Dressed for: Old Inspiration, New Look

Already Pretty outfit featuring teal blazer, polka dot dress, magenta tights, magenta scarf, black Coclico boots

Blazer – thrifted – similar
Dress – via eBaysimilar
Scarf – courtesy Eileen Fisher
Tights – Target
Boots – Coclico via eBay - more Coclico boots
Earrings – gift from a lovely reader!

I’ve had this image in my inspiration binder for several years:


It’s from a Gudrun Sjoden catalog. I don’t think they do paper catalogs anymore, which is a shame as they were amazing sources of color pairing and pattern mixing inspiration. This photo alone probably sparked three or four outfits. But this time around I realized I had a black and white dress with irregular spots in my wardrobe and could get closer than ever to the original look. Startlingly close, in fact, though a few details are different.

Do you find that the same images can inspire you again and again?


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  • http://gettingfine09.blogspot.com laniza

    Oh! I’m inspired to try this too. Thanks for posting :)

  • http://smiletexysmile.blogspot.com D

    You are so good with color and pattern pairing! I like your version better than the catalog.

  • Kellie

    Oh, I like this color combination. A lot. In fact, it inspires me to create an inspiration binder!

  • http://inthepurplehouse.blogspot.com Lise

    I LOVE this outfit! Today, I was wearing a black-and-white striped dress, magenta leggings, a magenta scarf, and a black sweater. Now I’m wishing I had some teal!

  • Sarah

    Hi from a reader in Sweden! Gudrun Sjödén is still going strong here and is a Swedish fashion icon. I’m a big fan of her clothing and receive gorgeous full color catalogs at least 4 times a year. Pretty sure you can sign up for them online at the website but perhaps they don’t send them internationally.

  • Anna

    Very nice! I love the thrifted black-and-white pattern.

  • http://www.metalicious.com Stephanie @ Metalicious

    WOW! This is my all-time favorite outfit to date! I love the color combo, the print, the boots. GORGEOUS!

  • e

    Can you say what is the fabric or texture of the blazer?
    I love the outfit colours but something is throwing me off…

    • http://www.alreadypretty.com Sal

      Cotton twill.

  • Lisa

    You can still get Sjoden’s catalogs in the states as far as I know. I occasionally order from them and will receive the catalogs for a short while afterward. They are very good about not sending the paper catalogs to people who have not ordered in several months.

  • http://fashionforward40.com Tracey

    Love both the inspirational look and your take on it. I have a white with black patterned wrap dress. I think I’ll be looking for a long sleeve coloured shirt to pair with it and a fun pair of bright tights – I recently bought teal, purple, magenta and orange pairs of tights.

  • http://butaneanvil.blogspot.ca/ Amber of Butane Anvil

    Stunning colour / print combo, you look smashing!

  • bubu

    Love this – I bought a b&w wrap dress this fall that has not been getting enough wear, and with the warmer weather slated in NE the next couple days, I think I will take this color combo idea and run with it! Thanks as always Sal!

  • Valerie

    I like this combination a lot. I’ve been wanting to try some of those Targt colored tights. You have inspired me to go out and get some.

  • Not quite anonymous

    I really like this outfit: the colors (especially the purples), the silhouette… Nice job!

  • Nina

    Oh my! Didn’t know Gudrun Sjödén still existed! Used to get her catalogs waaaaay way back. Never could afford anything, but was always inspired. Love the mixing! (…although today I am terribly and totally monochromatic)