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Reader Request: Work Badge and Cell Phone Solutions


Sarah sent me this question:

I was wondering if you had ever written anything on being stylish and having to wear a work badge. I work in an office (business casual, more business than casual). I like to be stylish. Or if you have written anything on having to keep a work phone with you at all times. I don’t have to keep a work phone, but know that others may have to. How do you keep a work phone with you if you are wearing a dress that has no pockets or place to clip a phone?

The men in the office have it much easier. Most of the time they have a belt loop they can clip their badge to. I’m lucky if I am wearing pants that have belt loops or pockets. I prefer dresses and skirts. So there are many times there is no where to clip my badge, so I have to wear it on a lanyard around my neck like a necklace. So then I cannot wear a necklace. Any ideas on how to keep badges/cellphones with you and stylish?

SUCH a great question. I’ve used a variety of keycards and entry passes for my various jobs, but have never been required to keep one on my person at all times … so I’m going to offer a few possible options and ask all of you to contribute more ideas! I’m sure many of you face this same challenge and have creative work-arounds to share.

First, my ideas:

Track down a stylish lanyard

If you’ve got a keycard or ID badge that needs to be on your person at all times and you’re allowed to do a lanyard, grab one from Etsy that looks more like a necklace. (There are some cute clips in there, too!) This may limit your necklace-wearing, though my guess is that environments where keycard lanyards are commonplace mean that the keycard/lanyard combo is oftenlost to familiarity. So you could try wearing a shorter strand or bib higher on your frame and the long lanyard further down. It might even be worthwhile to pick out a few lanyards that align with your personal style, especially in neutrals and metals so they’ll be as versatile as possible.

Experiment with wrist options

Plastic coils are typically used for keys, but a keycard might work in some cases. Since most folks can’t type while wearing a coil and card combo, this is something you’d need to remember to take with you when leaving your workstation. But it would certainly free you up to wear any clothing and necklace combinations you liked while also helping to keep your card on your person.

Explore belting

As Sarah points out, the fellas have one up on us when it comes to this type of work gear because they’re typically in pants. Belted pants. But dresses and skirts can be belted, too, and phones or badges can be clipped to belts. And, of course, adding a belt to your trouser outfits will help. Naturally, this won’t work every day since belts don’t belong in every outfit … but when it does work, it’ll be slick and easy.

Try a phone case with a strap

If a phone is required and clipping it to belts or clothing won’t work, keep your eyes peeled for one of the tiny crossbody bags that’s been designed to hold a phone and nothing more. Some mobile carriers might have these in their stores among the phone cases, but you can also try eBay and Amazon as well as local boutiques. Wristlet purses might work for this purpose, too. Not as sleek as a clip on your belt or pants, but definitely do-able.

Not much, but that’s all I’ve got. Help Sarah out with some other suggestions, won’t you? If you are required to keep a keycard, badge, or phone with you at all times, how do you do so stylishly?

Image courtesy Katy Warner

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Already Prettypoll: Handbag Habits

I’ve had many folks ask how I swap my handbags out so frequently, and I can’t say that I have a perfect system. It helps to keep things compartmentalized: I have a sunglasses case, makeup bag, phone, wallet, and a little pouch with my business card holder, gum, and miscellany in it. So I really don’t have to move much from bag to bag. Some people swear by purse inserts, but I find just keeping my items to a minimum is enough.

But I’m also a person who once owned a single black leather bag that got carried everywhere all the time. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I began to see my bag as an element of my outfit. Now I love having a variety of colors and styles to choose from, and feel they enhance my overall looks.

But enough about me! Let’s talk about YOU! Do you own and use multiple handbags? If so, how do you move your stuff from bag to bag? Is it an irritant? If you stick to one bag, what are your selection criteria? What has your bag GOT to have or do to really work for you? Or do you skip handbags in favor of totes, briefcases, backpacks, or a simple wallet-in-pocket system? Do tell!

