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Already Prettypoll: Outfit Copycatting

I feel perfectly free to copycat any outfit I see on Pinterest, in a catalog, or in a magazine. I’m a little less inclined to steal ideas from the blogs I regularly read and link to, but have definitely cribbed ideas. Since I work from home I don’t have regular co-workers, but if I did I’d probably want to ask or discuss before re-creating the outfit of a colleague and wearing it to the office. (This never came up during my office days, though, so who knows?)

Do you copycat outfits? If so, which sources do you use? Are there any you don’t feel comfortable using?

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Already Prettypoll: Do You Enjoy Shopping?

It’s Cyber Monday. And although that activity is focused on buying online and (typically) buying gifts for others, it got me thinking about shopping in general.

I’ve enjoyed shopping my whole life. I’m a “thrill of the hunt” kind of person in all arenas; I love researching, digging deep, exploring all of the available possibilities. And shopping for clothes is no exception, which is why I tend to gravitate toward behemoth sites like Amazon and eBay for my huntings. I’m constantly excited by the transformative power of style, and enjoy investigating its trappings.

But I have many friends and clients who absolutely loathe it: They get overwhelmed, their budgets are too tight to buy what they see and want, their sizes aren’t available at in-person shops, their personal styles aren’t represented by mass-produced lines, they feel guilty spending on themselves instead of their families. The media loves to portray all women as shopping fiends, but it simply isn’t true.

Do you enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes, and accessories? Why or why not? Have you always felt this way, or has something shifted over time?

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Already Prettypoll: Social Media Style Inspiration

I’d say I poke around Pinterest between five and 15 times per day. It’s my can’t-think-of-anything-coherent-or-reasonable-to-write-at-the-moment brain break. It’s also my main source of style inspiration, social media-wise: I’m much more likely to search for outfit ideas or color combos on Pinterest than hit Instagram or Tumblr. Much of what I find and much of what I pin originates on blogs, so I suppose the two are intertwined. But due to its breadth and searchability, I’d say Pinterest is my social media fix of choice.

How about you? When you’re looking for style inspiration on social media, where do you look? Instagram? Blogs? Tumblr? Pinterest? Some combination of all?

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