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Reader Request: Keeping Inexpensive Shoes in Shape

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Reader Maegan e-mailed me this question:

My budget is pretty tight, so I get a lot of my basic footwear (flats, pumps, boots and sandals) from Target, Payless, and Famous Footwear. I usually wear my shoes until I wear them out and they’re practically rags, ESPECIALLY my flats. Any hints on how best to maintain my cute but not quite high quality shoes so I can keep them looking fabulous longer?

This is a GREAT question, albeit a bit of a tough one. In my experience, two main causes of damage in inexpensive shoes are water and overuse. So for starters: READ MORE

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How to Deal with Ill-fitting Shoes

How to fix shoes that don't fit perfectly, including advice for shoes that are loose, tight, or slip at the heel!

Now. The best way to deal with ill-fitting shoes is never to buy them to begin with. But there are many reasons why they might sneak into our wardrobes: They feel fine at the store, they feel fine for the first few wearings, they change shape slightly after the first few wearings, our feet swell, they were gifts, they were shot-in-the-dark eBay purchases. (That last one applies to my Faryl Robin Suzus, pictured above.) So, should you find yourself with a pinchy, wobbly, or otherwise ill-fitting pair, here are some of the most common solutions: READ MORE

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Lovely Links: 2/24/17

Weekly Kitty:

Simon has taken a part-time job as a pirate. (Photo by HM)

More than a little envious of Mary’s olive leather pencil skirt!

“For Iris van Herpen, technology is not an afterthought but central to her approach and vision. The Dutch couturier, who’s renowned for her extraordinary 3D printed dresses, focuses on the transformative power shaped by technology. By experimenting and innovating, Van Herpen not only pushes the boundaries of fabric and craftsmanship but also the boundaries of couture.” READ MORE