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Hello Yellow!

Forever 21 Plus yellow lace dress, Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.B tote, New Look espardilles, River Island rose gold choker Rebecca Minkoff mini M.A.B tote green

Dress- Forever 21 Plus (OOS, similar)

Shoes- New Look

Bag- Rebecca Minkoff 

Choker- River Island

I’m not someone who is shy of color yet I’ve never been obsessed with any color in particular. But lately, I’ve developed this new obsession with everything yellow (this happened before Lemonade, I swear) and apart from many pretty yellow dresses, I now want the perfect yellow bag. I’m sure it’s something Miranda Priestly would credit to the fashion industry’s influence on an everyday girl like me, but whatever it is, please let me know if you spot a delightful bag in the perfect shade of yellow 🙂


Fear of Rejection


Sometimes, well oftentimes, I drive myself absolutely bonkers! And I wonder, why do I keep doing this?  What, dressing as a woman?  Nope, not that, instead, putting myself out there.  It is rather surprising to me.  To outside observer reports, apparently I am the penultimate of confidence and security.  I mean how else exactly does one dress up as a woman, interact with the general public, and actually appear normal enough?

Yet the reality is that I often feel like a small child, deathly afraid of the monster that is hiding at the end of the long dark hallway.  My instinct tells me, no, don’t do it, don’t put yourself outgg_useless_by_catmaniac8x-d61yhu8 there, don’t walk down that hall, the monster is going to rip your head off sending blood flying in all directions and you will watch as your body slumps down into the long haul of death.  And still… I take step after step, walking down that hall… anticipating the monster… waiting… watching… filled with fear and dread…


For the Love of Vintage


Hello there, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to share another post with you! I thought long and hard about what I wanted to discuss this time around and I decided that it’s high time that I really opened up my heart to you! 🙂 Let’s talk “first loves”! To be more specific, I’m thinking about my very ‘first style love,’ which is none other than V I N T A G E!!!


I recently teamed up with several of my favorite vintage style bloggers for a joint blog post (see here). I started thinking about my style journey over the years, and one thing has remained positively consistent: My love for vintage fashion and style. Although it is totally accurate that at times I shop from so called high-end retailers, I also shop mainstream retail sales, final clearance racks, last calls, estate sales, garage sales, swap parties, hand me downs, and thrift/consignment stores. In short, I shop just about EVERYWHERE! Nonetheless, vintage fashion has hands down been my favorite style genre for 20+ years.  The love that I have for vintage fashion/accessories is not going to change. See examples of my vintage looks here, here, here, and here.