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Clothing Moves

I’m spending the day with family for the holiday, so here’s a tidbit from the archive!


Two of the most common questions I get on my outfit posts are as follows:

  1. There are no belt loops on that skirt. How do you keep your belt in place?
  2. How do you keep your scarf from shifting around?

Answer to both: I don’t. I don’t keep my belt in place and I don’t keep my scarf from shifting around. Because barring use of staples and glue,* I really can’t. I feel like these questions represent some of the myths that have been unintentionally perpetuated by style blogs: That some women hold the secret to a perfectly styled and utterly immobile scarf. That some body types can keep a belt in place without loops. It’s just not true, friends.┬áIn these photos I am standing relatively still after having adjusted my outfit to look as I wish it to. And even then I sometimes have to fuss with my belt or scarf after a photo or two! Clothing and accessories move around. Unless you work as a Live Mannequin, yours will shift, too. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I try to remain aware of which outfit elements might migrate a bit, and adjust them anytime I stand up from sitting. I realize that extracting stuck undies or repositioning your bra might be somewhat taboo, but very few people will huff if you tweak your belt or scarf or necklace placement. Pulling a sweater back into line or even scooting a skirt that is starting to rotate on your waistline can be done surreptitiously, too.

Naturally, there are limits. Clothing that needs constant readjustment may not fit properly, and besides that it’ll be a major pain in your hiney. Clothing that creeps up or sags down in an uncomfortable way will also make you miserable and is unlikely to fit or suit your specific figure. And many, MANY items that fit will stay put just where you want them all day long due to how you are shaped and how they are designed. But loads of other items will fit you perfectly and still need some slight adjustments throughout the wearing day.

Don’t let photos fool you: When you move, your clothing and accessories move. And you can find your own ways to nudge them back into place.

*Occasionally, fashion tape can be used to secure a belt or part of a scarf, but I don’t always bother. Belts can generally be taped and look natural, but scarves often look odd. Not always worth the tradeoff.

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