The Dress


Image via HauteTrot.

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  • BelindieG

    Really? This seems completely unlikely as an actual real life quote–more like something a publicist made up.

  • BelindieG, check out this page:

    Apparently, not a publicist.

    Thank you, Sal! I love this, and frankly, I don’t care who said it–it’s a great thought to remember. I’ve noticed something similar in my work. I teach people to play instruments. When their posture is bad, I ask why they are going to the clarinet, rather than bringing it to them. “Who is more important, the clarinet or you?” Every time, they say, “The clarinet.” Every time, I react in shock and say, “NO! You are important! Don’t forget that. If your clarinet were run over by a truck, it would be a disappointment. If you were run over by a truck, it would be devastating.” We need these reminders. 🙂

    Love the graphic, too. Pinned on the Average and Plus Sized Empowerment board on Pinterest.

  • BelindieG

    Good Reads isn’t citing any sources–where did he say or write this?

    • Alan P

      You seriously expect sources for a quote like this? When have you ever seen a clever comment sourced? Politicians, maybe, but not people of fashion. Why are you pressing this issue? Give it a break.