Rivet & Sway: Ritzy Knows Best

I partnered with the fabulous women who run Rivet & Sway for a glasses giveaway back in November, and they offered me a free pair for myself … but I didn’t need glasses. I just barely need them now and only for reading, but the eye doctor said I might as well take the plunge. So I buzzed creative director Britt and stylist Ritzy to see if they were still game. And they were.

Since I’ve never worn glasses in my life, the Rivet & Sway system appeals to me: Fill out a quick quiz, send in a headshot, and Ritzy recommends three frames for you to try. R&S sends the frames with blank lenses to you via FedEx, you try ‘em out for three days, and then pop them back in the mail. (USPS this time, so any post office will do.) Based on my preferences and face shape, Ritzy recommended the Ruby Red in Heartthrob, Core Strength in Confetti, and Je Ne Sais Quoi in Amber Glow. The Je Ne Sais Quoi just didn’t ring my chimes, and I was dying to try a sultry cat-eye pair called the Spitfire. I liked the Ruby Red but, having tried on a few frames on my own, knew that tortoise and brown frames blended weirdly into my bangs. So – as is suggested if you’ve got questions – I wrote to Ritzy and asked if I could try the Ruby Red in Dragon Fire instead, and what she thought of the Spitfire for me. She said to absolutely go for the Dragon Fire color as the red would look great with my skin, and to give the cat-eyes a try but bear in mind that they run quite wide.

Here’s a look at the frames I sampled:


Core Strength in Confetti


Spitfire in Cherry Bomb


Ruby Red in Dragon Fire

Although I didn’t feel that the cat-eyes were too wide for my face, the bows were too short for my noggin!


And I just didn’t feel like they worked somehow. So Ritzy was right to skip those for me! I did like the Core Strength frames, but really loved the Ruby Reds. You can’t see it in these photos but they’re a dark red with just a hint of glitter running through. Just the right mix of classy and sassy.

Rivet & Sway specializes in frames for women, and I really cannot recommend Ritzy’s services strongly enough. Especially if, like me, you are new to wearing glasses and unsure where to start in terms of frame shapes and styles. Working with her is completely free to all customers, and she does a fantastic job. If you’re reluctant, the website includes a face shape chart and you can search by frames recommended for your specific shape … but really, just work with Ritzy. She’s fab.

Now through May 12, R&S is running a SuperMom contest with prizes that include free pairs of specs and gourmet chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat. Click here to check the details of the contest and nominate your SuperMom!

AND! Just for Already Pretty readers, Rivet & Sway is offering $25 off any single pair of frames now through June 30! Just use code SUPER-MOM when you check out to get the discount

*CMP.ly/2 I was not paid for this post, but I did receive a free pair of glasses after reviewing the service. All opinions are my own.

  • ruth

    So glad you made the right choice – the pair where you wear the glasses, rather than the glasses wearing you.

  • http://sidewalkchic.com joann, sidewalk chic

    I love that last set on you. Very cool that they figure out what works best for you based on your features — I’m not a glasses-wearer (just a sometimes sunglasses wearer) so that’d be appealing if I ever bought a pair online.

  • http://amycakeandthedude.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    You made the right choice for your glasses. Those look fabulous! I am wondering about glasses myself; I’ve caught myself adjusting papers in front of my eyes to get them in focus. We’re just about the same age so I guess it makes sense.