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Lovely Links: 3/27/15

Weekly Kitty:

black mouse

Internet, meet Black Mouse. Please be sensitive to the fact that Black Mouse is superior to all other cat toys, including the mechanical mouse that zooms around when you wind it up, the little machine that creates a feline-focused laser show, and, of course, other, sub-par, impostor black mice. In the event that Black Mouse should get swatted under a closet door, nearby humans will be suckered into opening said door by heart-rending squeaks from Harriet Kitty.

Kasmira shows how two black and white prints can be complemented by a third, colorful one.

I ADORE this post on how to be naked in places where you need to be naked (like a sauna). Great reminders about body diversity, judgment, unnecessary comments, and privilege. (Via Reading in Skirts)

Real Simple magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary by publishing best ofs and master lists. The printed magazine has a great guide to removing all manner of stains, and a “what to wear for all occasions” grid that has some good tips. Neither are online, but this post on how to dress for any occasion has similar advice.

Never heard of this podiatrist-designed test, but definitely curious: How to measure for your ideal heel height.

Vibrant colors and muted neutrals can play well together in the same outfit.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with jasper jewelry. This chunky red jasper pendant is right up my alley, as is this sesame jasper cluster charm.

No idea why, but “It” bags fascinate me. Maybe it’s because they’re such a straightforward example of purchasable, label-related status, and yet carrying an “It” bag isn’t generally considered gauche or tacky. Anyway, Paper rounds up the top 10 “It” bags of all time.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I gave tips for fitting empire-waist dresses.

“The big thing I‘ve learned is that, regardless of the size of my actual butt there will always be some sort of problem. My thighs will never be the right thighs. My skin will never be the right skin. I accept those facts without giving them further thought. The other big thing I’ve learned is that my life is too short to not enjoy my body and how I decorate my body as much as I can.” (Via Balancing Jane)

Reminder about how your outfits relate to the opinions of total strangers

Stacy London’s new show “Love, Lust, or Run” provides makeovers for women with bold, unusual dressing styles. Then strangers get to “rate” their before and after photos. And yet somehow, she seems to be selling this show as being all about personal style and expression. Huh.

The floaty vibe of this chiffon floral maxi is balanced by Kileen’s moto-detailed jacket.

Speaking of moto detailing: eShakti sales are hazardous. With discount and coupon, this moto-detail dress only cost me $40, and that’s WITH customization. That sale is over, but sign up for their newsletter for an instant coupon and notifications of future sales. Sizes 0 – 36W!

Amber reveals 11 things redheads are sick of hearing. Some are UK-specific, but my redheaded Midwestern mom has heard a few of these, too.

On I shared resources for preppy style and stores with the best return policies.

In this episode of The Blind Life, Christine Ha demonstrates how she, as a visually impaired person, applies her own makeup.

“When a woman puts on a foot or a knee or an arm, she often finds that it’s not quite right. Knees are too tall and too stiff, feet don’t fit into shoes, hands are big, ankles don’t bend to accommodate heels. Every step a female amputee takes puts them face to face with the fact that prosthetics is still a male dominated industry.”

Five simple but important questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new wardrobe item

Tanasha is smashing in head-to-toe gray. And I mean head-to-toe: Gray hat and gray boots complete the look.

After decades of makeup artists doing their best to mask real freckles – which have long been considered some kind of “imperfection” that should be downplayed, especially on celebs – faux freckles have now become a thing. Because … oh hell, I don’t know why.  This article points out that naturally freckled Emma Stone appears to have covered her real freckles with makeup and then had fake ones drawn in. So now people without freckles want them and people with them … want non-real ones? The world is so WEIRD, you guys.

Don’t believe me about the weirdness? The Straw Hat Riots of 1922. Eesh.

Most articles that attempt to explain natural coloring – hair, eyes, skin, and the associated contrasts and undertones – are muddled and unhelpful. Here, Maria uses her own portrait as an example and does herself up in winter, spring, summer, and autumn colorings. She also points out that many people aren’t 100% in one season. (Just as most of us aren’t 100% in one body shape category.)

These eco-conscious brands are billed as fast-fashion alternatives. All are considerably spendier than Forever 21, but many fall into the Gap/Banana Republic price range.

Totally re-creating this look once the snow melts: Utility jacket, striped top, jeans, Chucks. Perfection.

Lest we forget the force of nature that is Janelle Monáe: “In general, I was inspired to start Wondaland Records after seeing there was a big absence of female entrepreneurs in the music industry who understand how to develop and market innovative artists, artists who truly care about community and redefining the creative waters in the music industry.”