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This Week I Love …


… quirky prints. This Kate Spade scarf was a recent eBay score for me, as I just couldn’t resist the adorable and unusual print showing heavy black glasses frames. (I’ve got a similar pair of reading glasses. The scarf is long sold out, but you can still get the print on this umbrella.) And although I tend to gravitate toward geometrics and watercolors, I’ve seen and coveted several quirkier prints in recent months. Case in point: My Beebop & Wally bird print dress. Not quite my usual, but irresistibly fun to wear no less. Here are some other quirky printed items that have caught my eye of late:

chuck taylor floral

Chuck Taylor Floral – $60

Earlier this week on Facebook, we were chatting about Converse because I’d spent a good hour monkeying around with their customization tool. And although I’ll likely go for a classic or whip up some leopard print Chucks for myself, I do love their stock prints, too. Especially this floral grid. Also seriously tempted by the Wonder Woman pair.

glasses print dress

eShakti Spectacle Print Cotton Linen Dress – $99.95

Well looky here: eShakti has a glasses print dress that’s pretty darned close to my scarf print. And, as always, it comes in sizes 0 – 36W and you can customize sleeves, hem length, and neckline! WIN. (Also definitely more colorful than mine, but here’s a glasses print scarf that would be super fun for spring and summer wear.)


Charmed to the Corgi Socks$11.99

Corgi socks. Need I say more? I thought not.


Leith Kitty Kaleidoscope Scarf – $34

My inner Cat Lady rejoices. This is a 52″ square, lightweight poly scarf and with that white background it’ll work great for warm weather. If the red is too much for ya, it also comes in a black/gray print, green on white, and turquoise on white. Meeeeeow. Also adore this lightweight cat-print trenchcoat. And this pink and black cat print dress. I could go on …


Sandee Royalty Yellow Bicycle Skirt$78 – $88

My black and white striped skirt is one of Sandee’s handmade creations and it is FABULOUS. She’s added some fun and funky prints to her repertoire, including this bright bike print. Also loving her newsprint and typewriter with “I love you” message options. All skirts are custom and no upcharge for larger sizing, so just send along your measurements!

skull print sweatshirt

Planet Gold Skull Print Knit Top$12.99

You all know I have a soft spot for skull prints. This one mixes it up with a rose or two, and I love that some of the skulls are inverted. Lots of movement in this funky, quirky print. Comes in S -L and sizing is juniors so it will run small. Couldn’t find a truly similar top in plus, but Torrid has lots of skull prints.


Hound Sleuth Dress$79.99

Also can’t resist a dachshund print – see my vintage shirt here! This dress includes a tulle underlay to keep that skirt looking foofy and full. Hemline looks a bit short to me – see the customer photos for an idea – but would still be such a joy to wear. Available in sizes M – 4X, sold out in S and XL.


Kate Spade Reversible Printed Trouser Belt$41.14 – $64.99

This belt has been on my wishlist for AGES, but I just can’t seem to justify the price. However, since it’s reversible it’s really two-for-one … hmmm. Available in this yellow floral and a pink floral with pale green buckle.

star print t shirt

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Short-Sleeve Star-Print Tee$39.50

Perhaps the most conservative of our quirky prints, but still less common and classic than dots and stripes. There are lots of fun galaxy prints floating around these days, but I have to say I prefer iconic, stylized stars like these. This lightweight tee is available in white with black stars and black with white stars in sizes XS – L. This tee has smaller stars but comes in three colors in 0X – 5X.

fossil keyper bee print

Fossil Keyper Mini Shopper$68

Fossil’s entire Key-per line is packed with quirky-yet-wearable prints. I love the stripes and dots, but this bumblebee print takes the cake for quirk. I’m deathly afraid of bees, but still would consider carrying this bag. It’s just so darned CUTE. And it’s coated fabric, so fantastic for spring and summer use.

Are you a fan of quirky prints? What are your favorites? Retro ones like cherries and bows? Animals? Literary prints – glasses, books, and typewriters? Do tell!

**Disclosure: Actions you take from the hyperlinks within this blog post may yield commissions for See Already Pretty’s disclosure statement for more details.

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