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Lovely Links: 10/21/16

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet is extra cute when she’s sleepy. (First seen on Instagram.)

Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe On Wearing His Mother’s Dress (via Accidental Icon)

Leah talks about her experience being objectified on Tinder as a fat woman. She’s also Muslim, and points out that she is more covered-up in her profile photos than many fellow Tinder users, but that didn’t stop people from being wildly inappropriate in their responses.


Lovely Links: 10/14/16

Weekly Kitty:


Harriet has also shown interest in the new bed/house. But she mostly stands in it looking tense, so I’m thinking it’ll mostly be Simon’s hangout.

Cynthia is ravishing in her vintage-inspired red dress, choker, and chunky leopard-print heels.

Matt Joseph Diaz talks openly about what he learned about body positivity and change from having major surgery.

Strappy heels and a bold red trench coat make this outfit sizzle.


Lovely Links: 10/7/16

Weekly Kitty:


Simon in a sunbeam.

FABULOUS tips that can help you determine if an item that’s labeled as “organic” or “eco-friendly” truly has been created sustainably.

Ranti combines two fall trends in one great outfit: Off-the-shoulder tops and eternally chic tartan.

“But I was yet to face the cold, hard fact that my lack of acceptance for my own body, was really a lack of acceptance for all the bodies I had falsely embraced for so long. Could I really love someone else’s ample stomach, when I could not love my own?