Body Image Warrior Week Roundup

I’m thrilled to have so many amazing bloggers participating in this event! Here’s a roundup of posts from everyone who participated. (Everyone that I could find, that is. Please add your link in the comments if you are missing from this list.)

Big Bully – Blue Collar Catwalk

Body Image Warrior Week Post – Blossoming Badass

On Why I Have Bikini Photos On Facebook (And You Should Too) – A Blog of Her Own

NEDA Week: Types of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating – Missemmam

Don’t Worry, I Eat Sandwiches – Thick Dumpling Skin

Body Image Warrior Week – My Contribution – Size and Substance

Day 341: Two Truths and a BIG Truth, Part 2 – Mirror, Mirror… OFF The Wall

Broken Scale – A Clumsy Life

A Short, Slim Girl’s View on Body Image – Shorty Stories

And the group who kicked off the festivities:

The Beheld
Decoding Dress
Dress with Courage
Eat the Damn Cake
Fit and Feminist
Medicinal Marzipan
Not Dead Yet Style
Rosie Molinary
Virginia Sole-Smith

Huge thanks to all!

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  • I truly enjoyed this initiative! Great job Sally!!!

  • eveange66

    Many thanks for this week’s links and insight about Body Warrior and how we should see how bodies.
    If I may so blod (and if it is allowed), I would like to add a link to a british blog that I follow. The girl is all about vintage but…she is also a woman and wrote this which seems quite in the same way as the texts of this week.

    Thanks agin for this.

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  • Thank you for adding my blog to the list. I think my POV is a little bit different, and perhaps from a perspective that’s rarely discussed (if allowed at all). I’ve had my site up for some five years now, but feel that if I were larger, would have received much more press/media attention. It’s as if anyone smaller than size 4 isn’t allowed to complain – I write about body image as much as anyone else, but people see me as a bother/annoying because of my size. I feel that they wouldn’t react the same way if I wore a 14 or larger.

  • Thank you so much for including me, Sal! I have such adoration and respect for you and the wonderful blog you’ve created. Thank you!