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Already Prettypoll: Social Media Style Inspiration

I’d say I poke around Pinterest between five and 15 times per day. It’s my can’t-think-of-anything-coherent-or-reasonable-to-write-at-the-moment brain break. It’s also my main source of style inspiration, social media-wise: I’m much more likely to search for outfit ideas or color combos on Pinterest than hit Instagram or Tumblr. Much of what I find and much of what I pin originates on blogs, so I suppose the two are intertwined. But due to its breadth and searchability, I’d say Pinterest is my social media fix of choice.

How about you? When you’re looking for style inspiration on social media, where do you look? Instagram? Blogs? Tumblr? Pinterest? Some combination of all?

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Already Prettypoll: Style Icons

Here’s a topic we haven’t tackled in a while: Who is your style icon, and why? If you don’t have one, I’d love to hear why, too!

Especially since I went for many years without one myself. I never really saw anyone whose style choices resonated with me to the point that I wanted to emulate them. Now, however, I’ve got three celebs – Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, and Kate Lanphear – and two bloggers – Alicia Hannah Naomi (who doesn’t post outfits much anymore, but when she does they look like this) and Margot Meanie – who inspire the living daylights outta me.

How about you?

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Already Prettypoll: Earrings, Necklaces, or Bracelets?

I was a necklace gal for ages, but I’ve been slowly shifting my focus to earrings. Giant dangly earrings aren’t practical for cold weather – high risk of catching on a scarf and yanking your lobe – which means this is not a pragmatic shift. But I’ve started to love the look of funky, jangly, even asymmetric earrings above and beyond my necklace affections. Especially now that we’ve got crawlers, duets, and jackets in the mix. If I could only wear one type of jewelry, it’d be earrings.

How about you? If you could only wear one type of jewelry, what would it be? Earrings, necklaces, or bracelets? Anyone out there a dyed-in-the-wool ring or brooch fan? Do tell!

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