Already Prettypoll: Style Goals

As I’ve mentioned many times, I don’t really go in for resolutions. Too much structure, too much pressure, too much potential for guilt if the plans don’t pan out. But goals? I make those constantly, both formally and informally. And they often include style and dressing goals. For instance, this year I’m hoping to:

  • Continue to experiment with pants-based looks that feel comfortable and look fun
  • Wear more flats
  • Switch out my rings more often

What are your style goals for 2013? Shopping goals? Hair or makeup changes? Things you’d like to wear more or rely upon less?

  • Molly L-R

    Having replaced all of my old, tatty basics within the last six months, I’m now looking for something a bit more special. Pieces that really speak to me. I’m especially looking to incorporate:

    – tartan
    – leopard print
    – pussy bow blouses
    – generally things that are arty and eclectic looking

  • Bree Bronson

    I’ve got a shopping goal that I’d like to share: I’ll buy less but of good quality. Simply because:

    – I’m sick and tired of clothes that look awful after the first wash
    – I end up using less money because good quality stuff holds longer
    – I buy less unnecessary clothes and make less wrong decisions since I have to consider more about buying items that cost more

    How do I know?

    I tried it a bit already last year and warmly recommend!

    • Tina

      I want to do the same thing!!

      • J Beresford

        Me too! Quality not quantity is my goal this year.

  • Stephanie

    I want to sew as much of my clothing as possible. I’m not ready to go to no rtw but I’d like to work in that direction. On that note I would like to figure out some basic patterns that fit me to a T. I will also be sticking to my rule where by I do not buy anything I don’t love.

  • Linda L

    I want to:
    look into consigning some of my unloved clothing
    be brutal about editing my closet
    take more photos of my outfits

  • Hearthrose

    I am working on sewing items for my wardrobe that are so classic and well-made that I won’t *need* to replace them for five years.

    I am working on creating an interchangable wardrobe that never leaves me saying, “What on earth will I wear to X?”

    I am working on creating a wardrobe that indicates my true style – and which looks a bit more well-to-do than my former “I don’t care” mom look.

  • Kate

    I want to go through my existing clothes & get rid of things that aren’t serving me. (I made it through my closet in the fall; the dresser is only just begun.) Once I’ve done that I’ll see where I am, and what I need.

    And I want to get my jewelry storage figured out – it’s all crammed into a too-small jewelry box, and i end up wearing the same three things because I don’t see the others/can’t find the earrings, etc.

  • Jenn

    I’d like to continue to build a tight wardrobe. I’m also going to be more choose about where I shop and hopefully spend less on return shipping.

  • Dee

    A bit off topic but I have noticed quite a few commentors have mentioned how after a couple washings their clothes don’t look good or fall apart. I am not saying it doesnt have anything to do with quality but I also wonder how they are washing their clothes. I wash all my work (good) clothes in cold water and only dry them in the dryer until they are damp. I find if I then hang them up and smooth out the wrinkles they don’t even need ironing. I am sure better quality clothes do last longer but if you are just throwing all your clothes in a washer with warm or hot water, and then drying them to death they are not going to look good even after one wash! (that is how my sons do their wash!)

    • Ginger

      In a related thought, some clothing items that are moderately priced really need to be ironed to stay looking as nice as they did in the store. I know nobody likes to iron!

      Just this past week I’ve seen two very reputiable bloggers with blouse plackets that looked rumpled and not up to the snuff given the rest of their thought out outfits.

      You can not get the same results with your hair straightening iron or a steamer that you can with an iron.

    • Velda

      I have good results from the following: I wash 90% of my washable clothing by hand. I use cold water for both hand and machine wash. I rarely machine dry items. My machines rarely see more than bed linens, towels, and socks. I use Desert Essence deodorant so I do not have to dry clean as often. Items that are years old look brand new.

  • Sarah

    My clothing/style resolution is to simplify my closet and eliminate the daily morning stress of deciding what to wear. To that end, I’ve decided to mainly focus on purchasing new clothing items in black, with interesting textures/details to add some fun. I used to wear only black and blue (jeans) but I felt a lot of pressure in the past few years to purchase clothing in fun colors and prints. Unfortunately, I have a lot of clothes that don’t match anything else in my closet and that leads to a lot of early morning stress. Plus I rarely wear the bright stuff because it doesn’t feel like me. Not worth it! So I’m going back to my roots and focusing on black items. Hopefully that will eliminate the stress of nothing matching anything else.

    • Gisele

      I’m going the same direction, Sarah! Embracing my black/grey/white tendencies, enjoying texture & pattern instead of color.

