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Clothes as Friends?


When I first started buying female clothes it was such a thrilling experience to finally allow myself the freedom to actually do it, it was almost overwhelming.  At the time, it really didn’t matter that the clothes didn’t fit all that well, and that they didn’t really coordinate with each other to create outfits.  All that really mattered was that they were female and that I had bought them for myself.  This was more than twenty years ago, when I was in my early twenties and it was such a newfound freedom that I was fairly giddy with the excitement of it all.  Not a sexual excitement as many cross dressers are prone to, but an excitement of unbridled freedom. Freedom of finally allowing myself to do something that I had longed for the vast majority of my life.


Joi’s Take: How to Wear White After Labor Day

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Over the past few years, multiple fashion sources have advised us that it is now OK to break a major fashion rule: We are now permitted to wear white after Labor Day. In fact, it is even recommended! Long gone are the days that we have to wait until after Memorial Day, yet prior to Labor Day to cram in wearing all white colored clothing! Whoo hoo!!!

To be completely honest, we never needed anyone’s permission to wear white clothing during any time of the year.  I personally enjoy wearing white all year long. Sometimes women inquire as to how exactly this can be done. In my mind it is pretty simple – just do it, LOL! Nonetheless, today’s post features a foolproof way to break down the barrier if you feel somewhat hesitant about wearing white during cool weather months. Simply pair it with a dark color. For this look I opted for black, as black and white is my favorite color duo.


Learning To Be More Realistic About Your Style


After around 20 years of working on it, I can safely say I feel at home in my personal style. I started caring about my wardrobe around the age of six when I had one non-negotiable requirement: That everything I wore from head to toe had to be some shade of green. I also insisted my name was Angela and if people didn’t call me that, I wouldn’t respond to them. One time I got three goldfish and tried to name them all Angela until my mother convinced me they would have existential crises without their own distinct identities and so I conceded by naming them Angela, Tangela, and Rangela. I had a lot of problems, is what I’m saying. But with those problems came strong sartorial convictions that have persisted to this very day. I know what I like.