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Wear “Unflattering” Make Up, Look Like An Alien Sexpot

By Kristine Rose, AP Contributor

When it comes to any facet of the beauty industry, “flattering” is a hard concept to shake. People can be grouped according to different body shapes, face shapes, or hair types. There are even specific lines of makeup designed to coordinate with your eye, hair, or skin color. The idea is to come as close to “ideal” or conventional attractiveness as possible. However, flattery doesn’t have to be so all or nothing. You can pick and choose the parts that appeal to you. You can also disregard it entirely.


Gracey Wears: A Crop Top

Yes, that’s right, several seasons after they came back in style, I’ve decided to try wearing a crop top:

gracey the giant in vintage Jantzen skirt & cropped sweater

And I’m wearing it in the only way I know how; with a high-waist, vintage skirt:

gracey the giant in vintage Jantzen skirt, cropped sweater & cage sandals

One reason I thrift so many midi skirts is that you can hike them up to your rib cage if needed.  I hiked this one all the way up,  so there is no gap between my waistline and the hemline of my top:

old navy cropped sweater & vintage Jantzen skirt close up

I know a sliver of skin can be an effective way to combat the inherent boxiness of crop tops, and is considered on-trend, but not where I work.  In fact, there was a minor kerfuffle the other day over bare ankles (not mine), so, yeah, a sliver of skin is not happening.


Geometric Print Maxi Dress

Red Herring maxi dress, See by Chloe bucket bag, Rubi fringe sandals Red Herring maxi dress, See by Chloe bucket bag, Rubi fringe sandals Red Herring maxi dress, See by Chloe bucket bag, Rubi fringe sandals

Dress- Red Herring

Bag- See by Chloe

Sandals- Rubi ( out of stock, similar)

Watch- Casio

When summer comes around, my style tends to steer towards the bohemian aesthetic. It’s way easier to style loose, flowy fabrics and sandals this time of year. Some people are most comfortable in jeans and a tee but I would choose a maxi dress in a heartbeat. Does your style aesthetic change with the seasons too?

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