Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of September 12

Lavender dress, courtesy Reality in Style
Boots, Coclico via eBay
Bib necklace, via eBay

Wore this to speak on a panel at the first annual Minnesota Blogger Conference. (Thanks Missy!) I spoke with fellow blogger Jen and PR reps Tony and Greg about the ethics of freebies and giveaways. I SWEAR I didn’t plan to wear a review product on purpose … this dress is just a go-to when I need something easy and flattering.

Olive dress, Athleta
Boots, Coclico via eBay
Necklace, Dana LeBlanc

And, lovely as it was, I pitted out the lavender dress and changed into this before heading out to dinner.

Can I just say that it’s utterly ridiculous that these boots should be in my possession? They are butter-soft, truly sexy, utterly gorgeous $550 boots that I nabbed for $99 on eBay. How lucky is THAT?

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34 Responses to “Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of September 12”

  1. Erin

    I TOTALLY think the skirt works, Sal! You worry too much about this skirt. It's so gorgeous that it'll work with just about anything that has a hint of pink.

  2. Courtney

    I love the outfit with the skirt! It totally works!

    As soon as I saw it, I thought, "Oh, look! Sally has a new "French" outfit." (I think it looks more French than when you wear that top with the pink pants.) 🙂

  3. fröken lila

    you know what i thought about that skirt with that t-shirt? i thought that it would work 110% if you tuck the shirt into the skirt and put a nice wide purple/white/not black belt on. maybe it's the proportions here that make me think that – i think the skirt needs more room in the outfit. but i love the combination! and gee, you are one lucky girl with ebay!

  4. Linda

    I think maybe the black with the pink is not optimal, but the idea is totally adorable. I made "Yayyy!" sounds in my head when I saw it.

  5. La Historiadora de Moda

    I love those boots! I agree with Erin that you may be overthinking this skirt. What about pairing it with buttery yellows and mauvy purples in addition to neutrals or things with a hint of pink?

  6. Jodi

    Sal.. I LOVE this lavendar dress on you… looks very pretty- thats a great color on you. And of course, i always love boots!!
    happy weekend!

  7. Rebekah

    I'm not totally sold on the black tee with the pink ruffle skirt, either. Maybe if the shirt were solid colored or had a 'dressier' cut… but I love the skirt and am glad you're tinkering with it.

  8. Megan Mae

    LOVE the gorgeous boots. Ebay has been amazing for picking up shoes. It's where I've picked up most of my favorite shoes.

    I also agree with others. I think the tee really works well with the skirt.

  9. Karena

    I admit I am not crazy about the skirt, however the dresses are adorable, love them!!

    I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  10. Meisha Marie

    Oh don't put the skirt away until spring!!!

    my idea of how to style it: I'm thinking black tights and a black chuncky sweater for when it gets cooler.

    or you could swap that for gray tights and a cream sweater with gray necklace.

    or maybe a solid color turtle-neck!?

  11. Emma at Daily Clothes Fix

    Ah, more gorgeous boots. It's a good job there's an ocean between us because I would raid your closet if I were any closer.

    Loving that dress on you too. Super flattering and a wonderful colour.

  12. CompassRose

    Or blue, since you have those fab Miu Miu blue shoes and I see a lot of blue in the shirt. The black just chops you into stripes.

  13. Passion4Fashion

    I think the skirt needs to stay out for a MN winter. I would try it with a thick cream sweater and some fun khaki/tan cable tights and brown boots.

  14. Dancing with Poodles

    I think that skirt would work with the Carolina Herrera treatment. Try it with a simple, fitted white oxford, sleeves rolled partially up. Tuck it into the skirt and add a belt like Froken Lila suggested. Maybe add a small scarf with one of those shades of pink at the neckline?

  15. A-Dubs

    I love these round-ups. Especially when they've got sweet, sweet footwear in 'em. (And they ALWAYS have that sweetness!) Also, 'such great dresses, and totally cute skirt. I think it's working with this top.

    Maybe it could also go with gray. Or one of those denim blouses all the coolkids are wearing these days?

  16. Audi

    Those boots are gorgeous, and what a deal! I love the soft brown leather with the lavender dress.

    Also, I second fröken lila's suggestion to belt the t-shirt and skirt combo, because I love the way the pink skirt picks up the print on the shirt.

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