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Lovely Links: 4/24/15

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet has been living with us for a full year now! Here she right after we brought her home.
P.S. I probably need to pick up a copy of How to Speak Cat. Author interview here.

Would love to see any of you Twin Cities folks at the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow event on May 11!

A University of Maryland student talks about what it’s like to have to explain your religion, your culture, and your hijab constantly.

Joi has cooked up some amazing outfits within the confines of her pastel wardrobe capsule.

This breakdown of the various dichotomies that comprise the social expectations surrounding how women dress is spot-on. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don’t …

Prints galore in this roundup of petite plus dresses for spring. Also love the choices in this collection of spring flats in U.S. sizes 10 and up.

(Disordered eating discussed.) “No one understood the prison I was in that made me look the way I did. No one knew that with every ‘You look so skinny,’ meant as a compliment, I was further entrapped. That was where my self-worth rested, and as long as I was told I was thin and beautiful, I was worth something.”

Maybe it’s time we redefine the strong female character.

This post introduced me to some smaller lines dedicated to ethical manufacturing practices, and also gave a shout-out to Minneapolis-based Hackwith.

Artist Hank Willis Thomas takes ads and strips away the text to examine the pictures and what they say about society. He has done this before with African-Americans in advertising, and now he’s repeating that project and the focus is women.

How much fun is this outfit of double dots?

I stalked this sandal for most of last summer, and now that it’s less than $25 I finally sprung for a pair. The honey color is relatively close to my skin tone, so the wide, high straps don’t look too funky. And they are fantastically comfortable!

This post on the myth of guaranteed happiness after weight loss is honest and moving. (Cheers, Texas Aggie Mom)

“And that’s been the question surrounding the Campaign for Real Beauty basically from the outset: Is being beautiful something we really want to emphasize above all things? In a society where women and girls really are evaluated on our beauty for things completely looks-unrelated, is telling a girl, ‘Your looks don’t matter as long as you love yourself’ really realistic? And how do we address matters of beauty when the concept is both subjective and largely defined by arbitrary, exclusive societal standards?”

Imogen loves the teal/turquoise hybrid that is Biscay Bay, one of Pantone’s favorite colors of the season, and offers some gorgeous options for color pairings.

“A Ballerina’s Tale” debuts this week at the Tribeca Film Festival, and tells the story of Misty Copeland, who is 32, African-American, curvier than many of her peers, and poised to become the American Ballet Theater’s principal dancer. She also advocates for diversity of body types and skin colors within her profession.

In this month’s Star Tribune column, I talked about belting dresses and how to wear prints without letting them wear you.

Modcloth interviews stand-up comedian Rye Silverman about her comedy icons, love of quirky style, and the most irritating questions she gets about being a transgendered person.

Cool Gal Blue is looking to collaborate with plus-sized bloggers on new clothing collections, and aims to really listen to customer feedback.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I showed off some gorgeous fringed items for spring!

Julie speaks openly about how having “Asian eyes” has affected her self-image, and discusses how this feature has exotified and marginalized her throughout her life.

Karlie Kloss really puts the “super” in “supermodel.” On top of her kookie, she’s now started a scholarship program that will grant free tuition for 20 girls to Flatiron Pre-College Academy’s Introduction to Software Engineering course.

I’m not the only style blogger posting weekly pet photos. Beth’s outfits are always stellar but her pup steals the spotlight on occasion in her Fridays with Oscar series.

Teen girls love Michael Kors bags. A whole lot.

I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for this pedicure foot file tool. Definitely on my wishlist.

Alison responds to “Just who do you think you are?” by explaining that she posts outfit photos so that other 40+, petite, cusp-sized women can see someone just like themselves feeling stylish and proud and fabulous. (Love you, Allie.)

A great big yes to inside-out congruency.

“Miriam Baker is giving full-busted women the edge when it comes to choosing for themselves whether to follow certain rules. When you can’t try a style because it won’t fit around your chest, you can’t analyze whether a style will work for you. But if a line of clothing is specifically constructed to fit you, you’re more likely to take risks and try something new just because you can.”

This article takes a look at how social media is driving binge culture and fast fashion. (Via The Fashion Law)

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Lovely Links: 4/17/15

Weekly Kitty:


Sunshine feels good.

“I’m ready to make peace with myself. I’m ready to stop grasping for that one exercise or superfood that will give me the body of my dreams. I’m ready to stop assessing the room at a barre class to see if my thighs are the biggest (sad but true). I’m ready to cut the crap and be truly grateful for the healthy body I do have.” (Disordered eating discussed.)

Honest musings on being invisible, being seen, the seductive power of attention, and the far-reaching impact of the male gaze. (Harassment discussed, violence referenced)

GREAT info in this post about seven common bra myths. Especially the “bras have fixed sizing” one. So true.

Over on, I rounded up shopping resources for androgynous stylesites and stores that offer discounts on designer items, and my picks for where to shop for office-friendly work clothes.

