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Kill the Monster Syndrome


I recently had a conversation with a transgender individual where they asked me how they could help their wife to become comfortable with them shaving their body hair.  My response was to tell them that it is their body and they are free to do with it as they pleased.  This straightforward response was not well received.  They indicated that their wife was afraid that by shaving their body hair that the cat would be out of the bag.  Then everybody around them would know for certain that they were transgender.


Sweet Summer 16

I’m so happy to be here with you again as a Guest Contributor on Already Pretty! The Fall season is well underway, but I can’t help but think back on how sweet this past Summer was 🙂 Yes, Sweet Summer 16! How was your Summer? Perhaps you took an exciting Summer vacation? Or maybe you finally finished that project you’ve been working on? Did you enjoy some down time, perhaps using it as an opportunity to unwind and reconnect? Me too!!! LOL! Yes, Summer is the stuff that our dreams are made of <3


You Can Pry My Glitter From My Cold, Dead Hands

In the weeks preceding the style-defining moment that is New Year’s Eve, my friend Melanie had the gall to suggest my devotion to glitter was becoming a problem. I was gleefully laying out my make-up and accessories game plan for the big night when she dropped a bomb shell: “Your New Year’s Eve resolution should be giving up glitter for a month.” How could someone who claims to love me suggest something so cruel? So here I am, putting her on blast (which she will love, as we both subscribe to the same dogma: the only bad attention is no attention) and let that be a lesson to you all. Love of glitter is a lifestyle choice, not a personal failing. I can stop any time I want.


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