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Your Style, Your Call

so not interested in your judgment

A few weeks ago, a lovely reader reached out to me over e-mail. She said many kind and supportive things, but one stood out in my mind and is still rattling around in there. She’d just finished my book, and said she was so grateful that I hadn’t forced her to donate the contents of her closet or make drastic changes to her dressing behaviors. She loves neutrals and muted colors, and had been toting around an inferiority complex for AGES, convinced that her disinterest in bold, bright colors constituted a shortcoming. It was such a relief to her to read that she could wear those neutrals and muted colors forever if she wanted. I was thrilled to hear that my book had been helpful to her on her personal style journey, but also dismayed to hear that she’d felt pressured to dress in ways that didn’t resonate with her personally. READ MORE

Let’s talk Style Secrets!

Weesha outfit Forever 21 Plus scuba dress, Next animal print blazer, h & m jewellery, River Island white pumps, Michael Kors watchWeesha outfit h & m jewellery, River Island white pumps, Michael Kors watch

Dress- Forever 21 Plus (more colour options online)

Blazer- thrifted

Necklace- Bershka

Ring- h & m (old)

Shoes- River Island (out of stock) similar

Bag and watch- Michael Kors at Nordstrom

 I thought it might be cool to share my style basics with you today, they’re just certain ideas that help me feel stylish and put together. Apart from making it easy to dress up basics, these pieces/ rules save a lot of valuable minutes when I’m getting ready in the morning. I’m not sure how helpful this is going to be, it might be stuff you’ve heard of already but here goes! READ MORE