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Already Prettypoll: Your Wardrobe Palette

Years ago, I rebelled against the idea of creating a set palette of colors for my wardrobe. I loved ALL of the colors, and didn’t want to limit myself. But as time has passed and I’ve worked with more clients and my own style preferences have shifted, I’ve come to understand the utility of a palette. It narrows your shopping options, it helps create cohesion within your wardrobe, and it makes outfit assembly easier. My own current palette is mostly black, gray, and olive with burgundy, navy, and brown as secondary options. I’ve worked with clients who stuck to black and cool bright colors, ones who shifted to gray and jewel tones, and a few who worked with neutrals exclusively. Palettes are extremely personal.

Do you have a set palette of colors for your wardrobe? What is it, and how did you come to land on it?

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Already Prettypoll: Color or Texture?

Husband Mike is all about texture when it comes to clothes. Always has been. In fact, his texture connoisseurship has made me more attuned to textures myself. I always loved how certain fibers felt – especially cashmere and silk – but texture also impacts how a garment LOOKS. I used to be more focused on color, but having moved toward a more muted aesthetic, I focus a lot more on texture now.

And you? When you are considering making/buying/thrifting a garment, are you more interested in color or texture? Why?

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Already Prettypoll: Your Neutral

I once challenged myself to spend an entire summer creating outfits that didn’t include black. And it was interesting and challenging at times. But ya know what I’ve realized since then? I LOVE BLACK. I prefer it in neutral mixes or with the occasional cool bright color so I definitely don’t wear it with any- and everything. But, like many people, I adore the mystery, toughness, elegance, and versatility of black. If I could only wear one neutral color for the rest of my days, it would be black. (Cognac brown would be second, but it’s so specific to accessories that it’s a pretty distant second.)

I’m betting that most of you will vote Team Black, too, but let’s hear from everyone: What’s your preferred neutral? Why? Do you own both clothing and accessories in this color? Does it dominate your wardrobe, or just accent it?

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