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A Pass

Since you are, no doubt, your own harshest critic.

Since you often look at yourself and see a mass of flaws.

Since your body-centric frustrations seem impossible to shake off.

Since constant self-loathing can exhaust you into depression.

Since permission can be key to unlocking self-acceptance and forgiveness.

Since you are so much more glorious than you realize and so much more worthy than you know, I am giving you a pass.

Today, whenever you look at your thighs and wish they were smaller, look at your wrinkles and wish they were gone, look at your reflection and wish it was different, I want you to think of me. Think of me saying, “YOU! You’re amazing. You are a stunning, luminous creature of beauty and there is no one else like you in this big, beauty-filled world. I see exactly how gorgeous you are, and I celebrate you.” READ MORE

Originally posted 2011-05-26 06:17:06.

Tell Me Why

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Back in June, I grabbed coffee with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in nearly ten years. We’d known each other since the third grade, and I was simply elated to have found her again after such a long separation. We caught each other up as best we could, and much of that catching-up involved me jawing extensively about this blog. Since she’d known me looooooong before I gave a hoot about color mixing or proportion or figure flattery, she asked, “How did you become interested in style, anyway?” And I found myself articulating something important that I’m not sure I’ve ever shared. READ MORE

Originally posted 2009-07-21 05:51:00.

Reader Request: What to Do About a Farmer’s Tan

Tips for dressing around a farmer's tan, or disguising summer tan lines.

Reader Suze in CO asked about farmer’s tans in the comments of this post, and then followed up in an e-mail, saying:

You asked, “I’m curious if you’re interested in a post on ways to dress around a ‘farmer’s tan,’ ways to respond to folks who comment, ways to feel comfortable with it, or all of the above.” I guess “all of the above” is most accurate, though I don’t hear a ton of comments from people about the tan. But I do get the looks – you know the kind I’m talking about. Like most women, I’m particularly sensitive to those assessing, disapproving looks that we know are all about how we appear. If someone was rude enough to actually say something, it would be much easier to handle. READ MORE

Originally posted 2013-07-24 06:15:26.