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Reader Request: Coping with Post-haircut Questions and Comments

pixie cut from back

Reader Sonia reached out with this request:

I have read your piece “If You Want To, You Should Totally Chop Off All Your Hair” (brilliant!) several times, and after two years of psyching myself up, I made an appointment to totally chop off all my hair. I am 100% committed. And excited! And terrified. My hair is currently one length, mostly straight, and ends several inches below the tops of my shoulders. I’m 45, and it’s been this way (or longer) for 26 years. And I’m SO TIRED OF IT. Hence, the chopping.


Sunscreens I’ve Known and Loved

Here in the U.S., high summer is upon us, which means we’re spending far more time outside soaking up the sun’s warming rays. I live in a climate with a six-month winter, so I would never scold anyone who spends every spare moment enjoying the warm weather … unless she does so without first applying a serious sunscreen. Even if you’re reading from the wintry southern hemisphere, I hope you’ll stick with me today because sun protection is a year-round game! And finding sunscreens and sunblocks that truly work for your skin and lifestyle is essential to staying healthy and protected. So with that in mind, here are three of my favorites, and the reasons why I love ’em.


Wear “Unflattering” Make Up, Look Like An Alien Sexpot

By Kristine Rose, AP Contributor

When it comes to any facet of the beauty industry, “flattering” is a hard concept to shake. People can be grouped according to different body shapes, face shapes, or hair types. There are even specific lines of makeup designed to coordinate with your eye, hair, or skin color. The idea is to come as close to “ideal” or conventional attractiveness as possible. However, flattery doesn’t have to be so all or nothing. You can pick and choose the parts that appeal to you. You can also disregard it entirely.