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Lovely Links: 1/20/17

Locals! Three of my favorite things will converge this coming Tuesday: The Riveter, LOTT, and author/blogger Autumn Whitefield-Madrano! Here’s the scoop:

Join Autumn Whitefield-Madrano, author of Face Value: The Hidden Ways Beauty Shapes Women’s Lives (Simon & Schuster, 2016), in conversation with The Riveter magazine, to discuss the complex, often contradictory, ways beauty affects our day-to-day lives—its unexpected benefits, its subversive pleasures, and its ability to affect the stories we tell about ourselves. Members of the LOTT board will be present to meet and answer questions from anyone interested in the program. I’ll be there, too! Hope you can join us!


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Reader Request: Constant Pieces


Esti said:

I’d love to see you post on how to incorporate constant pieces (be they ink, wedding bands, or friendship bracelets) into personal style.

I’ve had many people ask me if I give thought to matching my outfits to my visible tattoos and honestly? I don’t. Ever. It’s great when the ink is harmonious with the ensemble, but when they clash I’m never fussed. My tattoos are like part of my skin and I often don’t even see them. Which is, perhaps, careless because I DO give thought to how clothing plays off my skin, eye, and hair color. Why not the visible body art? My only real answer is that my tattoos are among the most emotional of my aesthetic expressions, and I don’t want to limit their color palette based on my dressing preferences. And I wouldn’t be comfortable telling anyone that dressing to match her tattoos should be a stylistic priority.


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Three Items That Will Help You Look Pulled Together

three items that will help you look pulled together

A goal that arises again and again with my style consult clients is feeling “pulled-together.” It’s an interesting phrase, no? As if the wrong outfit keeps our bottom half at the office, while our top half visits Aunt Martha in Detroit … and the RIGHT outfit will reunite those pieces. But then, my brain likes to be amusingly literal. And, clearly, many women feel that their dressing choices can create a disjointed or unpolished appearance, and seek ways to create looks that help them feel sophisticated and chic. So here are three items that constitute shortcuts to pulled-together-ness.


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