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Well, I Never

pixie cut from back

I will never be skinny
I will never have big boobs
I will never be tall
I will never have a six pack
I will never be able to go out in a high wind and look sexily windblown

I will never give up on fitness
I will never take for granted the fact that I have healthy boobs, small as they may be
I will never underestimate the power of platforms
I will never stop doing crunches and lower back exercises so that my core is strong
I will never forget that people would KILL for my curls READ MORE

Originally posted 2009-08-25 05:49:00.

Showstopping Style on a Pauper’s Budget

Style on a budget

I’ve received about 16 hillion jillion requests for ways to look awesome on a tight budget, and I hear ya, friends. I mean times are tight, for one thing … but shopping smart is a best practice no matter what the economy is up to. So here are a few guidelines that can help you keep your look fresh, fun, and affordable even if you’re hurting for cash.


Buy Muted Colors: Blaring brights are super fun but muted tones look more expensive. When you’re trolling Target for tees, pick out raspberry red instead of fire engine red, steel blue instead of superman blue … anything with a little less saturation. You’ll be amazed how much classier those tones will play when paired with your neutrals. READ MORE

Originally posted 2009-08-24 05:58:00.

Reader Request: Perfectionist Shopping Standards

shopping perfectionist

Reader Jenni sent me this question via e-mail:

is there such a thing as a perfect garment off the rack? and if not, what aspects are more or less important to not compromise about?

for example, when i shop maybe i’ll see a great print that expresses my personal style, but the neckline makes me look dumpy. or i’ll find a dress in a great cut for my figure, but the color is not right for my skin tone or a match for my wardrobe. or there’s a shirt with a super flattering neckline, but has details at the shoulder or waist that don’t look good, or pockets on the boobs (not good for me!). it can definitely be frustrating! READ MORE

Originally posted 2012-10-26 06:44:16.