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Dogsledding Style: A Guest Post from Author Blair Braverman

Earlier this year, writer and dogsledder Blair Braverman reached out to me about writing a guest post. As soon as I learned a bit more about her and discovered that she was coming to the Twin Cities for a reading of her new book, Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube, I knew we had to meet. After attending the reading and meeting up for a lovely breakfast, I admired her even more for her honesty, courage, and willingness to follow her heart. We talked about what it meant to be a “tough girl,” the challenges of freelance writing, working in a male-dominated field, and the joys of life with animals.


Jamie from Third Wheel ED on Gender, Recovery, and Identity


I linked to Third Wheel ED a couple of months ago, a post in which Jamie mused on the power of hair that I absolutely adored. After that, she reached out and offered to write a guest post, saying, “Currently as I’m going through my recovery, I am struggling with finding clothes that are both comfortable and appropriate for a work setting, and that simultaneously satisfy my gender expression with my body’s new shape. I would love to talk more about the process of figuring this out and finding clothes etc because I think this is a much larger problem that people don’t talk about.” I said I’d be honored, and here we are!


Guest Post: Nancy Dilts on Textile Recycling

Today I’m thrilled to welcome sustainable stylist Nancy Dilts back to Already Pretty! A few weeks ago, Nancy and I got to talking about textile recycling – a topic that fascinates me, as someone who is trying to shop and live more sustainably – and eventually I found myself begging her to share her knowledge with you folks. So I’ll turn it over to Nancy and let her dig right in.

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Consign, Donate, or RECYCLE?

As a wardrobe consultant who specializes in practicing sustainable consumerism, a large part of my work with clients is to help them embrace their personal style sustainably, using three strategies: