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This Week I Love …

… carved cinnabar. Real or fake.

This common mercury ore has been used in Chinese carved lacquerware since the Song Dynasty (or so Wikipedia tells me), but I think it looks fabulously current. I love how the intricate designs and rich red play off of other colors and textures so beautifully.

Onyx and Cinnabar Necklace$44 Aida Bracelet$12.50 Fragrant Fruit Earrings$14 Vintage Cinnabar Bracelet$28

Diego Necklace READ MORE

Jewelry Hacks: Alternate Uses for Jewelry

Jewelry hacks! These tips will help you make use of jewelry items in new and inventive ways.

Wrap a shawl around your waist, and that shawl becomes a sarong. Put a sweater over a dress, and that dress becomes a skirt. Scrunch a tube top around your neck, and that tube top becomes a cowl. Most of us are pretty open to letting our clothing multi-task. But what about jewelry?

Jewelry can do more than just adorn, and some very simple tricks can totally transform how certain pieces get worn. Here are a few ways that I and my fellow bloggers have retooled our jewels. READ MORE

Reader Request: Necklaces and Necklines

How to wear necklaces and necklines

Read the updated version of this post here!

Readers Pranita, Meli22 AND Jingle Bella all requested some advice on how necklaces and necklines interact. How can I say no to three lovely readers?

This is a tricky subject, as the various styles of necklines sit differently depending on your shoulder width, bust size, and rib cage span … not to mention the fact that my opinions vary from those of some experts. But I think I can illustrate my reasoning with a few do and dont photos, and let you make your own choices from there! READ MORE