For years, I’ve used this metallic paint pen to touch up dinged hardware. Mine ran out recently, but bless Amazon for still carrying it!

I agree with the assessment that capsule wardrobes are the new kale. Here are five ways to create a capsule, including Drew Barrymore’s. Did you guys know she’s an editor-at-large for Refinery 29?

The Directrice offers some tailoring tips, and a great reminder that virtually no one can wear everything right off the rack.

Good point: “Street style” is a lie.

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Lovely Links: 3/20/15

Weekly Kitty:


Watching me work out in the living room EXHAUSTS Simon Kitty.

Considering some spring closet cleaning? Here’s your playlist: Goodbye To All That: Music To Throw Out Clothing To

Infographics can feel a bit contrived, but I was pleasantly surprised by this interesting and helpful infographic on self-compassion and how to practice it.

“… underlying the premises of these essays is the assumption that all of womankind, when confronted by a woman with visible pregnancy abs or a digitally-smoothed mons pubis, will fall to the ground in paroxysms of self-hatred before marching en masse to the gym/the wine aisle/the plastic surgeon to fix this problem we didn’t even know we had.”

Tiffany’s sequin star mini skirt looks utterly perfect with black tights and a chic slogan sweater.

I’ve overdyed bunches of clothes in my time, but never considered using overdying to tweak the color of a garment ever so slightly. Brilliant.

Your body is an ocean. (Via Yum & Yuk)

These Julian Hakes squiggle shoes blow my mind. I could break my leg in under 4 seconds trying to walk around in them … but they’re still mesmerizing to behold.

The straight leg is the jean and trouser cut of the moment. This post outlines straight leg variations and how to style them.

Why being told that you “look like a lesbian” isn’t an insult.

Thanks to fellow style writer Lisa Koivu for interviewing me for the Budget Style channel!

Speaking of, I’ve posted about where to shop for wedding guest dresses, online tools for tracking sales and markdowns, and resources for artist-designed graphic tees.

Marlen’s super creative outfit illustrates some techniques for spring transitional outfit assembly.

Three great fashion documentaries are now streaming on Netflix, including the charming “Bill Cunningham New York.”

“… fat talk is not a harmless social-bonding ritual. According to an analysis of several studies that my colleagues and I published in 2012 in the Psychology of Women Quarterly, fat talk was linked with body shame, body dissatisfaction and eating-disordered behavior. Fat talk does not motivate women to make healthier choices or take care of their bodies; in fact, the feelings of shame it brings about tend to encourage the opposite.” (Cheers, Lisa)

Allie offers her picks for well-made, office-friendly ankle pants.

I bit the bullet and ordered these studded, angular ankle boots. I have the feeling they’ll be better in theory than practice, but we shall see.

Tips for using Pinterest to build better outfits

Kelly’s zip-pocket jeans and burgundy hat are both so very covetable.

I find body shape guides to have extremely limited use, but this author asserts they are actively harmful. She also believes that all figure-flattery advice is shaming, either overtly or covertly. Here’s why I disagree.

Two utterly amazing outfits from Sandra: Windowpane suit with citron and purple, and also polka dot skirt with burgundy and white. Love them both so much!

Transgender teen Jazz Jennings is the new face of Clean & Clear

Grechen highlights some barre and yoga-wear brands whose garments are made in the U.S.A.

We use this appreciative comments/compliments exercise in the final LOTT workshop. It’s always emotionally rewarding for the fellows.

Gingham and an African print skirt with red accents? Yes please.

Piperlime will be going dark soon, and they’re adding new items to their sale section every day. I’m hoping they clear out their Frye stock eventually.

Last week Selfridges launched their Agender collection, with brands, garments, and merchandising meant to reflect gender-neutral dressing preferences.

Related: Will genderless/unisex fashion become a durable commercial reality? (Via The Fashion Law)

Actress Tatiana Maslany describes how she’s seen the “strong women” mandate in entertainment writing get warped. And if you’re not already watching “Orphan Black,” get on it. Right now.

This simple beaded chevron necklace is the perfect middle layer to a three-necklace grouping.

What would happen if we let fat people be happy? Probably not the worldwide catastrophe often imagined and outlined in sizeist rhetoric.

An extremely detailed guide to spotting counterfeit designer bags. Interesting facts about manufacturing and branding processes, even if you’re never going to pony up for a Birkin.

