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Jamie from Third Wheel ED on Gender, Recovery, and Identity


I linked to Third Wheel ED a couple of months ago, a post in which Jamie mused on the power of hair that I absolutely adored. After that, she reached out and offered to write a guest post, saying, “Currently as I’m going through my recovery, I am struggling with finding clothes that are both comfortable and appropriate for a work setting, and that simultaneously satisfy my gender expression with my body’s new shape. I would love to talk more about the process of figuring this out and finding clothes etc because I think this is a much larger problem that people don’t talk about.” I said I’d be honored, and here we are!


Guest Post: Nancy Dilts on Textile Recycling

Today I’m thrilled to welcome sustainable stylist Nancy Dilts back to Already Pretty! A few weeks ago, Nancy and I got to talking about textile recycling – a topic that fascinates me, as someone who is trying to shop and live more sustainably – and eventually I found myself begging her to share her knowledge with you folks. So I’ll turn it over to Nancy and let her dig right in.

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Consign, Donate, or RECYCLE?

As a wardrobe consultant who specializes in practicing sustainable consumerism, a large part of my work with clients is to help them embrace their personal style sustainably, using three strategies:


Guest Post: Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, Author of Face Value

I am not exaggerating when I say that Autumn Whitefield-Madrano is one of my all-time favorite people in the universe. We’ve hung out a grand total of three times in about five years of knowing each other, but we’re pretty well convinced we were sisters in a past life. Or really, really chummy cousins. She is INCREDIBLY smart and insightful, and examines some of the most complex issues surrounding modern womanhood with skill and delicacy, while also being brutally honest about her own confusion and frustration with unknowns. So, naturally, I was over the moon when I heard she’d secured a book deal.