Casual Outfit Roundup: Week of October 16

Already Pretty outfit featuring Eileen Fisher bubble coat, ponte pants, Coclico boots, Banana Republic handbag

Bubble-hem coat, Eileen Fisher
Black long-sleeved tee, Target
Ponte pants, via eBay – similar
Boots, Coclico via eBay – more Coclico boots
Necklace, Fossil (no longer available) – similar
Moissanite studs, courtesy Charles & Colvard (giveaway forthcoming)

My parents were in town last weekend, and we did our best to show them a good time. After the St. Paul Gangster Tour, we headed over to Hudson, WI, for a little shopping and exploring. I scored big as you’ll soon see.

I first saw this coat back in February, when Audi and I visited the Eileen Fisher showroom. I kept my eyes peeled for it, waited for it to go on sale, and then pounced. My plan was to wear this coat like a fancy hoodie, a la my Prairie Underground models. And I may still … but it’s a bit crinkly and loud for regular indoor wear, so we’ll see. Perfect for a day of hopping about town and activities that don’t require coat-removal, though.

Already Pretty outfit featuring brown boyfriend cardigan, tank dress, brown leggings, vintage silk scarves

Cashmere cardigan, Opitz – similar
Tank dress, Expresssimilar style
Leggings, Target
Belt, from a pair of shorts – similar
Scarves, thrifted and gifted
Boots thrifted – more fringe boots
Earrings, courtesy A.W.E Jewelry 

The main event in Hudson is Abigail Page Antique Mall, as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve scored a good 25% of my costume jewelry there. So, naturally, I took the ‘rents. And although I’d promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything, these fringed boots were a mere $28, fit perfectly, and were far too fabulous to leave behind.

I wore the boots on Sunday, along with this kangaroo scarf, also purchased at Abigail Page on a previous Hudson trip. I tied it up like so with this horsey scarf that Audi sent me. Because, you know, horses and ‘roos are meant to be worn together.

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  • I’m not usually a fan of bubble hem anything, but that coat is lovely on you!! Your kangaroo scarf is so cute!

  • stefanie

    love the idea of tying 2 similar scarves together!

  • Great outfits! That scarf is super cute! xxx

  • Great score on the fringed boots! And the two animals are groovy together, love that.

  • Two animal scarves in one look? I’m sold! Great find on the fringe boots, too

  • Love the bubble coat, but those fringed boots? COVET. Rock on!

  • ki.

    That scarf is awesome and so are those boots! 😀

  • I love those boots! They are incredible and I hope I see some like that (for that cheap)! 🙂

  • The Eileen Fisher coat is incredible on you and I really like the way you styled it! Great find….I also love the fringed boots. What a successful shopping trip!

  • That coat is so lovely.

  • I love those boots! they’re so unique and fun :)!

  • I love both outfits, but am especially drawn to the second one, perhaps because it is more casual, which is where I am in my life at the moment. Or perhaps it is the fringed boots that I am drooling over! And the double scarf is brilliant. I am trying to analyze how you tied in on. I am intrigued by how people can make a scarf-around-the-neck look so stunning, and SO EFFORTLESS/1 I feel like my attempts at wearing a scarf look so contrived, but I think I will try your ‘two-scarves-in-one’ idea today. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • cora

    LOVE the fringe boots!

  • I really love the second outfit and fringe boots. What an incredibly comfy and chic mix!

  • Amy

    Love, love love the first outfit. The bubble coat and those black boots work so well together, and you really rocked ’em!

  • Cel

    Great boots, nice find, and I dig the scarves.

  • Sam

    I really like, nay, ADORE these two outfits. COVET the coat. COVET the boots. COVET the silver necklace. Etc. But mostly, I love how you put them all together!


    I cannot believe there is a bubble coat in existance that I actually like.