Lisa uses sparkly cluster earrings as lapel pins. Because she’s a genius.

And from the Department of Random: Good luck, Satan!

Also: I don’t even care that this is a commercial for phones that shows absolutely no phones. I want to watch that rock hyrax riding that tortoise over and over again. Also baby rhino and sheep. Also all of it. (Song is from Disney’s “Robin Hood,” in case you didn’t recognize it. And to get even randomer, there is a scene in that movie that features the University of Wisconsin fight song. This is a fact that remains in my brain, making less room for algebra.)

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Lovely Links: 3/13/15

Weekly Kitty:


HM’s closet has all the good smells and, therefore, also has all the good napping nooks.

Plus-size retailer Taking Shape pulled a misguided skinny-shaming stunt at London Fashion Week.

There are several important variables that may impact the size of your wardrobe. Angie explores them in this post.

High-tech Rebecca Minkoff dressing rooms. Whoa.

Orange accents with a muted neutral palette? Brilliant.

“Conversations surrounding eating disorders, body image, and beauty standards are generally centered on the narratives of straight, cisgender women. However, these conversations often exclude the experiences of many LGBTQIA+ people who also struggle with body image concerns and disordered eating.”

Lisa and Beth both posted fantastic spring transitional outfits this week with skillful layers, punchy patterns, and items that offer just the right amount of exposure for unpredictable weather.

Suede is on my radar for spring, and if I can’t find any thriftable options I’m considering this jacket (also in plus, check chart for measurements) or this skirt.

This tutorial focuses on making a matching bow, but you could use it to create any fun or sparkly accent to clip on to your heels or flats.

“These plus-size pass rumors are dangerous. All women, including women of color, have body image issues. All women, including women of color, have to work to become confident in the skin they’re in.”

Dots, stripes, and a little bit of mesh meet in Rochelle’s lovely dress.

Loads of fun new articles over on’s Shopping Tips channel, including the best designer diffusion lines and where to buy them, how to host a clothing swap, and resources for Boho chic shopping.

More great tips for making print and pattern mixes work.

Forever on my fantasy wish list: These Alexis Bittar pave earrings. Someday …

Sneak a peek at the amazing women who joined us for the second LOTT workshop right here.

My breasts are still mine, even on the days where I wish I could just take them off and be taken seriously. And I won’t let others shame me into altering it just to fit in. I choose to rock what my roommates call my ‘stupid boobs,’ and if you don’t like it, you can move right along.”

If you’re a fan of modern, geometric shapes for your jewelry, check out Adorn Milk. (Via Design Crush)

Kudos to Ela for making a floral blouse look totally badass. In a similar mix and palette, Psyche pairs amazing floral pumps with a mesh-overlay skirt.

Yet more #likeagirl fabulousness to give you goosebumps.

On the Fox 9 Buzz, I offered tips for creating comfy, fun, refined sporty looks.

Lots of inspiration to be found in this black, white, and red Audrey Hepburn-inspired capsule wardrobe.

This spring, Vice Media – known for being a very male-focused organization – will launch Broadly, a channel that will focus on women’s stories. Interested to see how it plays out.

Over on the Mad Mimi blog, I explained why some newsletters should be succinct, but some can be wordy.

These chain-detail ankle boots are going into heavy rotation now that the weather is warming. That little dip in the front makes them ideal for bare ankles.

What it’s like to be an outspoken feminist at 14 in a school where boys outnumber girls by 2.5 to 1

When you dress for work at your office, do you feel like you’re wearing “professional drag“? An interesting perspective on the stifling nature of dress codes.

“There are no fat chicks in SFF. And by ‘SFF’ I’m including the broad tent of my teenage nerdish interests: sci-fi and fantasy novels and TV shows and films, yes. But also video games, comic books, trading card games, horror, urban fantasy, roleplaying games. The works. There might as well have been a great big NO FAT CHICKS sign hanging outside the entrance. And me, peering in through the flaps, loving the show but always knowing I would never, ever be it.”

What if you still don’t like your body?

Tips for creating a multi-season capsule wardrobe utilizing the column of color concept.

Now officially lusting after a red moto jacket thanks to this sassy and classy outfit from Tanasha.

If the BBC’s Sherlock had an all-woman cast, they’d look like this. Meaning: Fan-freakin-tastic.

Thanks to wonderful reader Kristie for recommending this episode of The Moth in which Twin Citian Jennifer Kohnhorst describes a body image-altering experience at a Santa Fe spa. A great reminder that we don’t have bodies, we are bodies.

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