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Kristine’s Favorite Lipsticks

When it comes to products, I’ve been known to play the field. If I have a bad day, I take a much needed trip to Sephora and try something new. If I have a good day, I take a much needed trip to Sephora and try something new. Those little shelves by the register with the “trial size” of everything will be the death of me. You see, I’m a sucker. I work in retail and I’m exactly the kind of customer I dream about. You don’t even need to persuade me to buy things, you just need to point me in the direction of things. I stop shopping when I run out of money. That is literally the only reason. There is no other reason. I’m never like “I’m just not in the mood” or ” There’s nothing I really want today.” It just doesn’t happen. I’m trying to fill the void in my soul with consumerism, like a good American.


Some Things I’m Excited About

I like to take time out to contemplate the big questions: What am I doing with my life? What happens when we die? Why is all the best makeup released when I’m flat broke? This is the year that the major cosmetics companies decided my 5th grade aesthetic was really in. Considering that I’m still partial to glitter, glossy eyelids, and unnatural colors I’m more than alright with that. We’ve come a long way from the days of releasing a few pink lipsticks in slightly different shades, this is full-on creative bliss. Here’s what I am looking forward to:


My Three Best Beauty Decisions

In the interest of trying everything at least once, I’ve made some regrettable beauty decisions. There was that time in 6th grade where I thought matching my lips to my face a much as possible was a goal. Then I went through a phase of skunk like blonde highlights and fake tanning. For a good portion of 2009 I had almost no eyebrows. But I’ve learned. I’m older and wiser and more in touch with who I want to be and how I want to look. I am the master of my own beauty destiny, a blank slate that I can mold into whatever I want.