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This Week I Love …


… quirky prints. This Kate Spade scarf was a recent eBay score for me, as I just couldn’t resist the adorable and unusual print showing heavy black glasses frames. (I’ve got a similar pair of reading glasses. The scarf is long sold out, but you can still get the print on this umbrella.) And although I tend to gravitate toward geometrics and watercolors, I’ve seen and coveted several quirkier prints in recent months. Case in point: My Beebop & Wally bird print dress. Not quite my usual, but irresistibly fun to wear no less. Here are some other quirky printed items that have caught my eye of late:

chuck taylor floral

Chuck Taylor Floral – $60

Earlier this week on Facebook, we were chatting about Converse because I’d spent a good hour monkeying around with their customization tool. And although I’ll likely go for a classic or whip up some leopard print Chucks for myself, I do love their stock prints, too. Especially this floral grid. Also seriously tempted by the Wonder Woman pair.

glasses print dress

eShakti Spectacle Print Cotton Linen Dress – $99.95

Well looky here: eShakti has a glasses print dress that’s pretty darned close to my scarf print. And, as always, it comes in sizes 0 – 36W and you can customize sleeves, hem length, and neckline! WIN. (Also definitely more colorful than mine, but here’s a glasses print scarf that would be super fun for spring and summer wear.)


Charmed to the Corgi Socks$11.99

Corgi socks. Need I say more? I thought not.


Leith Kitty Kaleidoscope Scarf – $34

My inner Cat Lady rejoices. This is a 52″ square, lightweight poly scarf and with that white background it’ll work great for warm weather. If the red is too much for ya, it also comes in a black/gray print, green on white, and turquoise on white. Meeeeeow. Also adore this lightweight cat-print trenchcoat. And this pink and black cat print dress. I could go on …


Sandee Royalty Yellow Bicycle Skirt$78 – $88

My black and white striped skirt is one of Sandee’s handmade creations and it is FABULOUS. She’s added some fun and funky prints to her repertoire, including this bright bike print. Also loving her newsprint and typewriter with “I love you” message options. All skirts are custom and no upcharge for larger sizing, so just send along your measurements!

skull print sweatshirt

Planet Gold Skull Print Knit Top$12.99

You all know I have a soft spot for skull prints. This one mixes it up with a rose or two, and I love that some of the skulls are inverted. Lots of movement in this funky, quirky print. Comes in S -L and sizing is juniors so it will run small. Couldn’t find a truly similar top in plus, but Torrid has lots of skull prints.


Hound Sleuth Dress$79.99

Also can’t resist a dachshund print – see my vintage shirt here! This dress includes a tulle underlay to keep that skirt looking foofy and full. Hemline looks a bit short to me – see the customer photos for an idea – but would still be such a joy to wear. Available in sizes M – 4X, sold out in S and XL.


Kate Spade Reversible Printed Trouser Belt$41.14 – $64.99

This belt has been on my wishlist for AGES, but I just can’t seem to justify the price. However, since it’s reversible it’s really two-for-one … hmmm. Available in this yellow floral and a pink floral with pale green buckle.

star print t shirt

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Short-Sleeve Star-Print Tee$39.50

Perhaps the most conservative of our quirky prints, but still less common and classic than dots and stripes. There are lots of fun galaxy prints floating around these days, but I have to say I prefer iconic, stylized stars like these. This lightweight tee is available in white with black stars and black with white stars in sizes XS – L. This tee has smaller stars but comes in three colors in 0X – 5X.

fossil keyper bee print

Fossil Keyper Mini Shopper$68

Fossil’s entire Key-per line is packed with quirky-yet-wearable prints. I love the stripes and dots, but this bumblebee print takes the cake for quirk. I’m deathly afraid of bees, but still would consider carrying this bag. It’s just so darned CUTE. And it’s coated fabric, so fantastic for spring and summer use.

Are you a fan of quirky prints? What are your favorites? Retro ones like cherries and bows? Animals? Literary prints – glasses, books, and typewriters? Do tell!

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This Week I Love …


… mid-sized studs.

I’ve written before about my love for studs, and how my shift to short hair has put me in the small-earring/big-necklace camp. But I do feel like my tiny studs get lost at times and gravitate towards my mid-sized options. Truly big post-back earrings feel a little 80s to me – at least ON me – but something between an itty-bitty prong-set gem and a silver-dollar-sized half-dome feels just right. Here are a few mid-sized stud earrings that have caught my eye recently:

fox stud earrings

Gorjana Fox Studs – $30

Even if the whole fox-print trend is mostly over, I still adore these. Because I adore foxes as animals and love being told that I’m foxy. At 1/2″ long and 3/8″ wide, these are right in that mid-sized window. In fact, they hail from Piperlime, a site that is considerate enough to include mock-up images showing you how large earrings will be when worn. LOVE that.

silver pyramid stud earrings

Vince Camuto Silver-Tone Pyramid Studs – $20

I have a pair that’s almost identical to these, purchased from Urban Outfitters about five years ago, and they are among my most-worn earrings. They add just the right amount of subtle toughness to my outfits. This pair is 3/4″ in diameter and also comes in gold-tone, and here’s a similar pair in rose gold. (Also love this triangular variation.)

ombre triplet studs

Ombre Triplet Studs – $26

At 1/4″ diameter, these are the smallest of the night, but still a bit chunkier than your typical single-stone, prong-set gem stud. I often find multicolored earrings a bit tricky to style, but the two tones of teal are gorgeous together and the gray is neutral, so I think these would be quite versatile. They’re also available in a pale pink/clear/gunmetal mix. Baublebar also includes images showing how large earrings will be on an actual ear.

kendra scott dira earrings

Kendra Scott Dira Studs – $50

I’m lusting after these, friends. With that lovely openwork design, these studs strike a perfect balance between chunky and delicate. They’re spendy, but could be worn with everything from jeans and a tee to a sparkly cocktail dress. And they come in silver, too! Click through to see them on a model. SO pretty.


