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The Dangers of Pre-made Outfits


Over the summer, I worked with several clients who chose to organize their closets into complete outfits. They’d hang a cardigan, tank, and skirt together, or a sweater and coordinating pants, or a dress with a blazer and scarf. Since most of us have experienced Morning Wardrobe Panic – you’ve got 10 minutes to get dressed, swing open the closet doors, and experience brain freeze – this tactic may sound incredibly appealing. And if you’re in possession of a smallish wardrobe and aren’t a frequent shopper, it can be very valuable. But in other cases, it can be somewhat counterproductive. And here’s why:


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Weekly Kitty:

Simon likes to use his own tail as a muffler.

“It’s [Laundry Service Georgina] Johnson’s continued dedication to not playing to over-sexualised, fetishised presentations of black womanhood in mainstream media – sustained here by Mitchell’s eye for capturing a real narrative beyond Tumblr feed aesthetics. Blissfully unaffected and carefree, both Johnson’s designs and [photographer Tyler] Mitchell’s images offer a positive expression of difference in an increasingly hostile world …”


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Guest Post: Stylist Char Dobbs on Weight, Style, and Confidence

Stylist Char Dobbs talks weight, style, and confidence

Today, I’m just thrilled to offer you a guest post from stylist Char Dobbs! I met Char at a LOTT event, and we hit it off immediately when I discovered that her styling philosophy mirrored my own: She believes that style and confidence are linked, and that dressing well can help women who struggle with self-image feel bolder and braver. I’m no longer offering style consult services myself, so I’m especially excited to have connected with Char since she offers the same gentle, body-positive approach that I did!


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