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Boho Jewelry and a Babydoll Dress

Aso Curve chiffon soft babydoll dress, tibetan rings, Michael Kors Selma large, Breckelles gladiator sandalsBohemian Jewelry Tibetan rings

Dress- Asos Curve (low stock, similar here and here)

Jewelry- Flea market in Goa, India

Sandals- Amazon

Bag- Michael Kors

I’m new to the babydoll dress style, I don’t think I’ve ever worn one before and I think I have been missing out! They’re so flattering and airy, talk about perfect for summer. All of my jewelry is from Goa, India. If you’ve never been, shopping in India is amazing, especially the Goa flea markets. I absolutely love the Tibetan rings I have on here, they are so unique and only one seller had them in the entire flea market. My shoes are from Amazon, they are the only fashion purchase I have ever made from Amazon and I’m surprised at how well they’ve lasted. I might have to try shopping a little more on Amazon, any tips?


Selfie Lesson From My Dog

By Nadine Spirit, AP Contributor


This is my youngest dog, Indy, and this is one of about five good pictures I have of him.  No, he did not take a selfie, but his photos will hopefully help me to demonstrate my own picture taking philosophy – to get a good photo, take more!

indy 5

Pictured above is a partial listing of the 542 photos I have of Indy.  That is a lot of photos, especially when you consider that he is only a year old.  I really wish that I would have taken even more of them actually, because the vast majority of them are really bad.


Party of 1


Today’s post features a “Sunday Best” look that I wore on a rather dreary Sunday. It features a pattern toss, with stripes playing the leading role. Stripes are my absolute favorite pattern, with floral print falling closely behind as runner-up.

IMJ (1)This combination made me reflect on my sense of style, and what influences the styling choices that I make. You see, despite the fact that I love bold, saturated colors because they reflect the inner me (examples here, here, and here) and clashing prints because they feel like an extension of my personality (examples here, here, and here) I am outwardly very much reserved and an admitted introvert.