Inspired Outfit: Bird Print Dress


Katherine of the blog Of Corgis and Cocktails looks radiant in her bird print dress and delicate charm bracelet. Also love her intentional use of black. Check her original post for details about this inspiring outfit!

  • Rocquelle

    So very lovely!!

  • Gracey at Fashion for Giants

    Gorgeous. Lovely dress and perfect styling.

  • MargeauxB

    She’s adorable, but the dress needs an experienced person to do the alterations–see how it should fit?

    Vintage undergarments, or close approximations, would also be useful.

    • LeslieLe

      I have to agree, Margeaux! I had also posted a comment suggesting different alterations, or sending it back, as the chest doesn’t fit properly. (Didn’t get published, though?)

      • Sally

        Hm. Did you include multiple links in the comment? Must’ve gone into the SPAM filter, as I didn’t see it.

  • katherine

    Aw thank you so much for featuring me.

    Indeed – the dress doesn’t fit me correctly in the shoulders sadly, despite the custom fit :( But it’s still adorable.