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Wear “Unflattering” Make Up, Look Like An Alien Sexpot

By Kristine Rose, AP Contributor

When it comes to any facet of the beauty industry, “flattering” is a hard concept to shake. People can be grouped according to different body shapes, face shapes, or hair types. There are even specific lines of makeup designed to coordinate with your eye, hair, or skin color. The idea is to come as close to “ideal” or conventional attractiveness as possible. However, flattery doesn’t have to be so all or nothing. You can pick and choose the parts that appeal to you. You can also disregard it entirely.



The idea of a “signature look” is hotly debated. Every other article sings the praises of a fashion or make-up uniform, an easily identifiable short cut to what makes you you. Then there’s the inevitable backlash, stating that you don’t need to make such a firm commitment, and your daily look should reflect how you feel in the current moment.

Both points of view are totally valid but I enjoy the idea of a consistent look on a daily basis.


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