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Supergirl’s New Clothes

By Cassie, AP Contributor

There’s a lot to like about the new Supergirl TV show – it’s funny, it’s warm, it’s unashamedly feminist, and there are lots of cool explosions. But my favorite part so far has to be her revamped costume, and what it says about the type of Supergirl the show intends to portray.

Like most comic characters, Supergirl has been through approximately fifty billion costume changes. Some of them have been pretty hard to imagine on a real flesh and blood person… READ MORE

Self Esteem and Selfies by a Former Teenage Monster

By Cassie, AP Contributor

Don’t worry, this won’t be another installment of the argument that won’t die – “are selfies feminist?” Instead today, I want to talk about The Children. I’ve seen some articles flying around suggesting that selfies, smartphones, and social media are destroying our children’s self esteem, and wanted to weigh in with my own two cents.

As with pretty much any rapidly changing technology, the “rise of selfies” has been trumped as something to panic about in recent years. The fact is though that selfies are not a new thing. At all.  Even assuming we’re limiting the definition of “selfies” to photographs rather than paintings, the very first one was taken in 1839, by an amateur photographer named Robert Cornelius. READ MORE

Words Stuck In My Throat

By Cassie, AP contributor

If you follow my blog, you’ll probably have already noticed this, but I’ve hardly been blogging at all lately. For the last couple of years, blogging was my outlet, my passion – I would write something new every couple of days not because I felt obliged, but because I had something I really really wanted to get out there. There was a burning well of words in my chest, and I felt compelled to let them out on a regular basis otherwise I found it impossible to concentrate on anything else. But lately that well has burned down to warm ashes, and the flow of my words has all but dried up. READ MORE