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Knee high Gladiator Sandals for Wide Calves

boohoo plus maya longline drape top, michael hors sutton large bag, breckelle's gladiator shoes, forever 21 plus shorts
boohoo plus maya longline drape top, michael hors sutton large bag, breckelle's gladiator shoes, forever 21 plus shorts breckelle's gladiator shoesTop- Boohoo Plus

Shorts- Forever 21 Plus

Shoes- Amazon, also available here 

I have been searching for knee high gladiator sandals for years, I could never find a pair that would zip up over my calves so I thought lace ups would be a better option. I’m glad I took a chance on these sandals, they were quite affordable so it wouldn’t hurt as much if they didn’t fit me. I know they look weird in the photos above, that’s because I just got them in the mail and immediately threw them on. Once I calmed down, I tightened up the laces the next day and they fit like a glove. My impatience to wear new stuff sometimes kills my common sense, haha! They’re adjustable and fit quite snugly around my curvy calves, and I think you can always buy ribbon or longer laces to customize them to your size.

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Welcome Nadine: Black & White Polka Dots

Time to meet another fabulous Already Pretty contributor, friends! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to Nadine, creator of Unordinary Style. When Nadine started blogging in 2010 she identified as a transvestite, but she has since come to identify as transgendered. She’s been incredibly open, honest, and patient as she shares her personal style and identity journeys with her readers, answering their curious questions and mulling her own. She’s also witty, kind, insightful, and has impeccable taste. Please join me in welcoming Nadine!

* * * * *

I think I am still in a bit of shock to be here contributing to my favorite blog, Already Pretty.    What I am sure of is that I am super grateful and extend my warmest thanks to Sally for the gracious invite and her help in getting started.  I also just want to say hi to all of you wondrous readers, so “Hi!”


Dress – White House Black MarketSimilar
Sweater – White House Black MarketSimilar
Belt – MossimoSimilar
Shoes – Franco SartoSimilar

Being as I am a sucker for just about anything black and white, I totally fell for this dress when I saw it.  But as is the case with many items I pick off the rack, I held my breath and waited until I could determine if it actually fit or not.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that it has a side zipper.  All too often items that will fit my waist will never actually make it over my shoulders, plus once or twice I have found myself desperately stuck in some garment I magically got over my shoulders only to find myself helplessly stuck!  But zippers so help to rectify those problems.  And side zippers?  Well then I can actually zip them up myself.  Plus the side zipper virtually disappears; bonus! Needless to say, I love this dress.



As of late I have been trying to become more comfortable with my arms showing.  At one point I would never go anywhere without something covering them.  Being transgender, I was convinced that if too many people could spot too many tells on me, I would be sure to be chased down and pitchforked and torched, just like Frankenstein’s monster!  But more and more I think it is just an aspect of my body that I should stop being paranoid about and learn to love.  Besides, where exactly would people keep torches and pitchforks nowadays?

How about you?  Are there parts of your body that you tend to try and hide?

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Hi, I’m Nadine Spirit and I have been a lifelong gender non-conformer. I have always understood that I am a bit different than most but it was not until sometime in my thirties that I came to understand that I am transgender. While I spend most of my time presenting as a male I am always presenting in a gender non-conforming manner. 

I started my blog, Unordinary Style, with the idea of being able to show a stylish side to those who identify as transgender. Since that time my blog has evolved into showing my personal style, discussing a wide variety of transgender topics, as well as posts about my personal life. My personal style continues to evolve as I attempt to continually push myself to pick stuff off of the racks, take it into the dressing room, and try on as much as I can. I am a firm believer in ignoring tag sizes, never paying retail prices, and due to a terrific allergy – that nickel should never be in any jewelry!

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Spring Wardrobe Capsule: My Run In Pastels

The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe

Joi’s Pastel Capsule Wardrobe

Hey Style Lovers! So, I recently took my very first try at creating a wardrobe capsule, and let me tell you, it truly was a challenge for me.



Why? Well, for one thing, I love variety. Switching up my style genres depending on my mood is a part of who I am (see examples here, here, and here). Yet, I also enjoy stepping outside of my box, especially on my own terms.  The idea of maximizing a minimal wardrobe fascinates me. To be sure, a wardrobe capsule can be considered somewhat confining: One usually mixes and matches similar pieces to create cohesive looks for multiple days and or events. But, those confinements also come with fringe benefits!


The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe: Take 1 of 4

Since this was my very first time I decided to take things slow:

2 main tops + 2 main bottoms = 4 different looks.

Spring is in the air, and what says springtime better than pastels?!

The Pastel Capsule: Take 2 of 4

The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe: Take 2

Here’s what I learned:

  1. Staying within the same color family is a simple way to go for beginners
  2. Don’t be afraid to switch up pieces and wear them in a way that you normally don’t. For example, I’m wearing one of my tops backwards. I’ve since discovered that I like it better that way :)
  3. Having a capsule wardrobe on hand makes getting dressed easy. It could be quite the ideal “go-to” for trips and work weeks.
  4. Don’t be afraid to challenge or limit yourself. You might actually enjoy it! The challenge for me was to limit my options, which in turn helped me to look at my clothes in a different way. This was a win/win for me!
The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe: Take 3 of 4

The Pastel Capsule Wardrobe: Take 3

For more details about what I’m wearing, visit my blog, here.

I’m curious: Have you tried creating your very own capsule wardrobe, or are you content with perusing them on Pinterest/ admiring them from afar? Which look is your favorite from my Spring Wardrobe Capsule?

Until next time!



I’m Joi and I blog my personal style via In My Joi. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up, yet notably, my personal style took on new dimensions when I hit my 30’s. You’ll find me saturated in bright colors, draped in vintage, and topped in hats. Occasionally I venture off to black and white combinations or take a playful dabble in mixed prints. It has been said that style is a way to express who you are, without having to speak. I wholeheartedly concur. Each day of life offers up a blank canvas, a fresh opportunity to use style to express different dimensions of my authentic self. Join my style adventures via Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook!

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