone else can listen live here.

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