Such a stylish, classic way to do red, white, and blue.

Curious to hear what some of you plus sized readers think about the Cacique #ImNoAngel campaign. The underlying message seems empowering and positive, but I’ve also heard that some of the plus sized community isn’t comfortable seeing only hourglass-shaped plus models in campaigns like this. Sarah had an insightful response to the campaign and its backlash.

The Bloggess has a thoughtful, personal, touching, and hilarious response to being called brave for posting a video of herself in a swimsuit.

On the Mad Mimi blog, I shared tips for email readership engagement.

Rosie’s self-acceptance starter kit is simple, but includes some helpful suggestions.

If you ask me, Deborah is the undisputed queen of artfully draped layers. Just as Cyn is the undisputed queen of jumpsuits.

Two related posts touching on the recent law “banning” very thin models: From the New York Times, musings on whether women take body image cues from models, and from The Militant Baker thoughts on the damage that “banning” a body type may have in the long run.

Why older women are the new “It-girls” of fashion (Via The Fashion Law)

On the Fox 9 Buzz I showed some ballet-inspired looks that are hot for spring.

In a post on paleness, Kate says, “Amidst my concern for weight, hair, makeup, clothes, shoes, nails, eyebrows, static, cat hair and under-eye circles (to name a few), do I really have the energy to give a damn if the natural color of my skin isn’t what society has deemed as the preferred beauty norm? Absolutely f*cking not.”

Marlen makes a case for why minimalism and normcore still have panache.

Love the combination of a leopard-print topper and sassy graphic tee.

Very few florals remain in my wardrobe, but I’m still swooning over a botanical print that Land’s End is showing this season. Here in a regular/petite/plus size oxford, a lovely below-the-knee regular/petite/tall/plus size sundress, and a regular/petite/tall/plus size slub cotton tee. SO pretty.

This DIY wrapped crop top looks extremely simple, and like it could be customized to many sizes and lengths.

In other cropped news, Kelly layers a cropped, striped sweater over an oxford, creating interesting proportions and a super-cool outfit.

This ad agency art director wears the same outfit every day. And she’s much happier doing it than when she stressed over clothing choices. (Via Capitol Hill Style)

Me & My Bois is a vlog/webisode documenting the lives of masculine-of-center people on the West Coast. The interviews are enlightening and moving, as is the official trailer which offers a summary and mission statement. (Via Genderfork)

So glad that Angie has doled out some advice on how to make sense of culottes. I’m fascinated, but wary.

One of the unsung heros of my wardrobe is the Karen Kane Super Soft Tank. Since it’s close-fitting and slick without being staticky, it is the perfect under-layer. Machine washable and endlessly useful. Also in plus sizes.

Kellie reviews the newly added plus-size offerings from yoga-wear brand Soybu.

I forget to wear a watch more frequently than I remember, but The Directrice makes a valid point about watches being superior to phones as timepieces.

“The ‘irony’ of course of the casual chic/minimal look we all love so much and respond to, is that it’s not generally just throw-on-and-go – it’s well thought out, either in terms of careful wardrobe planning from the beginning, or at least at the point of dressing in the morning. There is no such thing as effortless chic; it takes effort …”

Insights on the links between body image and capitalism

Elements like sheerness and asymmetry can help you create faux layers that don’t suffocate you in summer.

“When I was growing up, my fatness hovered like an ever-present cloud, having a significant impact on the decisions my parents made when they raised me. My parents are no longer raising me, of course, but they are still fat-shaming, and that shame still affects me …”

Houndstooth offers the perfect pop of pattern for an otherwise all-black outfit.

OK, I know clothing preferences have shifted over time, but I had no idea shorts were so scandalous so recently.

More Shugs & Fats brilliance: Cat Call. (Language gets a little raunchy.)

It’s nearly sandal season, and I’ve found that styles with a curved or v-shaped detail right where the top of the foot meets the ankle are among my faves. This Lucky Brand pair fits the bill, though I wonder if they’ll be supportive enough.

Imogen points out that when it comes to dressing, body shape is just one piece of the puzzle and personality trumps it every time.

Kiah’s citron lace-detail dress from the Lela Rose for Lane Bryant collection is so elegant, and I love how she styled it with simple black accents.

Oh, paperbag-waist pants. I am almost sure you’ll look goofy on me, yet still tempted …

You might groan initially, but this post on babycore/kidcore dressing makes some interesting observations.

And from the Department of Random: Owl Faces in Order

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Lovely Links: 4/10/15

Weekly Kitty:

sun windowsill

Sunbathing Season is fast approaching. Harriet is getting a head start with some windowsill sitting.

Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, the women’s leadership program that I co-chair, is hosting our first big event and fundraiser in May! Would LOVE to see you there.

Denarii Monroe shares three surprising ways she learned to love herself after a lifetime of being ridiculed for her looks.

