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Lovely Links: 3/31/17

Weekly Kitty:

All boxes need inspecting, including HM’s rackmount case.

Punk, Pretty, and Powerful: A History of Fashion Through the Color Pink

Speaking of pink, Chioma looks radiant in a blush pink turtleneck and gold pleated skirt.

Earlier this month, Nike launched a hijab collection for female Muslim athletes. Hoda responds by offering some Muslim-owned and sweatshop-free alternatives.

“Do you find yourself constantly searching and striving, and still feeling empty? Do you find yourself chasing a specific number on the scale, and you can’t really remember why? Do you find yourself powering through a cold, an illness? Do you find yourself feeling sapped and spent? Or feeling guilty for leading a slower life or for wanting to? And questioning whether it’s OK?” READ MORE

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Reader Request: LBD Alternatives

Little black dress alternatives

 left | right

Lara popped this one into the suggestion box:

Is there a non-black alternative to the LBD? Black on my upper body depresses me, and I don’t like color blocking either. Then the modesty issue, sleeves and at least below the knee, please. So many beautiful LBD, but not for me. Any suggestions would be most helpful. 

So let’s start with the general: What can you wear if a black sleeveless sheath leaves you feeling cold or looking pallid? READ MORE

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Reader Request: Making Uncomfortable Shoes Wearable

How to fix uncomfortable shoes

Reader Sue asked:

… what tips or routine treatments you may employ to “help” some shoes which may be adorable and perfectly compliment any given outfit, but do not feel like warm buttered slippers on the feet all day? I’ve noted your mention of the use of moleskin, but how exactly can this be used? I understand there is a certain amount of breaking in to be expected with a new pair, but when do you resign yourself to the fact that a particular pair may require “this” or “that” throughout their life in order to keep them as good shoe citizens? READ MORE

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