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Already Prettypoll: This Again?

Some of you lovely readers may not be old enough to have lived through trends more than once, but I know many of you – like me – have. Neon, gauchos, slides/mules, midriff-baring shirts, and pegged jeans are all things I saw as a youngster and watched swing back into trendy favor again in recent years. I’ve heard some say that if you’ve lived through a trend once, you should pass on it the second time around … but I don’t adhere to that. When trends re-emerge, they’re often tweaked to fit contemporary sensibilities; Similar but not identical. And if you want to try them again, go for it.

But I will admit that I NEVER thought I’d want to wear neon or gauchos or pegged jeans again … and I did. I wanted to wear them and I wore them. Never say never, right?

Think about trends you participated in earlier in your life, then saw come back into fashion. Are there any you SWORE you’d never wear again … then changed your mind and embraced them?

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Already Prettypoll: Body Positive Art and Media

I try to keep my mind as open as possible, see things from as many vantage points as I can, and constantly absorb new information about what body positivity means to various people. But I’m still just me, limited by my perspective and privilege, geography and upbringing, limited views and limited understanding. So instead of creating a list of my own, I want to turn this one over to you all. Directly:

What do you consider to be body positive movies? Television shows? Songs or musicians? How about books or magazines? Visual art or visual artists? Plays or poetry? Please share any of your favorite body positive art and media in the comments.

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Already Prettypoll: Dominant Season vs. Season of Choice

The past two extensive vacations that HM and I have taken have been to Iceland and Britain. Apparently we’ll take cold and rain over warm beaches and poolside seats any day. We are northerners through and through, and although the winters here in Minnesota can be long, dark, and brutal, I’ll happily take them over endless humid summer days. I love layering, scarves, bundling up, and feeling covered. I am lucky enough to live in a place where the dominant season (winter) is my season of choice.

My friend Lorry is a native Californian who moved to Maine several years ago. I wasn’t sure she’d survive a New England winter, but she’s managed to pull through. However, I wouldn’t venture to say that her dominant season (fall/winter) is her season of choice (whatever the eternal fall-ish weather of Northern California might be called). Pretty sure she’d rather spend her Decembers in peacoats and leather boots than down parkas and Sorels.

How about you? When it comes to dressing, what is your season of choice? Is it the same as the dominant season in your place of residence? 

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