Crystal Varnish Studs – $24

My pave studs are also worn quite frequently, as I find them to be a little more modern and edgy than straight-up CZ studs but also incredibly versatile. This pair is 1/2″ in diameter, so pretty chunky but not gigantic. And they’re also available in gold-tone. (If the plain pyramids bore you, check out these pave pyramid studs!)

marc by marc jacobs stud earrings

Marc by Marc Jacobs Embellished Studs – $29.99

Although these aren’t mixed metal exactly, the cool tones of the silver and the warm tones of the gems give them a mixed feel. The organic, subtly sparkly design makes them eye-catching, but a perfectly mid-sized 3/8″ diameter means they’re not too over-the-top.

bonnie jonas nail head stud

Bonnie Jonas Nail Head Stud – $16

Minimalists, this one’s for you. I think these pared-down studs with their simple slash are totally gorgeous, and at 3/8″ wide they’re chunky enough to be noticeable. Can’t beat that price, too. They’d be perfect with a funky weekend outfit or sleek workweek ensemble. Also available in goldtone.

Anyone else out there prefer a non-tiny, non-gigantic, mid-sized stud? Got any sources to share? I’d be willing to bet some of you make your own. What are your favorite design tips and preferred materials?

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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Determining Your Ideal Scarf Style


Scarves are intimidating. Much like belts, they belong to a family of accessory that most women admire on others but fear themselves. Many are given scarves as gifts, inherit them from family members, thrift or purchase them on whims, and end up with a confusing collection of pretty, diaphanous thingies and no idea how to wear or style them.

Most experienced scarf wearers have identified a style, shape, size, and weight of scarf that they prefer. Experimentation with ties and configurations helps us suss out which scarves are ideal for our personal styles and unique figures – silk squares, knit infinities, long narrows, thick cowls. If you are struggling to understand how to wear the scarves in your collection, honing in on YOUR ideal scarf style is a great place to start. Here’s how:

What is your favorite scarf tie?

Another way to think about this is to ask yourself how loose or tight you like your scarf to be. Do you want it up close to your neck for warmth? Draped lower, toward your bustline? Do you prefer something compact or loose? Worn long? Since this question may beg some serious experimentation and exploration, I’ve compiled a list of tie resources below. Play around, and see which ones suit your taste, style, and figure. If you can land on a favorite scarf tie, you’ll be able to start figuring out which sizes, shapes, and weights lend themselves to that tie.

Any ties you hate?

Still focused on ties, but from another angle. If you have no idea which ties you like, you still might know which ones you hate. Do wrapped ties choke you? Do loose ones obscure your bust or add bulk? Which types of scarves lend themselves to the ties you dislike?

In which season(s) do you wear scarves?

If you’re a year-round scarf wearer, thinner materials will appeal. I sport scarves all year and have pretty much eliminated thick ones from my arsenal. A thin scarf that is very large will keep you just as warm, and can also be styled more loosely when the weather heats up. However, if you only do scarves in the cold, thicker weaves might be just the thing. Seasonal use patterns may also influence the colors and fibers you select for your ideal scarves.

Which types of outfits do you think work best with scarves?

Are you a casual scarf wearer? More on the work/formal side? Do you tend to like your scarves as the main accent? Prefer them paired with blazers and jackets? Again, which sizes, shapes, and weights seem to work best with your preferred scarf-based outfits?

If you’re able to answer even two of these questions, you’ll be able to begin narrowing down the field. Since examples are often helpful, I’ll give you my answers:

  1. Although I do love the Pretzel Knot, I definitely use the Fake Infinity tie most often. The former is warm and I do use it in winter, but the latter works year-round because it’s lofty enough to work for warm summer days but can be tightened up for cozy warmth on cold winter days, too. I also love the look of a big, voluminous scarf. THIS MEANS: That squares don’t work terribly well because they can’t be used in either of my preferred ties, so rectangles are best. Small scarves can’t be used for Pretzel Knot or Fake Infinity and don’t give the impression of volume, so large scarves are best.
  2. I don’t really dig ties that leave the scarf ends long and loose, and I don’t love ties that keep the entirety of the scarf very close to the neck. THIS MEANS: That super long, skinny rectangles aren’t ideal. Neither are small scarves of any kind.
  3. I wear scarves in all but the hottest/humidest weather, so year-round. For this reason, heavy materials aren’t terribly useful or versatile. THIS MEANS: Thick knits and dense weaves won’t get much use. Lightweight fabrics or open weaves are ideal.
  4. I will occasionally work a scarf into a dressy outfit, but most of my scarf outfits are either casual or arty-casual. THIS MEANS: Classic silk squares, evening-appropriate styles like velvet burnout or metallics, and other naturally formal styles are right out. My scarves should be at least somewhat casual.

Over time and with lots of experimentation, I’ve determined that oversized rectangle shaped scarves made from very thin, lightweight material are my ideal. I can use them for my preferred ties, they work all year, and they create a more casual look. I’ll admit that just answering these four questions wouldn’t have been sufficient to figure this out – I needed to play around and experiment – but the questions create a helpful process of elimination.

That’s my hope anyway! If you’re struggling to figure out how to incorporate scarves into your own looks, give them a go and see how you do. And! If you’ve no idea where to start when it comes to ties, cruise through some of these links and see what appeals:

Scarf tying resources

And from me:

Want to learn a few scarf ties? Find out which ones work for your style and figure? Get some ideas for those tricky silk squares? Love online tutorials but really need to work with someone in person who can answer specific questions? Come join me for a scarf tying workshop in Chicago in March! Details here.

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