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What Does Body Positivity Mean to You?


Almost every week, you can find something published in relation to the current body positive movement, i.e. ‘body positivity.’  I often share articles that I come across on the topic over on my Tumblr blog. A major goal of this movement is the long-awaited equalization between women who wear plus sizes and those who wear so-called ‘regular sizes.’ For decades women who wore larger sizes have felt like they were being treated and/or projected in an inferior way to their smaller-sized peers. Why? First, it was virtually impossible to find fashionable clothing in double digit sizes. Secondly, the lack of equal visible visual representation in mainstream media and retail advertising strategies was a source of contention.


Self Objectification, Kim K., and the Power of Not Giving a F*ck

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Image by Mark Raker

By Kristine Rose, AP contributor

I will always be grateful to the Jewish side of my family for not being pushy. From them I got some chocolate-covered coins, a few good stories, and my wavy hair. The Catholic side was a bit keener on the indoctrination shtick. From the age of seven I was to attend CCD classes so Jesus could enter my heart; whether I wanted him there or not wasn’t much of a concern. For a few weeks the teacher gave me the hard sell and I gave this unfamiliar world a shot. I even opened the bible of my own accord a couple of times. Some of it was violent, I could dig that.


Gracey Wears: A Chambray Blazer Three Ways

Dearest Reader Friends, I have something to confess: I don’t like jean jackets.

*Pauses to wait to be struck down by a bolt of stylish lightning from the Fashion Gods.*

*No lightning forthcoming. Resumes confession*

Because, here’s the what with myself and jean jackets.  I don’t look good in them.  I don’t look timelessly cool or chic.  I look like a box.  A denim box.  And there isn’t anything wrong with being a denim box if you are, well, a box made of denim.  But, I am not a box made of denim and therefore don’t want to look like a denim box.