      • Texas Aggie Mom

        I started doing what Gisele mentioned (black/grey/taupe for me) and exploring texture several years ago. If you have a White House/Black Market in your area, their clothes generally offer lots of interesting texture, since for years they only carried black and white clothing. These days they are branching out with one additional color each season, but back in the beginning they truly were black and white, which made it easy. Some of my best basics (textured camis, lacy tops, etc.) were sale finds there. Combine their sale prices with a discount for signing up for their Little Black Book and the coupons that arrive in my mailbox allows me to add one or two of their pieces per year. Nordstrom’s sale racks also yield textured treasures on occasion. Narrowing your color palette and using both texture and scarves (or even better – textured scarves!) to add interest is a strategy that is helping me reach my goal of building a professional wardrobe on a very tight budget.

  • Grassroot Cooking

    I didn’t sit down and plan my goals for this year, but I’ve been working towards:

    – Finding ways to highlight my figure without resorting to very tight clothes. (Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like tight clothes, but I feel I depend on them too much to feel confident. I assume baggy=awful on me.)
    – Buying fewer clothes of better quality.
    – Stream-line my wardrobe. (This includes getting rid of clothes I’m attached to but don’t wear, making sure that what I do keep is interchangeable, and not buying multiples unless I need them.)
    – Figure out how to dress for work. (I work closely with students, but I’m not much older than them – I’m 23 – so I want to strike a balance.)

  • Lucy

    Mine are to clear out some shoes, with a view to making my heeled ones more visible and thus worn more! Also, no more curling my hair with straighteners as I wrecked it last year and have just had to have a big chop to get rid of the bits that had got burnt straight. Finally, stop seeing dresses, even my casual ones, as too dressy for work because they are not!

  • Tracey Jennings

    I would like to get to my goal weight and purge things that don’t work and make a list of what I want to add and systematically fill in holes…

  • Suze in CO

    -Wear more skirts and dresses instead of always defaulting to jeans or shorts. (I have an outdoor “jean & t-shirt” job, so my wardrobe leans toward the work-appropriate.)
    -Figure out how to add more affordable AND stylish AND comfortable shoes to my wardrobe to go with above-mentioned skirts and dresses.
    -Brush up on my long-abandoned sewing skills to add to my wardrobe.
    -Grow my hair out (a bit).
    -Learn to accessorize without feeling over-laden with stuff.
    -Figure out a way to manage the inevitable farmer tan that comes every summer with my job. I can deal with the pale upper arms and weird v-shaped neck tan, but the white “bunny feet” from wearing shorts and socks and work shoes are getting to be impossible.
    -Invest in the cat-print trend before it’s gone. As a card-carrying crazy cat lady, I need some of these cute cat clothes that I keep seeing!

  • Maggie

    Deal with “closet orphans”: those really cool items which have never really been made into outfits generally because of some particular feature (color, length, fanciness”. Some orphans should likely go live where they are not considered orphans!
    Add short v neck cardigans which I always want to grab to make an outfit over a dress (generally) and then discover again that I have mostly short jewel neck cardigans.

  • Sonja

    After three years of mindless splurging, my big resolution for this year is not to buy any new clothes at all.
    Generally I always try to look a bit more elegant and polished, but I’m afraid that’s just not “me”, that’s why I’m struggling so much with this goal.

  • Danielle

    My style goal this year is to never leave the house wearing an outfit I don’t like!

    I previously wear outfits that I don’t find flattering or didn’t feel great wearing, but hey, they were clean and easy and I already owned it. No more of that! I’m donating items that don’t make me feel great and pairing together only items that compliment each other, and me!

  • Bea

    I haven’t bought anything new (clothing) in well over a year. I want to buy a few new pieces to replace the worn. I still have my old teacher wardrobe. I am no longer a teacher and I want to buy something that is a little more befitting my new career (mixed media artist and jewelry maker).

  • Kristin C

    I’m thinking of paring down to a capsule wardrobe. I have too much stuff, and most of it never sees the light of day. Of course my capsule is going to be bigger than most, but for a girl that currently fills three closets, and a retail wall rack (my Dad built and installed it on my bedroom wall so that all of my hanging clothes are art on my wall) I will be cutting back significantly.

