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Disapproving Looks

Top – Patty Boutik
Leggings – GuessSimilar
Boots – Nine WestSimilar
Sweater – 69th & MadisonSimilar
Belt – ?? – Similar

The other day while wearing this outfit I experienced something very new.  So new that I don’t know if I have ever experienced it.  On occasion people will look me in the face and give me an obviously disapproving look.  It is quite clear with some people that they do not approve of transgender people and it is obvious that is what they are reacting to.  On the Internet some people tell me that if they saw me in public they would never know that I was not born a woman.  While I know that there is a wide range of possibilities for how humans look, I also know that I have figured out how to take a halfway decent picture, and that in real life, if you interact with me long enough, you will eventually know without a doubt that I was born as a male.  Thus when people look me in the face and give a disappointing look, it is obvious to me why.


Plus Size Pinafore Dress

New Look pinafore dress, River Island zip front boots River Island zip front boots

Pinafore dress- New Look

Metallic top- New Look

Silver boot- River Island

bag- Rebecca Minkoff

I never thought I would ever wear anything related to a pinafore in my adult life. You see, my school uniform consisted of the most unflattering sack-like pinafore in an equally unflattering shade of doomsday grey. I could not wait to get rid of that thing. But hey, here I am in a pinafore dress that is way cuter and less traumatising.  I paired it with a metallic top to avoid any school girl vibes and these silver boots I had been stalking for ages added just the right touch of modernity meets 70s vibe.


Clothes as Friends?


When I first started buying female clothes it was such a thrilling experience to finally allow myself the freedom to actually do it, it was almost overwhelming.  At the time, it really didn’t matter that the clothes didn’t fit all that well, and that they didn’t really coordinate with each other to create outfits.  All that really mattered was that they were female and that I had bought them for myself.  This was more than twenty years ago, when I was in my early twenties and it was such a newfound freedom that I was fairly giddy with the excitement of it all.  Not a sexual excitement as many cross dressers are prone to, but an excitement of unbridled freedom. Freedom of finally allowing myself to do something that I had longed for the vast majority of my life.