Already Prettypoll: Feel Good Clothes

Although I believe clothes that look good on your body will often make you feel good about yourself, I also know that some clothes that look smashing feel awful. Like strapless dresses. And elegant 4″ heels. And when I talk with women about style, I always emphasize that clothing can make you feel good in a thousand ways: It can be a color that lifts your spirits, a pattern that engages or awakens you, a garment that you bought while traveling and evokes fond memories. It can be slippery silk on your skin, nubby linen, or some other pleasing texture that heightens your senses. It can be warm or enveloping, soft or smooth, bright or dark. Our feel-good clothes can look like just about anything.

Tell us about yours. When you open your closet, which items jump out as your feel-good clothes? What makes them special? Why do they lift your spirits? Are the ones that feel great on your body different than the ones that look great in the mirror?

  • Anna Carrasco Bowling

    In a word, black. It’s been my favorite color since preschool, it makes me happy, A few months ago, I purged my wardrobe of the bright colors I was “supposed to” like and swapped out for a black/gray/white/navy palette. I love, love, love dresses, don’t feel “me” in most pants, and have come to love my hourglass shape. Black dresses are now the most accessible thing in my closet, and that feels very right.

  • loubeelou

    Maxi skirts/dresses – comfy, classy, and flattering. Unfortunately hard to find though – I mean, they’re everywhere right now, but most have an extra foot of fabric (maybe petite maxis could be a late-night sale post??). I have a nice office-wear shirt that has this crazy parrot print all over – if I need a little pick-me-up, I know I can throw on my bird shirt, especially on a really gray day. My job interview blazers make me feel really good too. I splurged on a pair of black Frye engineers last year and those babies make me feel so great – they are a true pleasure to have on my feet and they’re a little bad-ass. Oh, and a big pair of silver hoop earrings always brings things up a notch.

    • MoABai

      Love that, “petite maxis,” bring ’em on!

  • Trystan L. Bass

    Anything with stripes. They’re happy!

  • Nathalie Desrayaud

    PURPLE! Everything purple (I’m talking amethyst and violet) makes me feel like me. And for years, scarves have been my signature piece because they make me feel cozy and elegant at the same time. I may have several purple scarves…

    What I find frustrating is that purple (the shades I love, at least) has not been trendy for the last few years so it’s hard to find. Also, I just moved to a very warm climate, so I’ve lost my signature cozy option. I’m trying to adapt.

  • MoABai

    A chunk of my summer wardrobe lifts my spirits. I get to wear linens and bright, pretty cottons. I get to bare my arms and feel the swish of flowing fabrics around my legs. My closet is small, so I have to swap out spring/summer and fall/winter clothes, but I keep at least one summer thing in the closet year-round to remind me of my favorite season.

  • Stephanie Ganger

    I have a lot of sporty knits and they are always comfortable and allow me to be physically active and just do what I need to do. I do find bras terribly non-feel good but necessary. Yet I got refitted and after trying on over 2 dozen different styles and sizes finally found some that fit and I almost forget I am wearing. Also almost anything that is green always makes me delighted to wear it.

  • wonkyone15

    I wear a lot of dresses, so I am pretty comfy all day. But there is nothing better, in my opinion, than changing into leggings and a tank top (and ditching the bra!) when I am home and know I’ll be in for the evening! It works equally well for either working out or just eating pizza in front of the tv!

  • Carol Norris

    I look better with more fitted clothing but am happier when I’m in something looser that just skims. Ever since I was a little girl I have hated things that are fitted for some reason. So I am loving the tunics now that just skim and give a hint to my shape.

  • Jennifer

    I recently bought a new bra that qualifies. It’s pretty and lacy, fits perfectly, and it’s a gorgeous electric blue that brings a smile to my face. No one can see it under my shirt, but it makes me happy to know it’s there.

  • fashionforgiants

    I was just thinking about this the other day. The clothes I feel “best” in are not necessarily the clothes that are the most flattering to my figure. And generally the clothes I feel best in are dresses; I love me some dresses. Some are figure-flattering and others aren’t and I love them all.

  • Nicole

    I think when something fits well, then you feel better in it, whatever it is. I love wearing pencil skirts, and feel great in them.

  • Jean Thilmany

    I third the petite maxis. I hadn’t even thought of that. I’m a summer dress gal too. I like muumuus … even though I’m average sized and shaped. I don’t care about hiding “figure flaws” … they’re comfortable and come in bizarre and awesome colors and designs.

  • Tragic Sandwich

    A tank top and pajama bottoms–they’re incredibly comfortable, and probably not flattering. But I don’t care!

  • OMGsrsly

    The clothes that I’ve made or tailored to fit! Mostly skirts and blouses/t-shirts. Also things that are easy to wash. I don’t use the dryer much, so anything that can get hung to dry and doesn’t really need ironing is perfect.