  • Karen

    Style goals:
    – Cycle through every piece of clothing that I own by using it in an outfit.
    – Via above, identify those items that are not flattering and donate those.
    – Limit clothing/shoe/accessory purchases to one per month regardless of the price. However, I am allowing myself to “bank” when I don’t purchase anything during a month so that I can plan a shopping trip with my sister later in the year.
    – Clothing limit does not apply to underpinnings and workout clothing – I can replace as needed for those.
    – Keep track of the outfits that I feel especially good in and create other outfits with the same features.
    – Purge my shoe collection.

  • Moira

    I’m going to try only thrifting for a year. It seems worth a shot!

    (With one caveat: currently trying to conceive, and if I do get pregnant, maternity wear will be okay to buy — though I will try to thrift that too!)

    • Gisele

      Good luck, Moira!! :)

  • Trystan (the CorpGoth)

    Figure out a work-from-home wardrobe that is fashionable but that I will actually wear. Something nicer than yoga pants & a big black T-shirt but just as comfy. Now that I telecommute all but 2 days a week, it’s hard to figure out what to wear! And what to blog!

  • Helen

    Get through being pregnant, so I can wear my jeans again!

  • Cristi Comes

    My style goal is to try *try* to wear more than jeans. its my staple but I really need to expand my horizons. reading your blog helps!

  • Lorena

    I don’t do “goals” either but, have in mind cleaning my make up drawer and also getting bangs.. again.

  • Catrina

    My goal is to only buy clothing that feels special and unique and makes me feel good. I have plenty of basics. Also I want to try to put some effort into my appearance every day because I feel more confident when I do.

  • Mia

    I have two nebulous clothing goals for 2013:

    1) Wear more scarves! I have amassed a modest collection of scarves for all seasons, but I tend to neglect them. It’s time to wear them or get rid of them!

    2) Dump all my ill-fitting shoes. I keep hanging onto a few pairs because oh, they’re cute, or they KINDA fit! But that’s not gonna fly no mo’. I also vow to vet all shoes thoroughly before buying and to be ruthless about my foot comfort. I suspect that I need a larger toe box than many shoes offer, and it’s time to stop squashing those poor toes, for their sake and mine.

    • Marsha Calhoun

      I did this a couple of years ago – you will be so glad you did! It took a while, but scarf-wearing is now second nature to me, and I am willing to search out and buy expensive, beautifully fitting shoes rather than try to make do with the ones that look nice and feel awful. Added bonus – I am much more willing to do things that require lots of walking when I know for sure that my footwear won’t start to hurt right in the middle of my adventure!

    • Maggie

      Yes yes ditto on the scarf goal! I have seemingly enough to wear a different one every day (OK, exaggeration!) but I need the habit! I have disciplined myself to stop buying them (mostly)….. Now to WEAR and ENJOY them!

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  • Marcy

    My style goal for the year is to keep doing what I’ve been doing. I’ve finally been finding (or sewing) pieces that are what I want to wear even if they mean stepping outside my comfort zone.

    I’ve discovered several skirt styles that look good on me and I have found more basic dresses. A year ago I wore pants every single day, and now I may wear pants once a week.

    What’s left besides continuing to fill out a complete wardrobe is the decorative belt. I LOVE it on other people but have not made it work for me. Yet! So that’s a huge goal on my list.

  • Ruby

    Great idea for a discussion, Sal!

    My goals are:

    Stop spending money on retail clothes. I’m sort of in between careers (finishing one, possibly retraining for another, which means school) and since I can’t really predict where I’ll be a year from now, I don’t want to invest in clothes that won’t fit my lifestyle.

    Pare down my shoe collection and closet. I have things that are too big, too small, too worn out to look good (thanks to my rack, all sweaters pill, no matter how nice), and orphans.

    I am also trying to grow my hair out and break up my make-up rut.

  • Eleanorjane

    I really need to bring myself to get rid of that skirt from a good brand that was on a good special that I like the idea of but just feel frumpy in.

    And lose another dress size of weight… that’ll provide all sorts of fun shopping opportunities. :)

  • DC

    Over the past year or two, I’ve bought or sewn myself a LOT of clothing. This is great since my wardrobe really did need expanding, and learning to sew has been a very handy skill. However, I’m finding that there is always something new I want and I can’t seem to be satisfied. So, my main goals for this year are:

    – If I want something new, sew it myself
    – If sewing it myself would be too time-consuming/difficult/etc., determine how much I really *need* said item, and if I determine it to be an actual essential, search around until I find the perfect one before purchasing
    – Stop buying cheap stuff just to collect as much clothing as I can for my dollar. Stay thrifty and look for bargains, but go for quality as well
    – Try not to repeat an exact outfit at all for the whole year, and utilize every piece of clothing in my closet
    – Buy and sew less over all, and be happy with what I’ve got

