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Don’t Know What You’ve Got Till it’s Gone

There is beauty in your body if you'll only let yourself see it.
Your body is constantly changing. It simply never stops. You may feel like you’ve grown into your final physical form – believe that the years of radical transformation have ended – but don’t kid yourself. In the coming months and years, your muscles will swell and shrink, and your skin will change its tone, and your hair will thicken and thin, and your weight will shift all over the damn place. Some of these changes will delight you and some of these changes will alarm you and many of them will surprise you. But whether you can see it or not, your body is changing right now.


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Selective Focus

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Focus is a choice.

When you look in the mirror and see nothing but cellulite and wrinkles, chin hair and knee fat and tiny boobs, it may feel like you’re seeing these things because they’re SO obvious, or SO horrible, or SO defining. You may assume these things are all there is of you to be seen.

But you are, in fact, choosing to focus on those aspects of your physique. You need to learn about your entire body – both the things you adore and the things you resent – in order to nurture and understand it. But while acknowledging the aspects of your body you don’t adore can be a helpful practice if you want to maximize your figure and look and feel your best, obsessing over them can become dangerous and counterproductive.


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Pixie Cut to Asymmetric: A Visual Journal

I feel the tiniest bit weird doing a post about the evolution of my hair … but since I LOVE it when other people share visual recaps of style changes, I’m gonna assume some of you do, too! I cut my hair short in  July of 2011, and it has been evolving ever since. Most recently, I took it from a traditional(ish) pixie cut to an asymmetric curly cut. Let’s look at this in stages, shall we?

Getting some length going

How to grow out a pixie cut: How I changed my style from pixie to asymmetric!

Before I could get a truly asymmetrical look, I needed to grow my hair out a bit. I was worried this would be incredibly awkward, and there were definitely a few weeks in there when I felt like something bizarre was happening on top of my head. But having a patient and skilled stylist is essential, and luckily, I have Jaimie! She made the grow-out phase less painful. These images span September 2014 to July 2015. (I’ve been a Deva Curl girl for years now, but swapped out products over time – in case you’re curious I was using the Set Up and Above pomade at this length.)