I know traditional woven button-fronts can be challenging, and although they can be hard to find knit versions can be much easier to fit and wear. Boden has a knit button-front shirt in two printsL.L. Bean has one in 12 colors, Eddie Bauer’s comes in petite and tall sizes, and this style comes in six colors in 1X – 3X.

When I grow up, I want to be Ruth. (Cheers to Deborah for highlighting her gorgeous blog.)

The Curvy Fashionista rounds up 20 lovely plus size floral dresses that are perfect for spring.

Yoga has endowed me with the body confidence that no other exercise – or activity – ever afforded me. It’s made me realise that my body is something to be celebrated and that I should be proud of. I mean, it can’t be an accident that two of the most popular poses are called ‘goddess’ and ‘warrior.’”

Trend-wise, it’s all about the 70s for spring. Angie shares 10 ways to add 70s flair to your outfits.

Remember that #ClothingHasNoGender.

Shainna offers us more visual proof that Lane Bryant has stepped up its game.

In my latest post for Huffington Post Women, I offer a reminder that you have a body.

H&M, Kering and Worn Again have united to create pioneering textile recycling technology: The technology will work by separating and extracting polyester and cotton from old textiles, reducing the amount of clothing that gets dumped on landfill sites every year. (Via The Fashion Law)

The secret to an uncluttered handbag? Unpack everything every single night. Lauren swears by this method now!

“There are countless beautiful, bold, brilliant babes who were the recipient of an unflattering comment that still wander around this earth carrying that criticism like a calling card. Are you one of them?”

Here are five great updos for curly hair that tends to get frizzy. And a reminder that frizz is nothing to be ashamed of.

Erica makes a 70s-era halter wrap dress look incredibly modern.

Love this tribute to 10 trans* models who are changing the fashion landscape as we speak. (Final photo not safe for work viewing.)

Three categories of fashion items that many women buy, but almost never wear

I’ll admit it: I’m considering culottes for spring. This simple black pair just might be the one …

Runner’s face is basically the ‘gaunt, skeletal look you end up with if you run for fun or fitness,’ a terrible affliction that can conveniently be treated through injectables like ‘hyaluronic acid fillers,’ which luckily for those of us with disposable income can be attained at your friendly local plastic surgeon’s office. To summarize: Women should do exercises to get skinny; Then when we get skinny and thus start looking ‘gaunt,’ we should inject shit in our faces to plump them up again; Then we should blend brown powder on our freshly-injected faces so we can go back to looking ‘gaunt’ again.”

This list of style bloggers in their 50s, 60s, and 80s gave me a few new ones to check out!

Feminist Lisa Frank. My inner third-grader and current self are BOTH rejoicing.

My friend and colleague Traci Mann has just released a book titled Secrets from the Eating Lab that promises to be a fascinating read. Traci studies the efficacy of dieting long-term, and her research has been groundbreaking.

You haven’t seen extreme nail art until you’ve watched this adorable stop-motion video.

When it comes to florals, I adore abstract prints and the bold one on Lilli’s wrap dress is right up my alley.

The term plus size, while nothing more than descriptive, serves a business function in the same way that ‘petite’ does. Without a label, however unfortunate, we wouldn’t know that a brand has something to offer us in our size. Since we cannot simply walk (or click) into any store and buy clothing that fits, we need to be shown where we are welcome.”

Joi’s colorblocked look is bold and bright.

Should thrift stores be reserved for those who cannot afford to shop elsewhere? Patti muses on this question.

Can’t quite get comfy with the one statement earring trend, but am starting to warm up to mismatched pairs. This Betsey Johnson pair is both edgy and cute.

What’s your definition of self-care?

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has collaborated with her longtime friend and makeup artist, Brian O’Connor, to create a web series called “Kiss Off!” a project that aims to teach people how to use makeup and beauty as sources of self confidence. See the first episode here.

Beth looks sharp in her bright white jumpsuit.

How did L.L. Bean become one of fashion’s hottest companies?

“One of the principles driving the $61 billion weight-loss industries is the notion that fat is inherently unhealthy and that it’s better, health-wise, to be thin, no matter what you have to do to get there. But a growing body of research is beginning to question this paradigm. Does obesity cause ill health, result from it, both, or neither? Does weight loss lead to a longer, healthier life for most people?

I love that a tee shirt declaring “Old is the New Black” exists.

Great tips for styling cowboy boots

Many curvy women will recognize that sometimes observers conflate style with build. (Post contains some mild “Mad Men” spoilers.)

I did a HOW Mad Mimi conversation this week, and you can watch it on YouTube. Talked about blogging, monetization, marketing, and more.

And from the Department of Random: My dear friend and accomplished YA writer Megan Atwood has launched a fantastic blog packed with insightful posts, writing prompts, reviews, and more aimed at writers of books for children and young adults. Her most recent post touches on rejection letters and poser syndrome. Add her to your reader, won’t you?

Also: Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet is now on display at the National Air and Space Museum. (Note pub date. Well played, Smithsonian.)

Additionally: Songs From a Tom Waits Album Where No One Gets Drunk At a Diner

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