  • egfr

    I am going to try and “do” my hair and makeup regularly. Still on the search for bb cream/anti wrinkly regimen. The hair part I started last year. Higher end blow dryer/fllat iron both made a tremendous difference, and contrary to what I had thought my hair is not destroyed. Just took the plunge last weekend and switched over to (gasp) liquid makeup, as now I’ve too many wrinkles to wear just a dab of powder. Ongoing thoughts on redoing my boot/shoe storage-to box or not to box. Or box offseason in container store boxes and get rid of the cardboard? And display in season only? Going to reorganize clothes by sizes, rather than by colors, or sizes within colors. Current size -1, current size, current size +1. Three sizes worth and beyond that to stay they have to be pieces I love. Weight flux had been ongoing due to pg/nursing, and now that is all over in the past and I got to my ideal weight last year from about March to early Nov, and now I’m up a few pounds, hope to get back to the ideal weight soon, then my closet will be current size, current size +1, and current size +2!!! So my goal is makeup and reorganization!

  • Susan

    Stephanie and Hearthrose, I’m with you! I want to sew all of my clothing and largely from my stash of fabric. As Goddess is my witness, everything in my closet will fit me perfectly and make me look great. I will be wearing the clothes, not vice versa.

    I’ve pared down what I have pretty well, so my challenge is to add the things that I need and make something that adds to my skills. Last night I found the remains of a border print I bought ~30 years ago, and there’s enough left for a fun summer skirt. Still haven’t figured out what to do with that rainbow striped satin, though…

  • sisty

    keep track of all my clothing spending for the year
    learn to accessorize better
    “do” my hair and makeup more regularly, like egfr
    wear jeans less frequently
    wear skirts and dresses more frequently
    dump uncomfortable shoes
    edit my coats (I have about 8 and while I love them all, I think it’s too much — and they take up too much room in the coat closet).

  • cecelia

    -thin the herd- I own a washer, I no longer need a months worth of identical panties. (not getting rid of good ones, but not replacing as they wear out.)

    -get rid of all cotton socks. my feet like merino wool (ie smartwool) or synthetic athletic socks. Sadly they cost alot more.

    -fit into my old clothes. Much cheaper than replacing my wardrobe!

    -find a breathable slip that isn’t shapewear.

  • Olivia

    My first goal is to figure out my real bra size and buy ones that fit. I finally got out the tape measure and I have been wearing a cup size for sizes too small! Four new bras are on order, and I’m going to get rid of the drawer full of “torture devices” I currently have.

    Another goal for me will be to not buy any shoes, which should be pretty easy. I think I have a good mix of shoes for each season. And, I want to not buy any handbags, which may not be so easy because I love changing bags. :)

  • Anne

    My goals involve redoing my fall and winter wardrobes to reflect my recent journey into color analysis. I want to build my wardrobe around basics in gray, soft navy and taupe. I want to pick up scarves with pink and taupe, pink and gray, and soft blues and taupe. I want to add several tops in my shades of pink, blue, green and purple. I am also wanting several print/wool skirts for fall and winter. I am hoping to thrift all these additions, either in shops or on eBay.

    I also want to continue my collection of nail polish and makeup in my perfect colors. And I want to continue to learn more about my style and how I can use color to express my personality. It should be a really fun year!

  • Nat

    – mend the clothes in the mending basket. I’m sure there are some items in there that I have loved but now forgotten.
    – new underwear that is comfortable in any colour but black
    – throw out all the uncomfortable, ‘not me’ items in my wardrobe

    • Maggie

      It is so wonderful to read everyone’s thoughts: yes to the Mending Basket! I definitely have things I miss which are waiting for TLC. So either I need to fix them, have them fixed by someone else, or say “goodbye”!

  • Kristin

    Is “do all the things” a valid answer? >.>

    Seriously though, I’ve got a lot of different things I’d like to do. Finish sorting through my clothing & accessories (all of it) and get rid of the things that don’t fit or don’t suit my taste anymore. Wear my jewelry more. Experiment a little more with cosmetics (I almost never wear anything aside from nail polish on occasion). Experiment with styling my hair. Acquire a few more things that I would consider basics for my lifestyle and activities. Try thrifting sometime; this one will be a challenge since the general lack of organization in most thrift stores sets my teeth on edge. Eventually have a wardrobe consisting of only petite sizes, which suit me best. Like Sally, I want to wear my flats more often. Wear shorts in public for the first time since middle/high school and feel comfortable doing so. Most importantly, I want to have fun with doing all of the above :)

