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Already Prettypoll: Feel Good Clothes

Although I believe clothes that look good on your body will often make you feel good about yourself, I also know that some clothes that look smashing feel awful. Like strapless dresses. And elegant 4″ heels. And when I talk with women about style, I always emphasize that clothing can make you feel good in a thousand ways: It can be a color that lifts your spirits, a pattern that engages or awakens you, a garment that you bought while traveling and evokes fond memories. It can be slippery silk on your skin, nubby linen, or some other pleasing texture that heightens your senses. It can be warm or enveloping, soft or smooth, bright or dark. Our feel-good clothes can look like just about anything.

Tell us about yours. When you open your closet, which items jump out as your feel-good clothes? What makes them special? Why do they lift your spirits? Are the ones that feel great on your body different than the ones that look great in the mirror?

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Already Prettypoll: Handbag Habits

I’ve had many folks ask how I swap my handbags out so frequently, and I can’t say that I have a perfect system. It helps to keep things compartmentalized: I have a sunglasses case, makeup bag, phone, wallet, and a little pouch with my business card holder, gum, and miscellany in it. So I really don’t have to move much from bag to bag. Some people swear by purse inserts, but I find just keeping my items to a minimum is enough.

But I’m also a person who once owned a single black leather bag that got carried everywhere all the time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to see my bag as an element of my outfit. Now I love having a variety of colors and styles to choose from, and feel they enhance my overall looks.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about YOU! Do you own and use multiple handbags? If so, how do you move your stuff from bag to bag? Is it an irritant? If you stick to one bag, what are your selection criteria? What has your bag GOT to have or do to really work for you? Or do you skip handbags in favor of totes, briefcases, backpacks, or a simple wallet-in-pocket system? Do tell!

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Already Prettypoll: Comfort Priorities

Most of us have bodily comfort priorities. We may be willing to put up with a stiff blazer that limits range of motion but utterly unable to tolerate squeezy hosiery, or just fine with a moderate heel yet 100% intolerant of itchy fibers. Total, full-body clothing comfort is only a must for me when I’m sleeping, so I probably have fewer comfort priorities than most. I can do heels, tights, structure, a bit of itch (but not TOO much), and – as evidenced by my winter outfits – cold legs. But waistbands that dig into my midsection, heavy earrings, and wide necklines that leave my shoulders/clavicle/bust area susceptible to breeze irritate me to no end.

What are your comfort priorities? Which parts of your body MUST be comfortable or covered for you to feel focused and at-ease?

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