Groove Your Body to … Cameo

It’s Saturday night! Why not groove your body to “Word Up” by Cameo?

  • m

    That was a great flashback!

  • Katie

    I can’t express how much this song (and music video) makes me smile. For my alma mater’s marching band, this is “our song”. You can do a quick search for ‘BUGWB’ and ‘Word Up’ and come up with a bunch of videos but I think this is the most comprehensive, though the sound was slightly swallowed by the Ferrell Center:
    When my friends and I talk about going back for homecoming- this is one of the songs we miss playing/dancing to.

  • Latresa

    I love this song it is one of my feel good songs! Nice choice of music!

  • Nadine

    Yes! This is the JAM!