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Already Prettypoll: Makeup Preferences

For most of my life, I wore zero makeup and felt great. I never even bothered with tinted lip balm, though I did occasionally dab some cover-up on my zits. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve added more and more cosmetics to my daily routine. On a super casual day I’ll just fill my eyebrows a bit and use a bit of under-eye concealer. But most days I also do BB cream, blush, and some light lip color. And despite railing against daily eye makeup for ages, I’m doing a bit of mascara more days than not.

As happens to many people, I’ve come to feel more polished and pulled-together with a bit of makeup on. But I don’t really love wearing it. It makes me feel delicate and smear-able, especially since I have a habit of rubbing my eyes without thinking. If I’m home alone all day, I’ll skip the stuff altogether. But if I’m going out, I’ve started to feel obliged.

Where do you fall on the makeup-wearing gradient? Never wear it at all, wear it but grudgingly, wear it with neutral feelings, or love wearing it? If you are a makeup lover, did you start playing with cosmetics fairly early? (My impression is that most devotees were fascinated by makeup since childhood.) If you avoid it altogether, do you do so for health, political, ease, or other reasons?

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Already Prettypoll: Online or In Person?

When people ask me, “Where do you love to shop in the Twin Cities,” my brain freezes. Because there are several thrift and consignment shops I love, and I make the occasional pilgrimage to Opitz … but at this point I do 95% of my shopping online. If I wander into a mall or down a boutique-lined street, I can always find something I like, but seldom find anything that’s on my wish list. And I’m at a point where adding wish list items trumps adding generally cute items. I can find what I need online in my size, at the pricepoint I’d like, new or used. Shopping in person is still fun, but shopping online is more productive.

But then, I’ve been shopping online for YEARS and know my measurements well, and know which brands work for me, and don’t get too annoyed when I need to ship things back. I know that all of those things can be roadblocks to some.

What about you? Do you prefer shopping in person or online? Why? Are the sizes and styles you need available only online? Do you have fit challenges that require you to try on in person? Do you wish you could shop in a different way, or are you content with your usual method?

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Already Prettypoll: Color or Texture?

Husband Mike is all about texture when it comes to clothes. Always has been. In fact, his texture connoisseurship has made me more attuned to textures myself. I always loved how certain fibers felt – especially cashmere and silk – but texture also impacts how a garment LOOKS. I used to be more focused on color, but having moved toward a more muted aesthetic, I focus a lot more on texture now.

And you? When you are considering making/buying/thrifting a garment, are you more interested in color or texture? Why?

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