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Healing Your Body Image is a Journey


Like many people, I love closure. I love achieving goals. I love ticking things off my to-do list and putting things to bed. Open-ended projects make me itchy and anxious. I want things tidy and complete, not endlessly in revision.

But my house will always be at least slightly in flux because it’s old and needs occasional repairs. Plus my tastes and needs change, furniture wears out or falls apart, floors get worn and paint peels. My wardrobe will never be “done” because my body is constantly in flux and so is my style. I’ll probably never visit every single place on my dream vacation list because I’m not made of money and don’t have access to endless free time.


All Bodies


A couple of months ago, I was invited to meet with a transgender support group here in the Twin Cities to talk about shopping, style, and outfit assembly, and I was so honored. I try my best to be an ally to the transgender community, and although I know my efforts fall short, I keep trying. Every week, I read lots and lots and LOTS of articles about the issues facing this community of people, both in terms of shopping and dressing challenges and general prejudices and dangers. A year ago, when Nadine pointed out to me that there are relatively few trans voices in the mainstream fashion blogging community, I realized she was absolutely right and was thrilled when she agreed to become an Already Pretty contributor. I was excited to offer my help, such as it was, to this local group who’d invited me to speak and hoped I’d have some helpful answers for them.


Guest Post: Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, Author of Face Value

I am not exaggerating when I say that Autumn Whitefield-Madrano is one of my all-time favorite people in the universe. We’ve hung out a grand total of three times in about five years of knowing each other, but we’re pretty well convinced we were sisters in a past life. Or really, really chummy cousins. She is INCREDIBLY smart and insightful, and examines some of the most complex issues surrounding modern womanhood with skill and delicacy, while also being brutally honest about her own confusion and frustration with unknowns. So, naturally, I was over the moon when I heard she’d secured a book deal.