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Blending Seasons

I’m THRILLED to announce that Audi of Fashion for Nerds has joined the Already Pretty team! She’ll be contributing outfit posts as well as topical posts about travel, being a shoe lover who copes with chronic foot pain, and more. Please welcome Audi!

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Blending seasons: peach summer top and fall layers

Top: Club Monaco
Pants: Sanctuary
Shoes: Tom’s
Bag: Lucky Brand
Scarf: Ambiance San Francisco
Vest: thrifted

This year I’m really making a concerted effort to dress for the season, and right now that season is somewhere in between summer and fall. Using Sal’s handy cheat sheet for transitional dressing, I integrated my summer brights in sheer or open weave fabrics with some loose layers and fall neutrals to create a few functional looks that work well for the mild, but often changeable, San Francisco climate.

Blending seasons: open weave sweater with neutral pants and cropped boots

Sweater: Jigsaw
Pants: Dylan George
Boots: Fiorentini + Baker
Bag: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Ambiance San Francisco
Bracelets: Cost Plus World Market

My summer wardrobe was filled with items in ocean colors, and I love how they integrate so seamlessly with my fall pieces in gray, olive, and navy.

Blending seasons: sheer coral top with midnight blue pants

Cardigan: Monsoon
Top: Lost April
Pants: Club Monaco
Tote: East
Necklace: Ambiance San Francisco
Shoes: Cole Haan Gramercy Oxford

A bright coral top and teal cardigan are tempered with the addition of deep midnight blue pants and patent leather oxfords. The canvas tote keeps the look from becoming too heavy for the season.

Fall transitional accessoriesSummery accessories

_ _ _ _ _

Audi is a biotech professional in San Francisco, California. Her blog, Fashion for Nerds, was born out of the frustration of feeling as if science and fashion were doomed to be forever divided. Through her blog she discovered she wasn’t the only one who believes that style has its place even in a scientific workplace; over the years she has met countless other women who struggle to prevent their love of fashion from hindering their credibility as technical leaders. Now in her mid-forties, Audi particularly enjoys testing the boundaries of “age-appropriate” dressing and thinks most style rules were made to be broken. Another important influence on her style is the problem of chronic foot pain, an issue which is exacerbated by San Francisco’s hilly streets and one that she is resolved not to let defeat her obsession with great looking shoes.

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Inspired Outfit: Vintage Pleats


Kirstin of the blog Kirstin Marie is ever so lovely in this pleated-skirt vintage frock. So impressed by how the dress ties and her tassel necklace work in perfect harmony. Also love those simple but super-shiny wedges. Check her original post for details about this inspired outfit!

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Lovely Links: 9/27/13

LOTT is recruiting for fellows! Do you know a Twin Cities woman who could use some help developing her leadership skills? Please send her our way.

I will be appearing on the Fox 9 Morning Show at 9:30 a.m. every Wednesday this month in a new segment called Trendy or Timeless! You can view this week’s segment on statement necklaces right here.

Registration is open for community ed classes! My Dressing Your Best class will take place on November 4 in Cottage Grove and November 13 in Champlin.

It’s almost Giant Steps time again! Join us for an amazing day of discussion about creativity and business.

My book is now on sale at Bachman’s gift shops! And, as always, you can pick up a copy at I Like YouCommon Good Books, and Subtext: A Bookstore as well as online.

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I FINALLY found a necklace that looks just like my long silver chain, a piece that many of you have mentioned coveting!

Melissa of Bike Pretty shares some key tips for bike commuting in style.

Two harmful myths examined: The myth of the effortlessly perfect girl and the myth of the eating actress.

Swooning over slouchy pants these days, so I adore this printed pant ensemble.

“I’m sorry because every time you ate something you ‘shouldn’t’ or ate more than you ‘should,’ I talked about ‘getting back on the bandwagon.’ I cringe now every time someone uses that phrase. When did the way we eat become a bandwagon? When did everyone stop eating and become professional dieters?

This denim and leopard capsule wardrobe is chock full o’ goodness.

It is Weight Stigma Awareness Week this week. Lots of good commentary and insight on various blogs in response.

In the mood for a blast from the past? Here are 15 fashion items people were rocking back in 1983. (Sidenote: HM and I watched Footloose – made in 1984 – over the weekend. I’d never seen it. I am surprised as hell to report that it held up remarkably well and didn’t seem horrifyingly dated! I mean, it’s not Oscar material, but who can resist watching young, young KB angry dance? Oh, you wanted the original? Here you go.)

Uh oh. TJ Maxx is now online. Better lock up my wallet …

Ten amazing and radical art exhibits that celebrate women’s bodies. Some images may be disturbing and not safe for work, but so many fascinating and compelling ideas put forth.

Lisa looks so sharp in her cream-colored knit moto. Love those bright pumps, too.

“In no way do I have anything against flat stomachs or people who have them. I accept all body types. I just wish that the media would also accept all body types, particularly by portraying females with stomachs that aren’t flat— because believe it or not, if you look around, the majority of women do not have flat stomachs. And that is not a crime.”

So this is horrifying: Someone created a photo editing plugin called “beautify,” and one of the sub-options is “skin whitening.” Because white = beautiful? GAH. A thousand times NO.

I’m a sucker for a graphic tee and pencil skirt combo.

The ever-amazing Trystan of This is CorpGoth is going to share some of her story with us next month, but for now here is what a strong, brave, amazing woman undergoing chemo looks like. Shaved head, super cool wig, gorgeous smile.

I love the idea of a man attempting to verbally harass a woman on the street turning into a mountain of Lisa Frank stickers. If only.

Denim pinafore. ROCK.

I got SUPER gussied up for the Galleria Edina’s Flights of Fashion event last Friday. See me in fancy hair, makeup, and gobs of tulle right here.

Dreaming of boots, but drooling over these architectural sandals that hit the runway recently.

More drool for these printed leather clutches and pouches. (Gotta watch my drooling …)

Fabulous suggestions for making summery pieces work for fall. (My own transitional season thoughts here and here.)

“Despite living in a culture that places such ridiculous importance on youth and beauty, turning 40 no longer signifies the end of your juicy years; in many ways it feels like just the beginning. Yet every time someone tells me I don’t look forty — which is always appreciated! I’m as vain and insecure as the next person — I still wonder what is forty supposed to look like? ”

Nothing like a tough moto to balance out the brightness of a neon floral sheath dress.

Rosie shares the high points of her class on body image and the media, explaining exactly why we’re force-fed unrealistic images of women.

On a related note, here are 18 ads that changed how we think about women. (via Weesha)

A love letter to cobblers. Because someone who can revive your shoes deserves some serious kudos.

And from the Department of Random: Only slightly bigger than a bread box.

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