  • Anna

    -Stop wearing flipflops. As much as I love them, they really mess up my ankles (and always make an outfit look unfinished). This sounds easy now in winter but the minute summer rears it’s head I’ll have a hard time not running back to them.
    -Related: Try to find a nice pair of boots and sandals that are not flip flops.
    -Rebuild my Wardrobe. I’ve always had a pretty spare closet, to be honest. But the nice thing about it has been that all the items I owned got worn regularly, and that they all worked pretty well together (so no closet orphans). But lately my needs/taste have been changing, and my closet has struggled to keep up. At the beginning of the year I did a big purge of Stuff That is No Longer Useful, including my closet, and now things in there are looking a little bare. So I’m going to need to slowly rebuild it this year.

  • Cynthia

    I’m not buying anything that fits into the “black+white+bright” theme that overwhelms my wardrobe.

  • shebolt

    I hadn’t really made any style goals for 2013.

    The only thing I’d like to accomplish is to purchase thoughtfully, rather than impulsively. I already have a full wardrobe of stylish and flattering clothing, so every new purchase should, at this point, fill a specific need.

  • Velda

    Goals for 2013

    – thrift more, retail much less
    – organize my closets a little better
    -experiment with more wardrobe capsules
    -convert more of my larger statement earrings to clip-ons

  • Frenchie

    I’d like to continue shopping within a budget. I allow myself up to $200 a month in anything wardrobe-related.

    I’d like to continue making my clothes and thrifting. Between these two, I get great value and some really special pieces I can’t imagine ever parting with.

    I wish I could live with fewer wardrobe choices, but (guilty look) I like having choices. My closet is only four feet wide, and it’s full.

  • @R

    One of the reasons I prefer to thrift shop for clothes is that I can tell how well it’s going to wash! If a button-up shirt is hanging in the thrift store with a nice flat placket, odds are I’m not going to have to iron it.

    I did get fooled once by a shirt I found in a thrift store that turned out to be new! When I washed it, it went all wrinkly. :(

    (I also hang-dry many of my clothes that I want to keep looking nice.)

  • Jess



    I’m sorry for swearing so much but I was raised at sea by big fly fishermen who found me floating off the Canadian coast when I was about eighteen months old, and I was never taught social norms or moderation or how to set a table when there’s more than one fork involved. However one of the fishermen, Harold Tyson Dapps, was inexplicably but heatedly enamored with Italian haute couture and instilled in me a thirst for fashion that can be rivaled only by my desire to finally get the smell of seafoam out of my hair. All his raincoats were custom made in Milan and flown to the ship via four carrier pigeons, all holding one side of the package.

    • Kenzie

      just get a children’s umbrella and carry it hipster-ironically. that should work in oregon. no one’s going to call a (insert your age here) girl weak if she’s carrying a batman umbrella or something.

  • Kenzie

    -Invest in nice pairs of jeans instead of buying them secondhand like everything else I own
    -Stop biting my nails so I can paint them and have them look nice so I can wear pretty rings and bracelets and be okay with drawing attention to my hands. Also I don’t want to get diseases from the habit when I travel to a third world country next year. That’s a good goal.
    -Get my first tattoo
    -Break the outfit laziness rut I got into from having to dress for very physical rehearsals for half a semester.

  • Jennifer

    –Invest in quality. All my purchases last year were thrifted, due to money (or lack of it). Now that I’ve got a proper job, I’m going to buy those Danskos I’ve been eyeing, maybe even two pairs. I’m determined to get out of these tennis shoes as work shoes…I’m a preschool teacher, but I can do better.
    –Fill in holes in my closet. I bought two basic neutral winter skirts today.
    –Keep my jewelry-buying to a minimum. I need to start making pieces with all the beads and materials I’ve amassed.
    –Find wide-calf knee boots, low or no heel, in brown and black. Buy good quality.
    –Do something completely wild for me…I’m considering a nose piercing, dip dye hair in a cool color (blue,purple), or even a tattoo. I went through hell last year with my dad dying, and I just need some fun.
    –Not go crazy with the clothes spending. This year my money goals are to pay off credit cards, pay off my car, and improve my credit to qualify for a home loan!
    –Consign my closet orphans. Mend my mending pile. Take several skirts/pants to my seamstress cousin for altering. Make sure my closet is full of stuff I love, that looks good and fits well.

  • Jess

    Sew buttons back in straight away! And hopefully get good at it in the process!

    Wear my accessories & not the same ones all the time.

    Learn other hairstyles that aren’t ponytail our messy