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Already Prettypoll: Your Neutral

I once challenged myself to spend an entire summer creating outfits that didn’t include black. And it was interesting and challenging at times. But ya know what I’ve realized since then? I LOVE BLACK. I prefer it in neutral mixes or with the occasional cool bright color so I definitely don’t wear it with any- and everything. But, like many people, I adore the mystery, toughness, elegance, and versatility of black. If I could only wear one neutral color for the rest of my days, it would be black. (Cognac brown would be second, but it’s so specific to accessories that it’s a pretty distant second.)

I’m betting that most of you will vote Team Black, too, but let’s hear from everyone: What’s your preferred neutral? Why? Do you own both clothing and accessories in this color? Does it dominate your wardrobe, or just accent it?

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Already Prettypoll: Your Ultimate Shoe Style

Every Tuesday over on Facebook, we play around with a style choice question: Things like, “Would you rather have the only neutral in your closet be leopard print, or have the only neutral in your closet be black and white stripes?” And, “Would you rather wear tights to the gym or shapewear to sleep?” Today’s poll isn’t a choice, but I feel like it might still cause the same levels of imaginary anxiety!

If you could only wear one shoe style for the rest of your life, what would it be?

See what I mean? In my case, it would HAVE to be boots. I cannot imagine my style and life without them. But oh, the torture of 95-degree, fog-your-glasses-humid Minnesota summer days in boots! What’s your choice?

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Already Prettypoll: Care Instructions

I have transformed a few sweaters into potholders in the wash and caused the occasional rayon garment to shrink into unwearable tightness. Because although I follow garment care instructions about 85% of the time, I just cannot believe that an unembellished cotton/spandex top needs to be dry cleaned. AND. I’ve had many experiences where the instructions want me to dry a garment flat, and doing so leaves weirdly deep, totally un-iron-able creases everywhere while 10 minutes in the dryer makes it look perfect. For truly delicate garments, I hand wash, but most get put through my machine’s delicate cycle. It’s risky, but sometimes I save myself time, money, and aggravation and sometimes going against care instructions works better than following them.

And you? Are you a stickler for following garment care instructions to the letter? Or do you trust your own judgment based on fiber knowledge? A little of both? Any guidelines for when “dry clean only” is a lie? Any horror stories that have forced you to lauder exactly as instructed forever?

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