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The idea of a “signature look” is hotly debated. Every other article sings the praises of a fashion or make-up uniform, an easily identifiable short cut to what makes you you. Then there’s the inevitable backlash, stating that you don’t need to make such a firm commitment, and your daily look should reflect how you feel in the current moment.

Both points of view are totally valid but I enjoy the idea of a consistent look on a daily basis.


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Why Taking Half an Hour to Wash My Face is a Form of Self-care

face washing routine

I believe I’ve spent some time carping about my nightly ablutions here on the blog. I have very, VERY sensitive, fussy, breakout-prone skin and over time I’ve learned that if I don’t take meticulous care of it, it will punish me. With large, painful zits. And for years, I resented the time it took me to prepare my face for sleeping. I resented my Clairsonic and the system of washcloths and the fancy cleansers and lotions I need to use to keep the infuriatingly delicate balance necessary to prevent breakouts. I dreaded the whole rigamarole.