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This Week I Love …


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Lockhart Wrks.

A month or so ago, I was on the hunt for some matte gold or brass jewelry. Etsy is always my first stop for jewelry, so I tootled around in there a bit until I found Rebecca’s shop. And friends, if I had bales of money I would’ve bought every single piece. Really. Her design style is such a marvelous mix of edgy and delicate, tough and feminine, and the pieces are beautifully made. I know because I’ve ordered three so far, including the Ring & Brass Dagger earrings shown above. And I’m sure I’ll order more in time. Here are a few of her recent creations:


Industrial Pendant Necklace with Black Spikes – $40

This is another of the pieces I bought, and I ADORE it. I upgraded to the 28″ chain so it hangs a bit lower than shown here, and it is just about my favorite piece of jewelry right now. Lightweight, eye-catching, badass, totally affordable.


Arrow Drop Earrings – $35

I love that most Lockhart Wrks earrings are either available in multiple sizes or manageable lengths and shapes. These guys are 3.5″ which is on the long side, but not veering into shoulder-duster territory. Totally dig the mixed metals and turquoise accents.


Triangle Bracelet with Burgundy Chain – $30

Yep. Burgundy chain. And such a simple, elegant design. Perfect for you minimalists out there.


Large Double Dagger Earrings – $38

Pretty sure these will be my next purchase. They mirror the shape of the necklace, but have thoughtful, subtle differences like the tiny bit of chain and mottled spikes. Ach, I love these so much.


Patinated Chevron Necklace – $38

This necklace is the perfect shape to fit into v-necked shirts and sweaters. Each pendant is totally unique, and Rebecca will email you a photo of the one she plans to send you beforehand so you can make sure you love it.

Hope you’ll take a look at Lockhart Wrks and maybe pick up a piece or two for yourself!

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This Week I Love …

… mixed metal jewelry.

After DECADES of wearing nothing but silver, I am softening toward non-silver metals. But I have to admit that doing an all-gold accessory mix still feels … odd to me, so I’m easing in with mixed metal pieces. Here are a few I’m loving these days:


Mixed Metal Chain Earrings, $17.50

These are incredibly similar to a pair I got at Corset. (They’re here and here, though it seems I don’t have a close-up posted yet.) I’m also gaga for draped chain details right now, so these are doubly fabulous in my opinion. My pair is super versatile and looks equally lovely with tough mixes or softer ones.


Bonnie Jonas Mixed Chain Necklace, $38

At 17″ this is a little short for my taste, but could be adjusted with a necklace extender. Mixed metals and mixed chains often go hand-in-hand, and I love how this piece blends chunky links with more delicate ones.


Jenny Bird Sunray Cuff – $95

I drool. Two brassy chain styles, a chunky silver strand, and the black beaded edging. This would look amazing with jeans and a sweater or a dressier mix. It’ll add a dose of edginess to any outfit, that’s for sure.


Long Mixed Metal Necklace – $132

My love for long pendants has been well-documented here, and this little love has been in my Etsy faves for months. I love the combination of metal tones and also textures – the disc is hammered. Such an elegant touch.

kensie necklace

Kensie Chain Reaction Mixed Metal Necklace – $38

Slightly similar to the first necklace pick, but longer, looser, and with gunmetal in the mix instead of silver. This one clocks in at 19″ and would look so funky over a graphic tee.


Lucky Brand Organic Pave Drop Earrings – $29

Lucky Brand has been churning out some stellar jewelry these days, and these two-tone pave hoops are no exception. They’ve got some subtle sparkle, but the irregular shape makes them more versatile than straight-up sparkly rhinestones.

Mixed metals are also great if you’ve got everyday, non-negotiable jewelry pieces but want to wear others in non-matching tones. (Some people don’t care, others are SUPER annoyed when their metals clash. Mixed pieces can bridge.) How about you? Would you or do you wear mixed metal jewelry? Any favorite resources?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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This Week I Love …

Already Pretty outfit featuring Kokoon burnout top, silk cargo crops, snakeskin pumps, Kali Butterfly necklace

… long pendant necklaces.

It all started with the Kali Butterfly necklace you see above, bought on impulse at her booth at a Chicago craft fair. I’d admired her work for YEARS over on Etsy, but just never ponied up for a piece. I actually bought this one because it was the most affordable option there, wondering if I’d get any use out of it at all. Color me surprised when it quickly became one of my favorite necklaces, and sparked an interest in finding and wearing longer pendants.

I feel like my long pendants are a little funkier and artier than my shorter necklaces. They definitely lend themselves to trendy layering, and they offer a great way to draw the eye up and down your figure.

Here are some long pendants that have caught my eye of late:

song yee geode necklace2

Song Yee Geode Necklace – $41

I have a number of pieces from Song Yee’s shop, and adore them all, including the green/pink version of this little guy. You can customize chain length on nearly all of her necklaces and I opted for 30″ which puts it a bit above navel level for me. This pendant looks great on its own but also layers well with others.

baublebar paleolithic pendant

Baublebar Paleolithic Pendant – $32

This would be so simple for someone with a jewelry-making bent and the appropriate tools to whip up themselves, but since I only have a set of needlenose pliers and some fishing line on hand most days I’m inclined to shell out. This necklace has a 34″ chain, so nice and long, and also comes in white stone.


Altered Ever After Smashed Cap Assemblage Necklace – $28

The long pendant you see in this outfit post was created at the Altered Ever After booth at a local art fair. I misplaced their business card for ages, but finally found it! At the art fair they had bins of charms and you paid by the piece to create your own. They’re selling a few items thought this Etsy storefront, including individual charms and the ball chains to string them on. But you can also opt for these pre-assembled themed charm collections.


Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace 2

Kendra Scott Rayne Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace – $80

Ya know, I don’t consider my style to be terribly Boho but I am really drawn to long, fringe-y, Boho-influenced necklaces like this one. How fun would this be with a simple black tee, boyfriend jeans, and a great pair of sandals? I love this slate cateye version, but it also comes in gold metal and a variety of colors including pink, turquoise, black, yellow, and purple.


Foxy Originals Chevron Necklace – $55

Not the best photo for giving you an idea of overall length and scale, but with a 32″ chain and 2.25″ long pendant, this necklace should be wonderfully long and have fabulous movement. Also great for those who love mixed metals with gold, gunmetal, and brass all in one.

feather necklace

Lively Leaf Designs Recycled Tire Pendant – $28.25

This gorgeous pendant is 4.125″ long and strung on a 30″ chain. And in addition to being eye-catching and unique, it’s made from recycled tires. Yeah. You should totally check out the whole Lively Leaf store. Melissa does amazing things with old bike tires and inner tubes, including a shorter, smaller version of this very necklace.


Beaded Birdcage Pendant – $12

I know this one is a little on the twee side, but I just cannot resist the “something inside” style of pendant for some reason. I’ve got a teardrop-shaped gunmetal pendant full of sparkly crystals, and I just think it’s so spiffy. (So do that cats. “Something inside” can also translate to “cat toy.” But I digress.) This tiny birdcage hangs on a 34″ chain, so marvelously long.

sara bella necklace

Sara Bella Multistrand Disc Pendant Necklace – $48

Such a great option for someone who loves the layered look but doesn’t want to bother with the sometimes-fussy process of getting the layers just right. Still qualifies as a pendant in my book since there are at least four charms in the mix. This black/gold combo is my fave, but also comes in blue, cream, green, and orange variations.

Anyone else loving the look of long pendants? If you have any in your collection, where did you get them? Any other designers or resources to share?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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