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What Does It Mean to Love Your Body?

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People who struggle to cultivate positive body image – myself included – seldom feel overwhelmed by sweeping waves of love for our bodies. We struggle, which means that many days we don’t feel that great about our physical selves. And if you’re in the same boat, you may hear people talking about the importance of loving your body and think, “Love? I can’t even make it to ‘like’ most of the time.”


What Does Body Positivity Mean to You?


Almost every week, you can find something published in relation to the current body positive movement, i.e. ‘body positivity.’  I often share articles that I come across on the topic over on my Tumblr blog. A major goal of this movement is the long-awaited equalization between women who wear plus sizes and those who wear so-called ‘regular sizes.’ For decades women who wore larger sizes have felt like they were being treated and/or projected in an inferior way to their smaller-sized peers. Why? First, it was virtually impossible to find fashionable clothing in double digit sizes. Secondly, the lack of equal visible visual representation in mainstream media and retail advertising strategies was a source of contention.


“Acceptable” Prejudice

This one may get a little rambly, so bear with me …

Earlier this spring, I went to a comedy musical play. It was around the time of the Oscars which, this year, were so appallingly lacking in diversity that some celebs chose to boycott. The cast of this play had at least 15 people and only one person of color in the group. In one scene, she does an ad-lib aside about being the only person of color in the cast, in which she mentioned the oscars, and made a few salient points about casting. And then one of the leads said, “OK, now get out of here, the white people are talking.” So some self-awareness in the mix, if not actual diversity. And a sign that the writers were trying not to be bigoted asshats. Or so I assumed.