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This Week I Love …

… ear jackets, crawlers, and duet earrings.

I’m still a bit amazed that new types of earring could be created AT ALL, and tickled that these three styles have become more mainstream and wearable since they first showed up on celebs walking the red carpet. They’re edgy, off-kilter, and not likely to suit everyone’s taste, but if you’re curious to try ear jackets, ear crawlers, or duet earrings, here are a few styles I’m ogling these days:


Pulso Onyx Chandelier Bar Studs – $45

I own these, as evidenced by this weekend’s outfit post, and they are so lovely in motion. They’re also quite comfortable to wear and stay put without pinching at all. I have the onyx version, but I believe these are pearls. (Wanted you to see a close-up on them on!) 5% of Pulso’s profits are donated to a different charity each month.

cairo ear jackets

Baublebar Cairo Ear Jackets – $28

I own these, too, and they’ve turned out to be surprisingly versatile. I reach for them when a drop feels like too much, but a stud feels like not enough. They come in silver, gold, and rose gold, too.

ear jacket

Diamond Shield Ear Jacket Pin – $21.99

How cool is THAT? It’s sold as a single, but you could wear with a gold stud in the other ear, or try this similar ear pin minus the dangle.

sam edelman earrings

Sam Edelman Gold Textured Front Back Earrings – $35

I’ve got a slightly more claw-like version of these myself, and adore them. (Mine are shaped like this, but textured.) I worried that the heavy back would slip off on its own, but it’s quite secure. My pair drew a compliment from my 72-year-old dad. Surprised the heck outta me, but pleased me to no end.

noir ear jackets

nOir Jewelry Front and Back Drop Earrings – $19.56

These will be much subtler in their front-backery, but I bet they’ll be so graceful in motion.This pair also comes in gold. I love pretty much everything nOir designs – this mismatched pair with a spiky ear crawler is spectacular, too.

sunburst ear jackets

Renegade Silver Oxidized Sunburst Ear Jackets – $32

This pair is just sold as just jackets, which means you can swap in any post you like. Of course, you can do that with any ear jackets, but some styles are more conducive than others. These would look fab with a pearl or CZ stud.

duet earrings

Double-sided Ball Studs – $7.77

I’ve seen this style called “duet,” and although the look of the earrings takes some getting used to, I love that name. The larger ball sits behind your lobe and just peeks out. When the back ball is really large it can look droopy and almost painful, but these two are close enough in size that they just look unusual and eye-catching.

Anyone else digging this trend? Are you partial to ear jackets, crawlers, duets, or all of the above?

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This Week I Love …

… jasper and agate jewelry.

Now that I’m working with a palette of mostly neutrals, I’ve become more interested in earth-tone jewelry. I still love my metals, but something about the unpredictable patterns of browns, greens, blacks, whites, rust reds, and other sophisticated shades feels like a great complement to my summery badass looks. Here are some jasper and agate pieces I’m drooling over these days.


moss agate earrings

Green Moss Agate Earrings – $8.09

Such an elegant shape, and an amazing price. They’re large at 2″ long and a bit on the heavy side, so if you need lightweight earrings these might not be the best choice. Jewelili offers other smaller agate earrings, and some lovely necklaces.


Blue Sodalite Jasper Pendant – $12.89

Actually, I’d love to snap up all eight stone necklaces from Barker Wild’s shop. But this mottled blue pendant is definitely a winner, and the bits of olive mean it’ll work beautifully in neutral mixes. Chain length can be customized on request.


Leather Beaded Jasper Wrap Bracelet – $44.49

I will always adore the look of wrap bracelets, and this rich red jasper version with a black agate closure is a beaut. Might even pass for merlot, color of the year, and would look lovely with these simple red jasper drop earrings.

jasper ear jackets

Noir Rhodium Tone Jasper Earrings – $25

Sigh. Two current obsessions in one place with these: Jasper and ear jackets. I love everything Noir makes, and these quirky yet sleek ear jackets are no exception. Too bad orange isn’t in my current palette … maybe it’s in yours? (Also in lovely lapis and a few other colors/stones.)

agate bracelet

Stone Cuff Bracelet – $14.99

Simple, elegant, and just a little bit edgy. Love how the lines on the black agate echo the lines created by the wire wrapping. Lots of other choices including pink agate, apatite, and Botswana agate.

target Pear Agate Pendant Necklace

Pear Agate Pendant – $29.99

A little tough to tell how long this necklace is from the listing, but it’d look equally lovely worn long or sitting within a v-shaped neckline. Delicate but eye-catching.


Picasso Jasper Bracelet – $24

Picasso jasper might be my absolute favorite, since it’s nearly always warm and earthy. This mix of ovals and circles is subtle, but adds to the overall beauty of the piece. Other Elina Mira Picasso jasper pieces are here.

Anyone else a fan of these two earthy stones? Got any favorite designs or designers?

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Reader Request: Pairing Earrings and Statement Necklaces

earrings and statement necklaces

Reader Sarah e-mailed me this question:

I tend to gravitate toward matchy-matchy pieces, perhaps because they seem safe and that’s primarily what was modeled growing up in a rural community. In particular, I struggle to find earrings that go with statement necklaces, especially when one or the other contains colored stones or beads. Most of my earrings tend to be relatively short drops, but at times they seem to detract from or contrast with the necklaces. If I go without either the earrings or necklace, my look seems incomplete; earrings tend to disappear into my curly hair or my neck feels too open. Any advice?

With a statement necklace, I always default to studs. Since the necklace and earrings are close to each other, you don’t want them to compete and long, dangly earrings will definitely group with a big necklace and give the impression of a lot of jewelry. However, my ears are entirely exposed because of my short hair, so all earrings are quite visible on me. In Sarah’s case, she’s got thick, curly hair that can obscure small earrings. A large stud may still work, but the next step is simple drop earrings. You want your earrings to stay fairly close to your lobes so true danglers may look like overkill, but something with a single gem or small dangly element should work in most cases.

If your necklace has colored stones or beads and you’d rather not match their color with your earrings, you can do studs or drops in whatever metal is used in the necklace’s hardware. If that creates a visual disconnect for you, repeat the metal in your bracelet or watch. So, basically, match your bracelet and earrings and let the necklace stand alone.

Those are my rules of thumb. What are yours? How to you pick earrings to complement your big, statement-y necklaces?

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