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Already Prettypoll: My Power Color

For as long as I can remember, red has been my power color. I shunned all things pink as a little girl in favor of bold, bright, superhero-y red, and I will probably consider it my favorite color forever. Red suits my coloring, but it also makes me FEEL strong and alive to wear it. Black is what I’ll wear if I need to feel cool and powerful, but if I want to feel firey, I reach for red.

Do you have  a power color? Doesn’t have to be something that makes you feel ferocious or aggressive, just a shade or tone that resonates with your centered inner self. What color do you wear when you want to amplify your personality? Has your current one always been your power color, or has it changed over time?

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Already Prettypoll: Shopping Weaknesses

Over time, I’ve been able to train myself out of (most) clearance rack snap decisions. The refrain of “this is not the last good deal in the world” helps me leave behind amazing bargains, especially when I know that I don’t need them and wasn’t looking for them in the first place. My shopping kryptonite? When the perfect thing crosses my line of sight after months of searching. Example: A recently purchased flippy tencel/denim skirt. I love it to bits and it’s perfect – and not something I’d found on the thrift racks or anywhere that might offer me a real deal – but I paid a lot for it. Possibly more than I should’ve for a casual skirt. But it was THE PERFECT THING!

My other weakness is seeing things I’ve added to my wishlist starting to sell out in my size. Scarcity. Gets me every time. Almost anyway.

What are your shopping weaknesses? Are you a sucker for a certain much-loved item – v-neck cardigans, ballet flats, etc. – under any circumstances? Swayed by bargain prices? Do you stalk stuff online and get anxious when you see your favorites selling out, as I do? What can make you buy, even if you weren’t planning to?

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Already Prettypoll: Seasonal Dressing Challenges

Considering the brutal winter we endured, I am more grateful than usual for summer’s warm temperatures and am doing my best to soak up the sunshine as often as I can. But I still find warm-weather dressing to be more challenging than cool-weather dressing. I LOVE to layer and feel like jackets and scarves and cardigans and boots add so much depth and interest to my outfits. When I’m forced to pare down to just a dress and sandals, I know to lean more heavily on prints and accessories for interest … but I just don’t feel as creative.

Other women I’ve spoken to absolutely LOATHE dressing for cooler weather because they feel bulked up in all those layers and can’t seem to create outfits that are comfy, warm, and stylish. They’re so much happier doing simple, easy summer and spring outfits that hang together easily – no tights, no bulky sweaters, just lightweight, breezy layers.

How about you? Do you struggle more with making your warm-weather outfits look interesting or making your cold-weather outfits feel chic? Or do you enjoy both? Find both to be challenging? Any tips or tricks to share?

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