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Already Prettypoll: Bra Knowledge

I try to practice what I preach and get professionally fitted for a bra every year. My most recent fitting was my most educational: I learned how cup construction affects silhouette, how different bras serve different purposes, how tissue shape and placement is as relevant as volume. But even so, I’ll leave my fittings to the experts. Especially because I have tried to follow the measuring instructions on half a dozen websites, and each yields different results. Bras can be challenging and frustrating. So I’m curious:

When were you last fitted for a bra? Were you surprised by your size or anything else you learned? Have you successfully self-measured and/or ordered online with any luck? What style of bras work/don’t work for you (if you don’t mind sharing)?

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Already Prettypoll: The Visible Wardrobe

You’ve probably heard me say that keeping the majority of your wardrobe visible and accessible will help you remain aware of what you have and utilize it all. But a step beyond a well-organized closet is utilizing your wardrobe items for decor, or simply displaying them out in the open. People tend to have mixed feelings about this practice: Although jewelry is generally safe, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause fabrics to fade. And yet keeping your favorite pairs of shoes on a special shelf, or using some bright scarves to perk up a dark corner can be such fun.

Do you display any elements of your wardrobe in your living space? How did you pick the ones you’ve got out in the open? If you’ve got any links to articles showing creative ways to show off your shoes, accessories, and clothes, by all means share them in the comments!

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Already Prettypoll: Style Compliments

Over the seven years that I’ve been writing about style and body image in this space, I’ve brought up the subject of compliments dozens of times. Since I believe that caring about your appearance is a valuable part of general self-care – and that you have a brain AND a body, and shouldn’t ignore one and favor the other – I enjoy both giving out and receiving compliments about my personal style. Words of praise from strangers and friends have bolstered my confidence at times, and I try to pay that forward.

But I have found style- and appearance-related compliments to be a surprisingly contentious topic here. Although many enjoy both giving and receiving compliments, others feel that any comments on appearance are invasive or unwelcome. Some would prefer to be praised for accomplishments or strengths over biology or taste. A few are unnerved by compliments like, “You look lovely today” because the underlying message may be that today is the exception not the rule. Others have had traumatic experiences with catcalling and street harassment and just prefer to avoid any interaction that centers on discussions of appearance. And many more have offered nuanced and personal reasons and preferences surrounding praising style and appearance.

Every so often, I feel the need to revive this conversation and probe a bit deeper. So: How do you feel about being complimented on your style or appearance by peers, friends, or friendly strangers? Do you offer compliments to others? If you enjoy these interactions, why do you find them pleasant or valuable? If you avoid or dislike them, what upsets or unnerves you?

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