Recommended Reading: The Fashionable Bureaucrat

Megan works as a middle manager in a government office. She dresses with such joy and creativity, fearlessness and playfulness that you’d think she worked in the fashion industry . She is fearless in proportion play, does amazing things with color, and has a shoe collection that makes me swoon.

Check out The Fashionable Bureaucrat. She’s amazing.

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  • LaChina

    I love her creativity. So colorful and yet still work appropriate!

  • I adore Megan’s creativity and her fab outfits. She deserves front and center for sure : >

  • Holy moley! Thank you Sal. I’m extremely flattered.

  • I love it that women in bureaucratic or corporate jobs don’t all dress as suits. Men too, for that matter. It’s a theme I want to develop at my blog – dressing appropriately for work but still having fun with it.

  • Hooray!!! A favourite of mine as well – nice feature!

  • Megan has been on my must-read list since her blog came on my radar! I ran across her flickr page pre-blog a few times, and have been a big fan ever since.

  • Mrs. Greenberg

    I recently discovered The Fashionable Bureaucrat – as well as Butane Anvil – and love love love Megan’s style! Thank you for bringing her to the attention of your readers. As a person WELL over 40, it is a pleasure to see fearless, creative dressers such as Megan and Amber still rockin’ it. Thank you, ladies!

  • Megan’s been one of my favourites for over a year – she’s awesome! Good to see her getting some recognition.

  • So glad to be introduced to Megan and her style! Is she in the DC area by chance?

  • Fluevogs! *Love*. Best shoes EVAH!

  • So happy to see lovely, edgy Megan featured. Her shoes make my day. Every day 🙂

  • Marie

    What’s so nice is that her clothes are not only interesting and very attractive, they’re also very appropriate for the office. And, for the most part, they look very comfortable. It takes real talent to incorporate all those desirable qualities into your wardrobe.

  • I think she looks fantastic! I don’t share her sense of style, but she HAS style and employs it which I sooooo appreciate! I’m so tired of the jeans (or more likely yoga pants!!! arrrrrrgh!) and t shirt and hoody that the vast majority of people around my parts wear.

  • J Beresford

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Mee-gan (pronounced how we Aussies do too!) is bang-on!!
    I am also a middle-management government bureaucrat (40yrs) and WISH I had the balls to dress as she does at work! I am bit more ‘loose’ with my style on the weekends but I think the transition to pulling off some of the stuff in my wardrobe in the workplace would have to be a gradual process, though I did manage to get away with my red, knee-high Dr Marten’s today (it’s often not as warm in summer in the capital as other places in our wide-brown land) and had a couple of comments from women in the workplace who admired them and asked me where they came from (good ‘ol Amazon).
    There seems to be a very depressing “uniform” in the public sector here in Canberra – and being the capital, there’s plenty of us.
    It’s generally a pair of inexpensive ‘utilitarian’ , high-street purchased, black trousers (not always flattering cut) or knee-length skirt, white blouse and matching (often ill-fitting – not well-cut) jacket. Blerg.
    I sometimes think women believe they won’t be taken seriously in the workplace unless they look like a poor impersonation of a man, despite the fact that I work in a Department which is 65% (as far as staff numbers go, not senior management, sadly) populated by women.
    I say – have a bit of individuality!!!
    I try to mix things up a bit – mostly with accessories and shoes which I often receive comments about.
    Even my not-so-fashion-focused husband comments on our drive to work on the boring outfits we see parading past. He is endlessly commenting on the boring ties worn by the chaps he works. “How many diagonally-striped colour variations can there be!” he bemoans.
    I admire Megan’s style enormously and and especially thrilled to be ‘in on the joke’ (being a MASSIVE Duranie too!) that many of her posts quote their song lyrics.
    (Megan, if you’re reading this – I didn’t see them live until recently either but since age 36 have seen them THREE times – most recently, like a dream – on my 40th Birthday, in the 5th row, at an outdoor winery near the beautiful city of Perth. Sigh….).
    Rock on Megan and thank you Sal for pointing her out to us.

  • Thank YOU for introducing me to this fabulous woman! I LOVE her style- so personal and expressive. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  • Generally, great styles and outfits from Megan. I adore her in the last picture, where she wore that oversized striped pants. It gives her an outstanding look!